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Noooooooooooo they've cancelled!

Can't believe it (well, sadly can actually). After answering someone's question today and saying I'm finally off for my podiatry assessment after waiting three months I got a call saying they're having to cancel! Went and had my toe nails cut especially yesterday so they didn't look too disgusting as the OA in my hands is playing up at the mo so can't do it myself. Luckily they're fitting me in the week after next but is a really early appointment so they'll watch me walk like one of those stiff jerky zombies off of the black and white horror movies. At least they're likely to get a clear idea of what I'm like at my worst!

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i know what you mean,i have my toe nails cut on NHS i'm glad of it too.My dad is 84 he has to pay £11 every time he goes,apparently you have to be a diabetic or have some kind of illness that is one of the cut backs,he doesn't mind paying.i asked the doctor about having my nails cut and right away he said yes.My doc is brill he very understanding.jacksiex


Misty in me and my mums case podiatry are not much use... 6 months ago I got a taxi dressed in suitable clothes to be assesed taking my slippers and footwear with me ... I was called in they looked at my feet.... Said we will post you out some insoles what size are you and that was it.... Went to see my rheumy fortunately a few weeks later and he laughed at my insoles and refered me to orthotics where I got a thorough examination and moulded to fit insoles.... Your GP can refer you to orthotics or your rheumy if you seeing one soon... In my mums case podiatry gave her insoles when she needed an operation on her ankle.....fortunately her GP got it sorted ....


Apologies to anyone on here who works in podiatry.....


thanks VG - my son was referred to biomechanics from the podiatry clinic I'm going to so fingers crossed they'll be a bit more use that your lot. If not, I'm seeing the OT regularly and waiting for physio so one way or another I'll hopefully get something to help.


Fingers crossed for you :)

VG x


Hope it's successful when you get there eventually, Misty.

I have been to podiatry and had some moulded insoles, but I couldn't walk with them, they were so stiff and hard, it was like walking on concrete.

I think VG must have a very good podiatrist! I'm keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed, too!

Moffy x


Hi misty, I'm sorry this has happen to you, I am very lucky that the only thing wrong with my feet is a huge bunion, which is apparently going to be sorted at some point, but I do not suffer anywhere near as much as a lot of people here with feet problems.

My father had diabetes and he got excellent NHS care although it must be said he ended up asking if I knew of any good insoles as he felt he was walking on hard ripples, I ended up getting him to a podiatrist and they made some memory foam type soles, but to his particular need, it never solved the problem only eased it.

I hope that you manage to get the right help and are more comfortable soon,

Foggy x


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