ESA tribunal on crapping myself (scuse the term)

Hi everyone

I got my tribunal on monday morning and i'm so nervous. I got no one representing me, just me and the hubby. I've gone through stuff on the benfits and work forum for tips. I'm just so scared they're going to look at me like i'm mad or lying. They make you feel so uncomfortable. I'm stressing so much, i'm in a right tizz. Consequently, not sleeping too well and aching like hell :(

Big hugs to all xx

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  • good luck Ive just gone through dla tribunal, and Im still in shock, the cab thought the tribunal mighnt have been legal but Im too worn out to fight, Ill try again to claim dla, I thought if I just told the truth Id be listened too I wasnt, I do hope yours goes well, dont forget to take any paper work with you, when i got to mine they denied theyd had anything

  • Aww hun, hood luck and i have my fungers crossed for you.

    let us know how you get on.

    Stressing will make you worse, which is not nice but it will help you by making it look worse.

    il be thinking of you.

    kel xxx

  • omg ive just noticed my spelling mistakes oops lol.

  • Thankyou hun x

  • Hi's 10 o'clock monday morning. Thankyou for your advice...i will ask them if they know anything about fibro and i definately will request an adjournment should i feel they are not appropriete. It is right that they should have a rheumi to assess people like us not a general practioner or what ever they are xx

  • Good Luck, hope you win your appeal. I agree that one assessor should know about FMS, when I went for my DLA interview the guy doing it knew nothing about FMS and decided I was fit for work, I did appeal but didn't have to go to an appeal as the DWP rang me up and asked one or two questions and decided I should have been awarde more points and I got my ESA back and didnt have to go to the appeal which I was please about. Now they are taking my ESA off me as I have been getting it for more than a year, so nice of them !!!!!!

  • Good luck, hope you win your appeal, will be thinking of you. x

  • Thankyou x

  • remember - worst case scenario. good luck honey xx

  • Thankyou x

  • I have a esa tribunal on wednesday 14th march at 2pm, i am a nervious wreck have been ill since wednesday,don't know if its a bug i have or just worried, was at one last year in april 2011 an lost but i appealed in july with welfare rights behind me and won it, done everything dwp have ask of me since like going to (worklinks) ect interveiws which totally drained me, haven't contacted anyone to come with me this this time, wonder if i should i too am affraid that i will loose it this time again, my body is so sore and can't sleep at nights, has anyone got any tips for me, the only way i can get through to the tribunal is to drive which is 16 miles away from my house, but i am afraid incase i cannot drive on the day, as the way i am today if i am the same on wednesday i wonn't be able to drive. can anyone please help me!! thank you !! soft hugs & kisses to you all <3<3<3 xx

  • yes get help if you can pref someone who can drive. if you are bad on the day go anyway, i know it might make you worse, but pain does show in your face if you let it. i know it sounds cruel, but the worse you are the more they see. i sincerely wish you luck. been there know what you are going through. why should we have to fight when we feel so ill? it is so unfair. we are with you! xxxx

  • Good Luck to you both for your tribunals, i was refused and appealed againts mine, (was bout 6yrs ago) It was a long way to go to for it, i phoned them up and told them i need transport (taxi) and they would have to pay for it as although i drive there was no way i could drive that far, they dident like it but agreed to pay me taxi fare there and back as long as i gave them the reciept from taxi driver,also i took my partner,my daughter and a good friend with me to talk for me as they all helped me out at home, and all new what i went through on a daily basis, i do have 2 incurible progressing illness'es though but i won the case, and i no how you both feel i was terrified, but it wasent as bad as i thought,just take all paper work letters ect with you, another thing i done was photo copy every bit of paper work i had to do with my illness'es, so if they happened to loose it you have a copy to show them, good luck and hope it all go's well for you both xxx gentle hugs to you both X

  • Best of luck nicola x

  • Hi Nicola, I don't know if you got my email, but thought I would reply on here too just in case as I didn't hear back from you x

    It sometimes depends on which part of the country you're in as to what happens, from talking to others the reception you get re your fibro depends on what happens. I was really lucky that I saw health professionals in my tribunal that I think understood my condition.

    I went well prepared, I'm a little OCD about letters I get from the DWP and also I copied everything I sent to them. I also took letters from people who know me well and who had seen my decline. I also took letters from my doctor and the consultant who originally diagnosed me. I also went dressed for court - some people say you should go dressed scruffy - and not wash or comb your hair - this can go against you too. I answered the questions truthfully and sometimes at length. But like I said, this was only in my case.

    They ask questions for example - can you put a hat on? if you can - tell them, but explain any difficulty you have in doing it. How far can you walk? tell them again, but also tell them if you need to stop and have a break. A lot of the questions they ask will relate to your private case, and are not general, so its difficult to advise you fully what to do.

    I was advised to take someone with me and took my partner, he backed me up in a lot of things... I can move better in a morning but not in the afternoon and he takes over when he gets home from work, and I made sure that they knew this. You can take someone who is aware of your condition and who knows you, but you can also take someone with you who knows the system ie an advocate.

    Just remember to tell them how your daily life is with the condition, and how it affects you. If you're on medication take your repeat list, or your meds with you. And any aids you use like a walking stick.

    I will message you again later - but please inbox me again if you have any specific questions I might be able to help with.

    Gentle hugs!! xxx

    ps hope this helps

  • the very best of luck hun im waiting for a date for mine xxxx

  • can i just leave u with a few tips as i have had to go to appeal a few times... mind and tell them. on ur worst days make out ur like that everyday because we are not lying as some weeks we are like that.. also.......... ask them to send a independant doc to ur house to see how u live day to day.. i did that and ended up winning.. so good luck.. just be urself.. they will ask u things like.. can u make ur own dinner.... no u cant...... do u need help during the night.. yes u do... just be honest... good luck xxxdiane

  • hi huny i been to one and it was adgerned and it is not as bad as you think , it is in a small room and just you your hubby and a madgestrait and a doctor and nothink to be frightend of . and if you just had bogstandid medical they may adgern for one with a doctor . so don't worry . they are only people , Good look and it will be ok you can do it you have come this can go all the way

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