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Depressed my anxiety through the roof

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Hi everyone, please can anyone help answer my question, my ESA got stopped 2nd July and then a letter was sent off asking for a reconcideration the day after. Didn't hear anything back until i was advised to call asking about only to be told the letter had been misplaced. But would be passed on to be delt with. That was 7 weeks later. Then last week welfare rights lady called on my behalf to be told same thing so she said she would be putting in a mandatory complaint. Low and behold letter came thismornig saying they're not changing decision of zero points. So now ive sent off for an appeal. Ive been living on my pip with a struggle. I have fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression Psa. Can anyone tell me how long it takes for an appeal date to come through. Thanks for reading my rant. SORRY

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Couldn't say exactly, didn't welfare rights say?do you have adult services through social work? They could maybe help you regarding money as one off,social work I meant,you could call social work and ask for the duty worker that's on that day and explain your having a hard time living just off your pip the now,also,phone that welfare rights back and ask what sort of timeline does ESA have to give you a date of must be going outve your mind with worries ?.

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Morning mate what a cruel system we live in its made for all of us to fail which then causing other problems think there some people that work for this site that be able to give you some propper advise and help fight in your corner which you need what helped me the most I wrote a diary of how my life was and what I was going thru I also got letters from every one that been involved in my health and went and see the mp we should not be made to fight like this do thay not relies the damage that is done wish you the best of luck if I can help I will if you send me a privat message then I will respond on how I won my case and what I did just don't want every one to think I am slating the system or any blaggers to defraud the system but do believe the people that are really struggling could do with every bit of help thay can get wish you the best of luck sorry I could not answer your question and anything else I can help with let me no if I can I will take care all the best and hope you win your case x

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Its_moi in reply to Mark8

Hello Mark, I am at the appeal stage now I have 10 days to get more evidence in, I'm hoping GP will help, after the DWP ignored a letter from my consultant. I have 5 life long conditions and still that is not good enough to put me back into the support group. I also have severe depression and anxiety and have been waiting 10 months now for any money. I don't know what they expect from us. Have you any advice to help me.

Thank you x

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Hi there posting this link there is also a helpline open during the week , hope this helps, I hope you get some advice just seem to make it so hard for genuine people , no worries for the rant what we are here for to share take care also a link if you would like to lock your posts for more privacy. x

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Thanks so much all. The lady at welfare rites says soon as i hear back to let her know. My letter of appeal was sent yesterday so hopefully not too much longer. Just sick with worry, i can't sleep, up n down most of the night then the roll on effect makes me miserable during the day. Please keep fingers crossed and everything else too. Thanks x

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I am in the same position as you, worried sick...cant sleep..stressed. I don't know what to do now x

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