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What a week last week was!

Don't know if any of you have noticed my absence but last week was really tough. Last Sunday when my kids were at their dads my daughter woke with terrible back pain and was being very sick. Eventually she ended up in A&E and had to have an emergency op on a massive cyst on her ovary. She is only 16 so was a huge shock. I would have done anything to go in her place. The cyst burst when they started surgery so she was very lucky indeed. The good news is she is recovering really well and is having a few hours back at school today. On Thursday she received her AS level results and was pretty upset as she got C's in two of her exams but did get an A in maths. Because she hadn't been well she could only focus on the not so good results(she had been predicted B's in the ther two). Still the whole experience has been a huge learning curve in coping with challenging things happening and being able to cope. I also had to deal with her Dad who I haven't spoken to in three years but we put things aside for her sake. Then on Friday I took my beautiful Bambi to the dogs trust and had to say goodbye. What happened with my daughter showed me I can only cope with so much and my descision to rehome Bambi was the right one. We do miss her terribly though but now I don't have the stress of walking her every day is really helping. I've just been for a lovely walk in the sunshine with my older dog Skippy,she is a joy to walk,doesn't mind other dogs,walks to heel,it was bliss to be honest. I'm sure with a healthy strong owner Bambi will blossom,just been a very hard thing to do.

Ok I need a bit of a rest now,no more stress please!

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Well, TM, you've had a tough week and no mistake!

Best wishes to your daughter for a quick recovery. My daughter in law has the same thing, and is very poorly - she's on the emergency waiting list for urgent surgery, so hopefully won't have to wait too long!

Bambi will be fine, I'm sure, and you've still got your other lovely dog to get you out in the fresh air!

I love the way you seem to be taking control, tho' - I think you're getting better!

Take great care, and make sure that it's always two steps forward and one back - not the other way round!

Love from Moffy x


what a week poor you glad every thing has turned out alright and your daughter is getting better is the best nes!

Re homing your hound must be a very difficult step to take but for the best a happy dog with someone who can walk her is a good idea my daughter is looking at the same problem well done gentle hugs xgins


Well done for coping with everything. .. So glad your daughter is recovering well and you have made the best of having to part with Bambi.....

So well some to you

VG xxx


Hi TM,

I noticed you hadn't been around for a while and was about to PM you to see how you are.

So sorry to hear about your daughter. What a worry for you. Glad she's on the road to recovery.

I am so sorry about Bambi but glad that you seem to be coping so well with your decision and that it has made life easier for you.

It must have been such a hard decision and I am very impressed that you have been able to follow through and put her up for rehoming. In the end she will have a good life with someone who is stronger and fitter and can give her what she needs. Well done for being so strong. Not sure I could have been.

So glad that you are able to walk Skippy much more easily. I worry about our 2 dogs as I rely on my husband to drive us to the fields or the beach and it needs both of us to walk them together as they are strong dogs. At the moment I am one handed as I broke my wrist so am finding things even more difficult at the moment.....deep joy!

So pleased to hear from you.

Keep as well as you can and warm,

Hugs Saskia XX


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