Remember what it was like to be 'normal'?

Just sitting here, not really watching the tv, reading posts on my phone, can see its getting late, want to go to bed but don't want to start the worry that I'm not going to drop off, and that I'm not going to sleep thru. Start wondering why I can't be like I used to be? I want to remember what it used to be like to go to sleep when i was normal. I vaguely remember saying things like, asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, but now I cant even get my head comfy on the pillow! Apologies if i dont reply to your replies, but the tinitus is building and starting to feel sick, so know i am overtired, so im logging off and goin to bed now, night night, hugs to all, hope you have a good, normal, night, Julie xxx

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  • Hi Julie63

    I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way at the present time, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your sleep issue.

    I can relate to what you are saying and where you are coming from, as I do not really have a sleep pattern and it really isn't nice. Having Tinnitus is horrid on its own, let alone having Fibro to go with it. I have an anti-nausea medication called 'Metrocloperamide', it may be something that is worth discussing with your GP?

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi Julie63, just read your post and it's quarter past four in the morning having been up for two hours with pain and RLS. I do feel for you as I am now going to try and get some sleep (some hope). I know I will be tired in the morning and all I will want to do is lay in bed but so many jobs to do, dreading the feeling of being and feeling so useless. Why do people like you and me have to go through this. Hope some how you get some rest, will be thinking of you and wishing you peace and freedom for at least a little while. God bless you x x.

  • Hi, my Restless legs have improved greatly with a low dose of Ropinerole (Dopamine). Before I take it my legs are all over the place, after 30mins of taking it they have calmed down and I've found it makes me sleepy so I get up those stairs as quick as poss. I do wake in the night but usually manage to get back to sleep afterwards. I still wake up tired in the morning tho. Tinitus is horrible, I've had it since a child and it can be quite painful at times, I am so lucky I don't get sick with it.

  • I too have tinnitus after a severe flare up of fibro.i work full time and struggle but myself and hubby's financial situation don't allow for me to work part time yet. Its an everyday struggle I really ferl your pain xx

  • Morning Julie I hope you managed to rest if not sleep last night.

    I wonder why the tinnitus flares like it does perhaps spikes is a better word, Mine is whooshing at the moment so everything around is louder than it should be the fridge is making a weird noise. Even the russeling of the papers sounds like the sea breaking on the shore.

    I know it will go as strangely as it comes best not to think about it seems to encourage it and then it sort of makes

    whooshin noises.

    Hope yours is tame today take care xgins

  • I feel fortunate I'm not half as bad as some others on this site, but it's a toss up whether I sleep or not - and I do sometimes.

    No need to apologise, that's the beauty of this kind of social networking - for that's what it is.

    Dip in and out as you wish, answer or ignore as you wish. No offence will be taken. I choose not to answer some posts and question either because I don't have the knowledge or because there have been many answers or enough goo ones my contribution may merely confuse things.

    I just wish you a peaceful night ( I know that one's gone) Gentle hugs :)

  • Hi Julie,

    yes, I want to return to normal. I don't like this new 'normal".

    Regarding the tinnitus. I have hearing problems and was told white noise helps with tinnitus. I have a feeling there is an app you can download which really helps.



  • Hubby uses ipod every night listening to gentle music or stories ' it helps with tinnitus. He either takes ear bits out or falls asleep with them in lol

  • My Mum had terrible tinnitus and was never without her Walkman to take the 'noise' away

  • I cant sleep with tinnitus either tonight, but i cant use ipod hurts my ears, they are really good if you can

  • Sorry to hear you are suffering. I had a dream the other night that I had no crutches and I was out walking my sons dog oooh I miss it so much, my son and daughter in law went out yesterday for a walk I made excuse and stayed home, because I know it would hurt and I would hold them back. Oh I long to be normal

  • Good morning julie.I hope that you did have a good night, or at least a reasonable night. You have got me thinking and trying to remember what a good night was like? I don`t think that I can. There is no usual night either. Every night is difererent. some nights it`s IBS others RSL sometimes insomnia or a mixture of these. Last night it was IBS and "sunburn" from head to toe in skin and muscles at least the tinnitus rarely ever bothers me although i have it badly. Well heres to wishing a good nights sleep to all. no matter what their illness hugs sue xxx

  • Hi all, thanx for your replies. It really is true what they say, hearing from others who are going thru the same sort of thing really does help. Hope everyone feeling ok this bright sunny day? Well, tinnitus is down to a dull roar, had reasonable night's sleep, apart from tossing & turning trying to get comfy, and managed lie in, yay! Feel bad for those who have to work when they have health probs, at least I have the luxury of resting if I need after I've gotten the kids to school each morning. My heart goes out to all who have to keep going no matter how they feel & I am so grateful that my husband's job gives him so much overtime we werent hit so bad financialy when I lost my job,(except we hardly see each other now!) Anyhoo, must go do some h/work so im able to go on this trip later. Oh yes ken that anti sickness med u posted, is it related to stemetil? I had to stop taking this when I started amitript. due to adverse reactions. Thanks for listening, Julie xxx

  • to stop the horror of being scared of attempting sleep i have tried two things. the first was to realise that if i lay on the bed during the day fully dressed with a throw over me i could always fall asleep.... so i did that at bed time. it stopped me panicing that i wouldnt be able to get my clothes on in time to get to the loo... i know daft but it did work. then i discovered one of those hypnotic tapes. everyone banged on about them for years and it just went over my head. give over. my head is too full of stuff to be bothered with all that.but id been bought a kindle fire for christmas and i had some free coins on it.. i bought it for something stupid like 69p... well ill give anything a try if its less than a pound. how many 'cures' have we had peddled to us that cost a fortune.... anyway i put it on as i lay on the bed. .... for the first week i really couldnt have told you what he says in most of the recording as i was asleep. on the kindle versions [my mum it turns out has his tape] you can set it to re do it up to 10 times... there are now nights i tell myself to do it.... which means i dont need to put it on but i am more likely to wake up a couple of hours later if i do i t myself. but i have had really good sleep with it... and i take a lot of convincing. last night my gallbladder kicked in though so i didnt sleep well cos i was on the loo..... so he beats sleeping tablets cos i would have never made it to the loo if id been taking one of those.

  • Horrible feeling innit. I always end up falling asleep on couch. I play word games, scrambling my head, then drop off. I always wake up though after about 3 hours. I normally wet myself and I feel like crying because I never make it to the toilet. Life is so hard sometimes and when your not well its worse. Try things you like doing to bring back a little pleasure, if you can manage to laugh everyday use it has a tonic. Although I feel lonely, I always have to try and laugh, if not, I would cry

  • Hello

    I don't think any one is normal but realised that I have been ill for so long that if I was 'cured' today then I am now middle aged and no longer young.

    My sadness is that my sons do not know what it is like to have a normal mum, but their reply to that is "well your our mum".


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