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is it normal ?

Hi all just a quick ? I have fibro and most of the usual things that go with it BUT i sleep very well and im not stiff on a morning my body seems to gradually seize up during the day no matter if i had a busy day or a lazy day.Tthe only relief is a red hot bath which i wouldnt swap for a gold pig lol. Is anyone else like this because i read a lot that fibro sufferers are most stiff in a morning just making me wonder if im normal as a fibro sufferer :-) HOPE YOUR ALL FEELING AS WELL AS POSSIBLE

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Hi, can't speak for anyone else but when I wake I'm so stiff it's unreal, I have to just stay sitting up in my bed or the couch for at least 40 mins or so then finally I try to get up , I walk with a stick so I use that to drag myself out of bed. Then I take my meds then I have a cup of tea then I have a shower and only then am I awake and functioning to a small degree , I never wake up with the feeling that I have had a really good nights sleep , I long to wake up rested .


Hello well I Quess we are all differient, but for me I never sleep

Well some times not at all, I am always stiff when I get up or sit

For to long during the day.


I must admit that I am stiff first thing in the morning but I also get progressively stiff again through the day, especially if I have been sat at my desk for sometime. Or as yesterday when I did toomuch cleaning. I really don't think there are any hard and fast rules for FM


I seem to sleep well but always am stiff and can't turn over from my back to my side or the over the other way ,I slowly get my legs out of bed and sit on the edge take my tablets and painfully get dressed, once I am up and have walked down stairs once I seem loosens up ,until I sit for a wile it is really painful if I have over dove done it by cleaning or done extra hours at work can only just manage 4to5 hours I work on the checkout at a supermarket .


Im different again. I "sleep well" but wake up as stiff as a board. I eventually loosen up a bit, but I always wake up feeling as if I havent slept at all. By about 10-11oclock, I cant stay awake. If I have a busy day, I "pay for it" the next day with my double whammy of Fibro and Arthritis. OUCHY. We Fibromites have a lot to contend with. Gentle hugs.xx


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