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Trigger point injections and loss of mobility

I had 38 injections done on Wednesday in my lower skull neck shoulders lower back and knees. Even with the usual medication I cannot sleep more than two hours at a time. I have to sit on my shower chair to wash my hair. I cannot walk above 30 yards and my workplace had taken my car park pass from me which makes it difficult to get to work. I feel so worthless at present. Embarrassed of this. I want to be a normal 21 year old.

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Hi emjane4465

I am so sorry to hear of your current plight. Do you have good days? I presume that you have people in your life that love you, and value your friendship, companionship and loyalty. These people see you as the most precious person on Earth, please try and feel as special to yourself, as they see you.

I sincerely hope that you can get this situation sorted as soon as possible and feel a great improvement in your life and your sense of self-worth. I am sure that you are truly a beautiful, special and valuable human being.

All my hopes and dreams for you.

Ken (the author) x


Wow you are having one Hell of a bad time at the moment- I am so sorry it has given you so much grief. I hope today the injections will have started to work and you feel a little bit better,

Christmas is just a couple of weeks away and by then your back will be so much improved. You are not working at the mo are you - dont worry every thing will sort itself out for you.

Oh Emjane I send you a hug very gentle one you sound like you are in need of one - if you need someoe to just chat to you are welcome to message me

Take care



Hi Emjane, I'm really sorry that you are going through such a difficult time at the moment. I hope the injections start to work really soon for you. Why did they take your work parking permit away? Maybe you need your doctor to write toy a letter to work so they can reinstate it. If they want you to be able to go back to work they'll have to help you. Do you have an occupational health department at work? If you do it would be worth talking to them. I hope things get easier for you soon. Take care!

Moonstone x


Thank you everyone I've been battling to get a pass for 7 months. I don't take any time off of work so I don't end up with sickness reviews. I work in adult social care at the county council so you'd expect them to understand more. I'm just hoping I can wear heels for the Christmas party. I havent spoken to my family as mum has spinal compression then refuses to take painkillers and wonders why she's in pain. I hope I have a good day soon x


Sorry to hear things aren't going so good for you emjane, do take care, sending you healing thoughts, ...and gentle hugs...Dee xx


Cannot help with the pain etc but To get to work if you contact Access to Work they can arrange for you to have a taxi to work and you only have to pay a small percentage towards it. It is very easy to arrange and use. I used it for a few years as it was the only way I could get to and fro work until my husband retired and could drive me. Elaine xx


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