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Trying to exsplane fibro fog,why do i bother ?!!!!

As im writing the title the fibro fog is kicking in im looking at the spelling and have changed it twice , i hate this fibro fog!

untill a few days ago i thought i was just going doolally dip

i would get really nervous talking to people incase i made a wolly of myself

the other week i had to fill somthing in infront of a stranger

i was sweating by the time i finished .

but after finding out that everyone else is just the same as me on here i was really relieved.

so i tell all my family and friends yay im not going mad its my fibro making me dippy,

BUT before i can exsplain it everyone says oh but im like that i often go to upstairs and forget what i came up there for.

NO actually fibro fog isnt the same as that at all grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

so as usual i just give up trying to tell people how i feel

oh well hohum glad i can have a rant to you guys

hope everyone has a good day ,gentle hugs xxxxxxxxxx

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just looked at the title and that isnt spelt right is it lol :)


Who cares LOL we all know what we mean! xxx


I find exactly the same lynz. I get, oh we all do that. It's so frustrating isn't it.

So far this morning...... I'm a childminder and want to 'help' the kids make some flowers for Mums. So, I cut a straight strip of green card for the stem, no problem. Then I drew a leaf shape and cut out 6 - after standing there for ages wondering what I needed. Scissors!! :) Put the rest of the card I didn't need in the bin. Can't fine the leaves. You guessed it, they're in the bin.

I'm having a rest from it now cos we're going to do puzzles. Bet I can't find the damn flowers when I want to go back to them and bet the 2.5 year old can do Peppa Pig puzzles better than me!!!!

Have a good day lynz xxx


you too :) and i hope peppa pig dosnt get the best of you lol


I do find that sometimes I sing or hum the Peppa Pig song. Feel a bit daft when I'm in public! lol It used to be Zing Zillas, that's a more catch tune!!! :) :)




yes lol i often wake in the middle of the night humming the thomas the tank tune :)


Mine aren't into that at the moment. It's mostly Dora, we have the programme on telly and we do Dora puzzles at the same time. :)


Yeah with you on that one people always say that oh i do that all the time go upstairs and la la la >>>>>>>>>> and like you i think em no fibro fog is not like that at all !!!!! but you cant explain it so i just smile and say "yeah" its easier isnt it? oh well now going off to si down for a bit i am worn out lol at my age 46 its stupid isnt it. take care love and soft hugs diddle xxx


It is easier, I still can't get it right when people ask me what fibromyalgis is!

Have a nice rest.

love and gentle hugs back to you xx


yes exactly i do that all the time ,smile and say yeah :)

and when people say "why whats the matter with you"

and i say i have fibromyalgia the best reaction i get from people is "oh"

and then silence and the conversation is over lol

have a good day xx


It is easier to say nothing with me.

When i just had fibro no one knew what it was so i just kept quite, but now i have fibro, cfs/me and hypermobility, i think people would really just think i was a hyperchondriact lol, So still just keep quite lol.

I had a friend the other day asking if i could drop her kids off at school as i walk up everyday anyway.

I asked her why whats up? She said i have tintinitus and its doing my head in.

I felt like screaming as i have that evrydayand obviously everything else, i couldnt beleive it. honestly get a grip is what i wanted to say lol.

kel xxx


yes i know what you meen my husband had a slight twinge in his back the other day so he laid flat out on the sofa and refused to move at all !!

i could have quite easily pummeld him !!! ;)

like you say get a grip !!!!


Its worse when they get man flu lol, ohhhhh i could shoot him somedays lol.

I have zero sympathy most days now.

kel xxx


i know me too i try really hard to be sympathetic to my husband but usaully ends up with me thinking

"oh why dont you grow some grrrrr " :) lol


Hi, I agree with a comment made already, sometimes it is easier to say nothing, unless you are talking to someone who you know understands.

We all understand.....and to be able to get stuff like this off your chest often helps.

Sue....happy flower making with the litle one!! Very sweet of you. I used to love getting home made mothers day bits from my little boy, but not anymore now he is 11, way too uncool!!!!



