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pain worse in morning or night?

I've noticed many people with fibro say they feel stiff in the morning, ive never had this problem, I've always felt my best in the morning, I still have pain but mine seems to get worse as the day goes on so I'm wondering if I've even got fibro? When I wake up I am in a little pain, within 2 hours of waking I have very bad pain but by tea time I'm in agony, does anyone else's fibro do the same to them or is it just me? As ive read so many web sites that say symptoms of morning stiffness and feeling pain more in the morning.

Irene x

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Hi i would agree with you the only part of me might be stiff in the morning is my hands its the fibro fog i find the hardest

No matter day or night i cant kneel the pain is unreal

Or a bit of the ground rising or even 3 steps the pain in my legs are unreal also and then passes with in 10 min

I can say i am better in tbe morning but i know when i have forgot to take all my med i think i have had this 20 years but just confirmed 2


Hi Irene, My feet are very painful some mornings but it only seems to last for about 15 - 20 mins, it's almost as if they need to re-acclimatise to the weight being on them. My pain also gets worse during the day, if i am on my feet all day (work as HCA in busy OPD unit) the pain in my body is really bad, then i find it really painful to drive home.

I have read many web sites too and wonder if in fact i have been diagnosed properly, most people seem to be in constant agony and i don't consider me being in the same league really although i do have a high pain threshold.

Kim x


My Fibro is not too bad in the mornings for me its my asthma and lack of sleep that makes mornings bad I deffinately suffer more as the day goes on I try doing relaxation just after lunch to give me that little more energy to get me to tea time after tea I am usually showered then go to bed for comfort.


I to suffer in the same way,i wake and am so stiff and my back hurts just to move,i have to sit on the bed for a while ,one of my kids goes makes me breakfast and brings it up and after a while 1 of them run a hot bath,my husband cums home to help me in it (good job his job allows him) Once i have lay in the bath he helps me out and the whole thing takes about 3 hrs from when i awake. My work cut my hrs to fit in with this but the time i leave work at 4 to drive home i can hardly get out the car cos i have gone stiff again,back to the start Hot Bath,Tea bed,broken nights sleep and start all over again!!!! U wonder wots going on in yr body don't. Gentle Hugs x x x


hi im newby but find this very good read im in very bad pain 10 out of 12 hours a day dont get much sleep with pain in my legs an back now my eyes water constantly and im gettin forgetful does anyone els forget easily


I can't say I am MORE forgetful. If I am it's because I have forgotten!!!! What I can relate to is the eyes watering constantly. It looks like I have been crying. Usually when I am out walking or shopping! Can't wear my contact lenses at the moment. Optician says I have dry eye syndrom (dry, that's a laugh!) which goes with the FM and other Rhumatic disorders. I was originally diognosed with RA.With the running eys goes the 'gritty, sticky' feeling. Do you get that too? Sue.x


I get stiffness in the morning but depending on what I do during the day is depending on how bad the pain is in the day. xx


hi yes i am stiff in morning lol it is quite a performance sometimes as i gradually ucurl myself ha ha and i have been known to fall plop on the floor too i laugh you have too or would cry.

my pain is more or less the same all day funny how we all different love to you diddle

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Im new to all this but with me the pain is worse all way through the night and morning alot of the time, othertimes its just pain at night and stiffness in the morning. X


I was exactly like that. Some experts do hypothesise that the morning stiffness often described as being part of Fibro is actually myofascial pain (very common alongside Fibro). This will usually get worse with inactivity.


I have stiffness and pain in the morning, sore feet too.

Then i seem to get better in the afternoon but then i am exhausted, then after tea time i am in agony and counting down the minutes i go to bed as i need to get comfy as i cant sit on the sofa without having to move every five minutes as i stiffen up again. xxxx


Thank you for all your replies :)

So everyones different, thats interesting to know, I'm not inactive (unless having a bad flare), I wake up around 12 to 1oclock most days, sometimes later, I sleep between 14 and 16 hours a day, I have an hour to wake up with a cuppa :) then if I feel upto it (depending on how I feel) I go and do my housework or anything that needs to be done.

I seem not to hurt as much when I'm pottering around doing housework but as soon as I stop.... its like being hit with a baseball bat the pain comes in waves of intense sharp electric shock type pains or hot burning pains, I cant blame it on doing too much because the same thing happens even if I don't do any housework.

By tea-time I'm in agony even though I've had my meds throughout the day and I'm not capable of doing anything at all, I have a bath and then I'm in bed for the rest of the night.

I invested in a kinect for the xbox so I could buy interactive exercise games, I'm ok while doing some light exercise but as soon as I stop all the pains start coming back and I never really felt any benefit from it apart from when I'm actually doing the exercise it gives me some relief.

Irene x


Hi, I have also wondered if i have fibro. I'm very stiff in the mornings but it wears off after a while. I'm not too bad during the day, although can't walk up stairs anymore, Have to creep up on all fours, which is ok in someones house but a tad embarassing in public!!! I think my worse time is in the evening, i can't sit for more than a few minutes without being in a lot of pain and stiffness when i get up.Tbh the only place i am pain free in is bed, until i get up of course!! x


I too was wondering whether I had FM when I read different symptoms which I did not have. I have was told that there are many different problems which makes FM hard to diagnose and if we remember that maybe we would doubt ourselves less?

However, anxiety is also part of FM and that is what I experience every few weeks, doubting myself, my diagnosis etc. When I am not like that I know I have it and feel annoyed that some say I do not.

Regarding stiffness, well I was diagnosed last October and did not recognise that problem but it is a symptom which has developed. My hands are getting steadily worse needing stretching and bending carefully - I even wonder about the hyper-mobility as the joints appear looser on my little fingers which have always been double jointed, but now they want to go further and hurt. Also other joints seem to want to join them. The last joint in each finger have always been able to bend one way only, but they are feeling bruised in the morning as if I have tried to bend them! If I squeeze on the outside of each joint there is pain.

In addition I fear stretching in bed as this can set off my spasms causing my back to lock up and needing very gentle movements to release it.

So please do not worry if you do not have a symptom others have. One day you may have it too, or you could be lucky and never experience it. You are suffering enough without worrying about what others have and whether you have been diagnosed correctly. If you are seriously worried that you have been misdiagnosed the only person who can help you is your doctor. Go and discuss it with him/her having written out a comprehensive list of everything you experience and when. You may have other problems hidden by the diagnosis of FM so maybe you need that looking into, or your medications checked out, but please try to calm yourself.

Your anxiety is natural, normal and understandable but probably unfounded this time.

Soft hugs


I have pain 24 hrs a day but its alot worse at night i dont know if its because i am laying down or what.. but i have an electric bed it takes ages to get comfortable i have to use ibruprofin gel most nights and end up waking most nights in tears from the pain.

Kelly xx


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