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Further help needed

Hi all firstly I have been a fibro sufferer for about 8 years now, up until about 6 months or so ago It seemed fairly well under control, apart from the occasional flair up that was, but over the last few months its gotten worse, im not sleeping at night (been like this for years) but the bottom of my back is really uncomfortable every day now, just really stiff and painful, my shoulders especially my left one is really annoying because it just seems to crack/click/clunk when I move it, and at times just feels like its something inside is rubbing against each other and making it worse, other times its just so painful and uncomfortable nothing seems to work,

all my limbs just seem to ache constantly,my legs get tired really quick and some day s is just a struggle to even walk around the house because my energy levels just seem drained I seem to sit down and drop off easily but for little cat naps and am awake again but I drop off easily again

also I feel like im losing my marbles (if indeed I really did have any) I seem to be forgetting where I have put my keys, wallet, phone, and worse still a few times recently have forgotten to put the handbrake on in the car when I get back home, even questioning myself when I go past speed cameras, as to if I was under the speed limit, or if I crept over its like things just aren't registering with my brain,

I feel like im going mad and really driving myself mad,

my body feels like its falling apart and just general day to day activities that I once took for granted now seem like a challenge

is this fibro, or is there something else that's going on,

any help or advice would be much appreciated,

thanks again

Tezp2010 xx

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I like you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for 8 years ( but had some symptoms before that).

No I don't think you are losing your marbles ( unless I am losing mine also!!) .... I am exactly the same as you, I have to constantly check I have locked the house door, car doors, put handbrake on, check and double check my speed past speed cameras, check I have turned off lights, cooker..... because I forget whether I have or not!!!!

I work part time.... and at work I find myself constantly having to 're-check" everything I have done.

If you are at all concerned... maybe check it out with your doctor.

Xxx :)


Hi phlebo, thank you for your response it's obviously good to know that i'm not alone with this,, I do intend on speaking with my doctor about it, but thanks again, hope things improve for you too,




Hi Tez! Pretty much the same as you, but, I am also suffering from the pain in my lower back! The "tailbone" to be precise! Sitting is a nightmare and walking has become a lot worse! My Dr has refered me back to orthopedic doctor to get this checked out as I also have a prolapsed disc between the shoulder blades! I know a lot of our symptoms maybe fibro related but if there is anything you are not sure about get it checked out!!..much love!....ninja..xx


Hi ninja, many thanx for your reply, some nights are worse than others to be honest, I get temporary courses of anti-inflammatory medication but they are for 2 weeks only, doctor seems reluctant to offer a more permanent soloution just tells me that they don't want to upset my stomach so only a temporary course, you must be one of the lucky ones, the best I have had was a course of physio, from a rather unpleasant person, they kept telling me that there wasn't anyone who could help with the fibro, might be true but I doubt it, just glad to see that there are people who have been through it or similar and are willing to share there experiences,

thank you again for your response,

Kind regards

Tez xxx


Hi Tezp2010

Rest assured you are definitely not alone - all your symptoms are identical to mine and i've been diagnosed as having Fibromyalgia for the last two years. "Fibro fog" is a key symptom, where you put things and forget where you've left them; start conversations and cant remember what you were talking about; boil vegetables without the water in the pan; cant follow the simplest of TV programmes without getting confused - all sound familiar? Its as if there's hot malton lava in my veins that constantly cause a hot, severe ache from my neck to my feet. I also suffer what I call Voodoo pains where i get a stabbing pain for no particular reason and of course like all Fibro sufferers I never sleep as it hurts to much to lay down and stay in one position for too long. Things I've learned to do are: breathing exercises (Pilates) to help me relax; Aqua aerobics (virtually daily) believe it or not, the pains definitely lessen in cold water and I enjoy the class. Getting in and out of the water is laughable, but i've learned to jump (almost penguin like) up the pool steps when getting out to help me. I put my self somewhere quiet daily so that I can have space, time to think (I dont write positive/negative lists because that would drive me mad).I've learned to speak up if someone has upset me (where before I wouldnt have challenged but thought about it afterwards constantly and upset myself again!). I try to cook something different every day from a Receipe book to make me concentrate and stay focused as I definitely have a grasshopper brain. I dont know how long this condition will last, but I do know that I wont let it rule my life. I recommend you find something you like doing and whatever bad day you're having you still manage to achieve doing that one thing you like, it definitely makes you feel better. Hang in there. Kindest regards, Fibrofoggy14.


Hi foggy, firstly thank you for your response, what you have wrote makes a lot of sense, my brain feels like its getting worse by the week lol, i used to take my kids swimming, and at one stage cycling regularly, but now I just feel stupid and old at the grand age of 31, swimming I think I would sink or drowned rather than swim, and cycling is mad now, the fibro is mad, its about time it was better recognised, I read and am told that it is very recognised in America, not sure how true that is, I think the challenging something if its not right rather than thinking about it later is a good piece of advice,

thanks again,

kind regards



Hi there Tezp2010, yes I can also relate to you, I also get times when I can't even remember what things are called, I can see th item I'm talking about but for some unknown reason can't thing of what it is called, I'm even putting empty tea bags sachets back in the box, I make my daughter a green tea every eve when she comes in from work, they come in foil sachets and appt I'm putting them back in the box lol,you have to laugh otherwise it will drive you bonkers, hoping you have a better day tomorrow, gentle hugs ...Dee x


hi Dee, thanks for your reply, yeah I have done many silly things, obviously the best so far is the leaving the handbrake off, but im sure something will beat it soon, im always confusing myself with what I do, and can quite often come out with a load of verbal rubbish, usually that as nothing to do with the situation or the conversation, hope things improve for all of us soon,

thanks again

Kind regards



Hi tezp2010

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way at the present time. I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your issues.

I always think when we get more pain, or new pain that we should discuss the situation with our GP's just to rule anything else out of the equation. If it is Fibro and nothing new, at least your GP may be able to give you something to help combat the problem?

I sincerely want to wish you luck with this my friend, and please keep us up to date with how you are getting on.

All my hopes and dreams for you.



Hi tezp2010

It looks like you've already received some really good advice but would like to point in the direction of the FAQ's on the right hand side of the screen. I suggest this as you mention the pain is becoming unbearable and wondered when the last time your medications were reviewed properly. It is sometimes believed that our bodies get used to medications over time and their effectiveness isn't as good so wondered if the following link was of use to you


Of course no advice should override that which you receive from your doctor. Have you spoken to your GP about these changes they could help through sorting out your medications or sending you for therapies like physio or hydrotherapy?

I am wishing you wellness and sending pain busting fluffies

:) xxxsianxxx :)


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