It's lovely to do stuff with her Rach but today all she wants to do is watch the telly. I enjoy doing things with them but it's just as well cos we HAVE to. We have to do so much paperwork and we have to do something for every single Saints Day and also for all the stuff like Divali and Hanukkah, everything. You probably wouldn't believe what we have to do. It's so tiring, after 10 hours with the kids per day I don't want to do paperwork so usually end up doing it at the weekend. Makes me so cross. Can you tell?? :) lol


ive been lucky cause i have my mum she has really bad arthritus so she understands fatigue and pain ,and now ive found this site its all good lol:)


I work in a hospital, and whilst I do very little heavy lifting, I do have to bend and stoop to get to various bits of the patients (I am a medical photographer) I find, particularly at work, if I just say I am "limited mobility" it seems to cut the ice, and staff will help (ie raise the bed or help turn the patient more), wereas before when I went on about this "strange condition" that most people thought was made up I would get things like "well we all have bad days, you know" as a response. Well, I mean, it IS true - most of us have limited movement somewhere on their body, and it is also ambiguous as you can then leave the other person guessing what more familar condition they can think you have in their own heads.


My friends & family understand what fibro fog is as they have to put up with me and it all the time. They usually just shake their heads and laugh with me. Explaining it to other people though is really difficult; especially when I'm explaining it I usually sound quite normal. If I'm speaking about something like FM which I know in and out, I don't tend to stumble over my words. It's normal conversation that I have difficulty with as it's not memorised or practised, it's on the spot. I forget words, names and tend to use thingamabob or whogeewhatsits etc... I can make a whole sentence out of words like that and my hubby actually understands me, lol. I do tend to live my life through lists, routines and tons of alarms on my phone. I couldn't function otherwise. If I have to go out somewhere I have to plan my day to the minute including getting washed, dressed, eating, nap time, etc. using the alarms and task reminders on my phone. If I didn't I might go out in my slippers or forget to put my pants on, hehe. Living with FM and fibro fog makes life interesting to say the least. x


Hi Lynz, Love and hugs to you. Just tell people you have left your reading glasses at home as that works a treat. I'm always forgetting things and have to leave notes for myself. Even have a pencil and paper in the loo as I usually think of things I need to do or what I need to get when shopping whilst sitting on the loo. I do daft things and learnt to laugh at myself and call myself a silly cow. My husband has fibro as well and he worried about it as he's younger than me and I said 'Don't worry love it's normal to get the 'fog' with fibro. He even talks to himself now as I started that and he use to give me a funny look but as I said to him 'I'm talking to someone more intelligent than myself.'

I've get Fibro and also developing cataracts along with arthritis/Osteoporosis/Coeliac etc and being now in my mid 60's people just think 'Poor old dear' and often offer to help. Just smile sweetly and say 'Oh you are kind, thank you ever so much' and flutter your eyelashes at them if it's a chap! Never be embarrassed to ask for help,

Oh yes I'm a bit mutt and jeff so I have to say pardon a lot but my Audiologist said it's ok to tell people that you have a hearing problem. So I do and at my age I don't really care what other think if I'm a bit doddery. I've also got an electric 'buggy' and I went into Asda's one day and knocked a whole display of spice bottles all over the floor. I just 'oops Sorry' as I reversed my buggy away from the mess. The chap said 'Don't worry madam' and I said 'At least none broke so that is a good advert for the bottles they put the spices in. But I'll go around and see if I can knock anything else over and see if its breakable.' and we had a laugh about it. Anyway it was a stupid place to put a tall cardboard spice display right at the end of the aisle were I needed to turn. Don't ever be embarrassed as it's not your fault you suffer with Fibro and the Fibro fog as it's surprising how many people do suffer with it or know people that have it and can be very sympathetic. My husband and I go to Sainsbury's cafe, for lunch once a week, and we have an old age pensioners corner and we are all a bit deaf so the rest of the cafe really get to know everything about us as we have to shout to each other. What fun!! The staff in the cafe are wonderful and bring us our lunches and teas to our tables even though it's all suppose to be self service. We even got a free tea the other day as they ran out of our decaf teabags. We always take our own, just in case, so we got free hot water and made our own tea with our own teabags. I just park my buggy by the table I'm sitting at after my husband has rearranged the tables and chairs in the cafe so I can get in. Really nice at Sainbury's at Westwood Cross in Broadstairs. No I don't work for them by the way but they are lovely people there and very helpful and have got to know us. By the way my spelling is crap and I use to be top of my class at spelling when at school and also I use to be a secretary and did all the secretary stuff and still touch type with my computer but wow the mistakes I make is nobody's business and I'm thankful for the spell checker! Don't ever be embarrassed or upset that you have Fibro and what other people think. If they are nasty or unkind then it's their problem not yours.


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