is this right please?

in the past couple of weeks ive been having really bad migraines adn sleeping and sleeping ive just woken up after another migraine this morning :( i wondered whether this is part of fibro the migraines i mean >?? i have always had migraines since i was a child but never as frequent as these , im sleeping all the time at the moment aswell and dont know one day from the next my sleeps are painfull too so im exhausted . hugs to everyone xx

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  • Yes I think it is fairytails.

    Like you I have always suffered with migraines but since being diagnosed they come on a regular basis and really really bad at times.

    But mention them to doc as its always worth checking out other things before putting it in the fibro bracket. x

  • thankyou its so horrible to have these one after another as you know but i will check it with him x

  • yes i think migraines r a FM thing i get them a lot but im also in the change n have had them with that aswell ,my sleeps r painful aswell thats a FM thing to soft hugs xxx

  • I've been getting migraines almost daily for several months now - worse on hot days.

    regards, sandra

  • I sympathise Fairytails, I wake up with a headache every morning, sometimes really painful like a mini migraine, and I have far more migraines since I've had Fibromyalgia. The intensity of the migraines is worse, I'm also sick with them and feel groggy for about two days after too. It's definitely exacerbated by Fibro. Everything seems to trigger an attack, hot, cold, wind, rain, stress, noise etc. Very frustrating.

  • i do have cervical spondylitis too so yes your proberbly right :)

  • I used to have migraines.........I found that I was very sensitive to aspartame and it is in most everything. ............ I had to read a lot of labels. Hope you can find out what triggers yours. Good luck and hope the pain gets better. So sorry. Hugs. K

  • You are quite right Htmre, I have to watch all ingredients in everything I eat and drink. All the meals I make at home are additive free from fresh organic ingredients. Making your own meals is cheaper than ready meals so it works out well financially too. I can't tolerate most E numbers, Monosodium Glutamate and Aspartame give me migraines. So I never touch them. I only drink water, milk, tea and fresh fruit juice. Oh and the odd drop of wine ;)

    The key to migraines is finding the triggers and there may be quite a few, it's a trial and error process. I still get some whoppers, but I think they are more related to Fibro than anything I eat or drink now.

    I hope yours ease very soon Fairytails, take care. :)

  • thankyou pepps i think it is fibro and i havent taken the tramadol cause i havent taken any allday and its eased so back to lots of the cocodamol and back to the docs !! hope you all have good painfree sleeps xxx

  • Hello Fairytails,

    I too am experiencing very bad headaches often waking up with a 'hangover head' without the pleasure of a drink!

    On Sunday I must have slept for at least 14 hours and woke up exhausted, so yesterday walked around like a zombie.

    I am sitting here in my dressing gown typing when I ought to be out in this very rare thing called sunshine but am scared it will make my head ache worse.

    How come my meds don't work on my headache?

    Hope you feel better soon love,


  • Hi Ren - not sure if I've mentioned this to you before -( fibro fog rules duh ) ;-) but i have had some results with Maxalt (rizatriptan) - maybe mention it to your GP - it has made things more bearable - still feel wiped out but not the ghastly gripping pain of the migraine.

    Hope this could help you. take care, muchly Dottii x

  • Thanks Dotti, will ask when I next

  • Your'e very welcome Ren - are you feeling any better at all yet - I do hope so ! muchly Dottii x

  • Hi Dotti,

    I've hung two loads of laundry out, cut the hedge and swept it all up, trimmed all the overgrown shrubs, emptied and refilled the pond and now making dinner!

    Yes thanks - I am feeling a lot better and my headache has gone..

    Woe betide tonight


  • Oh duh duh me...... meant to say that none of my meds work on what I call an ordinary headache - I end up taking Anadin Extra for those and I take 3 at the outstart as I reckon (and its always worked for me) that if I only take 2 then I end up takinganother 2 four hours later so I win by 1 tab ha ha muchly x

  • Hi Fairytales,

    I have been having a really bad time with migraines recently but have had two days now without .....yay The only problem is that like renrobin I would love to be out in the sun but have to be careful cos the sun can trigger migraines for me, along with smells etc but seemingly not effected by foods (this could be down to my limited diet tho). so its on with the sunnies and watch my lovely doglets enjoying themselves from a shady spot.

    Hope you feel better soon , take care muchly Dottii x

  • thankyou dotti xx

  • Migraine can be a symptom of Fibro, but recurrent, chronic or intractable (don't respond well to meds) migraine can also be a symptom of Myofascial Trigger Points in the neck and shoulder. It's very very common for people with Fibro to also have Myofascial Pain, so it might be worth considering this.

    I used to be on daily migraine preventatives and regular Imigran until I started seeing a Myofascial Release therapist and she sorted them out. Now I know that if I start getting them regularly again, I need to get a treatment.

    Even if private Myofascial Release therapy isn't an option, a referral to physiotherapy about this, muscle relaxants or injections at the local pain clinic could help. I have also personally found that a good Pilates warm-up is great for stretching out and relaxing the neck & shoulders.

  • thankyou all and sorry for the late reply xxx hope your all having painfree days xxxx

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