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am i on the right medication?

Hi all,

Have just come across this group on here, usually frequent action on depression...

I was diagnosed with fibro in November 2012 after around 3 years of suffering and not knowing what was wrong..

I'm struggling to control pain with the medication im on, currently on pregabalin 300mg twice a day and 100mg tramadol 4-6 hourly along with paracetamol.

Have spoken to my GP several times and they're saying they cant do anything else, surely that cant be right?

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Here is information on the treatment of Fibro:

The really important bit IMO is: "The most effective treatment for Fibro is often through a multidisciplinary approach, using medications, complementary and supportive therapies, and lifestyle adaptations. ... It is rare that one approach alone can manage Fibro in the best way possible."

It is also vital that an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis is made. A lot of people with a diagnosis of Fibro are not aware of exactly what is going on with their bodies and may have undiagnosed conditions, whether these are a part of Fibro but require different treatment (e.g. myofascial pain) or are masked by the Fibro (e.g. vitamin D deficiency).


You could try asking for duloxetine. It is an antidepressant but is also FDA approved for pain management in fibro.

To get stronger opiate based meds, you I'll probably need referring to a good pain clinic.

Have you tried any alternative therapy such as acupuncture or Bowen therapy?

Good luck.


Hi Soozy

I am taking duloxetine for fibro and depression, not sure which came first, all connected i feel. i took 60 mg at first, it helped with the really severe pain in my legs and feet, i still get the pain tho and elsewh. My dr has recently upped it to 90 mg, so cant say yet about the increase.yet. I also take meds for pain. I am allergic to alot of meds but ok with this one, Give it a try, its the only one that doesnt make me like a zombie!


Hi, Im currently trying a course of reflexology to see if that helps me. I have seen the pain clinic in the past, they wanted me to go to a pain managment session once a week for 6 weeks back in January but I couldnt get time off my work and Ive not heard from the clinic since.

Im terrible at being proactive about things, my mood is very low just now and doing things like that freak me out.


Hugs. If nothing less, the reflexology will help you relax which can help enormously.

I think depression and fibre are very much linked. Not that depression causes it, more that fibre pulls us down so low.

I hope you find something that works for you.




Thanks hun. Haven't been on for a couple of days. Have got tonsillitis and its dragged me down. Feeling even more rotten than normal :( went to see psychology today first ever appointment after ten years of trying. Been given relaxation methods to try.

Still need to get the courage to phone the pain clinic though. Needs to been done pain is becoming unbearable :(


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