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Things I want to do Xmas day

I want to throw my legs out of bed....but if I try that my whole body will join them on the floor.

I want to throw my arms up in the air and welcome the day.....if I do that they will be stuck up there for the rest of the day.

I want to run downstairs like an excited child......more likley to bounce off each stair on the way down.

I want to plunge the plunger into the cafetiere....but I would end up doing more of a tipping and sliding action.

I want to fry eggs and splatter the fat over them.....But my tiling grout just cannot take anymore mis-splattered grease.

I want to spoon out the veg onto the plates......I just need to catch it on the spoon first.

I want to carve the turkey myself....but no one likes fresh thumb on their dinner plates anymore.

I want to pour over the thick tasty gravy.......without adding a couple of large blisters to my already painful hands.

I want to wash the dishes myself....without the neighbours thinking I am starting up my own crockery playing band.

I want to sit down for just ten minutes.....and not have to jump up after just five.

I want to light a cigarette after all my hard work.....and not light the end of my nose as I did last year.

And I want to open a nice box of Thorntons chocs....and not throw then across the room as I struggle to get the lid off.

But most of all I want to sit and watch tv along with everyone else in the evening.....And not feel too damned tired to even enjoy the end of my day and therefore missing the Xmas movie because once again I have fallen asleep.

XXXXX Happy Xmas everyone

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Just be nice to be able to do one thing you want to do.

Have a lovely Christmas and a pain free new year.

Love Lynne x


Well I am going to try really hjard with the chocs this year lol xxxxx


I want you to have a nice Christmas!




i like ur wish list its just like mine prehaps if we both wish hard enough they might just come true


I like your list, I hope you manage to achieve at least some of it! xxx

My son wants to come to mine but he has made it his purpose in life to ruin Christmas in recent years so I'm not too sure about this - every year I say "never again" but then give in and he ruins another one! My Sister has invited me to hers for the day, which would solve the 'son problem' but not sure if I'm going to be far enough over the flu to go yet as it means driving a 100 mile round trip and so far I've struggled to just make it to the dustbin!


I am trying so hard to reply to everyone but nothing is going through so I thought I would try this way lol xxxxx Thankyou all for the replies


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