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In a bad mood

Sorry guys am in a right bad mood :( Guess its the tonsillitis having an effect. I haven't got it as bad as I have before,was bedridden for two weeks unable to speak last time so why I am in such a strop I do not know. I just feel right out of sorts,not in the mood to tolerate anyone so my daughter is keeping her distance today poor thing. Mind you we all get into bad moods don't we? Had such a stressful morning yesterday with my daughter waking me up at 5 having a panic attack as she felt so unwell,spent ages at the docs,she got antibiotics and while we were waiting for her meds we had a drink and then she threw up in the street in front of everyone,my poor girl,it was awful,all over the pair of us and no one came to help,managed to get her to the loos and get her sorted but she was sick there too. Trying to cope with all this with tonsillitis and fibro is not for the faint heartd lol.

I'm also trying to cope with one of my dogs loosing her marbles! She starts whinging for her breakfast about 5 in the morning when I don't usually feed them til 7. Then she starts whinging for a walk,getting so agitated and walking backwards and forwards. Am having to shut her in he kitchen to stop her pacing then she goes to the toilet in the kitchen :( and she has started eating her own poo. All this started after she had cancer last year. It's really affected her. Have seen the vets and they have now decided she is 13 not 10 as we originally thought( she is a rescue). She will get up in the night and start running around which is hard as we have wooden floors throughout. Am thinking of putting her in her cage overnight as she is disturbing me every night. Poor old thing,it's hard to see her like it. But hey my other dogs are ok!

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You poor thing, sounds like everything is happening at once there.

I know its not easy at the best times but with Fibro as well its hell.

Try to get some chill out time so you can relax and feel calmer.

Gentle hugs hun xx


Hi teddy

Bless you! I can really sympathise with you.

Ive just been diagnosed with stress related gastritis and have spent the last 3 weeks with constant nausea and vomiting, especially at 6 am every day. This seems to be when i wake up every day now and i was vomiting within seconds of opening my eyes! Thankfully im not doing this at the moment, although this has been happening on and off for 2 years now. Never as bad as this though. Before it was just a couple of days but this has lasted 3 weeks. At first i couldnt even hold water down, and i still cant eat much. Just half a slice of toast or something like. I even ended up inhospital at the weekend as i just couldnt take it any longer.

I also have an old dog who seems to be losing her marbles. Shes a 12 year old akita who has decided that when she needs to go out, she will just sit there until i let her back in. Then after 5 minutes of being in she is pooing all over the place, and hers arent small! Also she pees and its like the flood all over again, and it stinks! Theres nothing medically wrong with her and im not sure she will last any length of time now so i kind of just put up with it but with gastritis, my dog and 2 hyper kids who have adhd, i dont know whether im coming or going! I just cant wait til the sickness calms down and i can eat again. If i dont eat i get extremely grumpy and tearful so thats been my mood for weeks now! Poor kids and partner cant do right for doing wrong.

Anyway, we can be moody toghether if you like lol. We can bitch about the world if it helps you feel better,

How is your daughter? It must have been awful for you both for her to be so sick. I hope she is better or at least on the way.

How are you? Apart from the bad mood that is lol. My mum always swore by warm salt water for anything to do with sore mouths or throats. Its got to be pretty warm and pretty salty and you need gargle every hour, more often if you can. You also need to keep it in your mouth for as long as you can. It tastes disgusting but i found that it really works and its much cheaper than convential stuff. It seems to take the soreness away and kills the poison on your tonsills. You hae obviously seen your doctor? You can do this alongside any medication they have given you. Have a go and see what you think. Please let me know if it helps you.

Sorry for the long post hun. I just want help you feel better if i can.

Love, gentle huggles and endless healing thoughts are being sent your way!

Take care of yourself

Love chilli xxx


Chilli that's so weird as my daughter has gastritis too and I was wondering if that is what made her so sick? She has a water infection and I think she got herself so worked up yesterday with anxiety I think the gastritis kicked in and caused the vomiting. I really feel for you as I absolutely hate feeling sick as it brings on panic attacks in me,really bad ones and it's soooo embarrassing. My daughter has unfortunately inherited a lot of my traits bless her but she is a lovely lovely girl. Sounds like you're coping with a lot too!!! Sometimes you just want to scream don't you? But hey who said life was easy! I'm going to do the gargling,I did last time but it didn't really help as it was so bad,nothing helped until it eventually went of its own accord. This time is defo not as bad so gargling might ease it this time. Got to be worth a try. I'm going to my sons award assembly this afternoon,he desperately wants me to go bless him. My daughter is feeling a lot better now thank goodness,I would be useless if either of my two had ADHD I don't know how I would cope in all honesty so I have big respect for you. Do you take anything for the gastritis kayleigh was on omerprazole and now just gaviscon.


I HATE being sick! I just blubber like a baby, snotty face and everything lol.

Bless your poor daughter! I feel very sorry for her. Is she still being sick? Its definitely the gastritis thats making her vomit. I got so paranoid about sleeping coz i knew i would wake up and vomit that i was forcing myself to stay awake so i was only getting an hour or two a night. I found that taking the gaviscon just before i went to sleep and the lansaprazole as soon as i wake up helps alot. I figured that i was going to be sick anyway and if i could get the tablet down it might just help and i might not be sick after all. If she does hae morning sickness, another trick that helped me was to sleep practically sitting up as then the acid stayed in my stomach. Eat early too. At least 2 hours before your daughter sleeps, although im sure she does anyway. Most of this might not be relevant as I have actually damaged my stomach lining and the acid is irritating it. I suppose that its the same symptoms though so if any of this helps thats got to be good hasnt it?

Im on lansaprazole to coat my stomach but it didnt help much. I was still continuously nauseous and with that, the lack of sleep and not being able to take my meds for fibro, i got myself into such a state i ended up in hospital at the weekend! They prescribed gaviscon advance for the sickness and ive found that this does help although you cant take it for 2 hours after the lansaprazole and you need to take the lans with a full glass of water or it doesnt seem to work at all.

The only other thing i can suggest is if your daughter can eat, give the plainest, most boring food possible. I found that a couple of bites of toast or pasta helped a little although it takes me til tea time to be able to face it. It seemed that some of the time for me, my stomach was actually hungry but when it rumbled it was actually painful so you cant tell that you need to eat. Anyway, good things to try are plain rice, chicken, pasta, mashed and boiled potato etc. I was told no spicy, acidic, or tomato based food. No tea, coffee, fruit juice such as orange, tomatoes and tomato based sauces, sweet things, food with lots of preservatives, processed foods or pre packaged. All thats bad enough but NO CHOCOLATE! Also, some granary bread and seeds make it worse, as does dried fruit.

Not the most amazing diet but it does give your stomach time to heal without you feeling like you are starving to death. Mine is caused by stress so not much will change with me until i learn to manage my stress levels. Not easy lol

The kids have been pretty good, although they have definitely taken the chance to play up because they know im not on top form. O do find it hard to look after them ( they are actually my grandsons, who i took on and look after as my own since their mum decided she couldnt be bothered) but i have a pretty supportive partner who helps alot. He does the school runs and cooks meals, tidies the house and shops. He could be much more emotionally supportive but he isnt an emotional guy and doing other things is his way of showing he loves me.

I dont know how i manage it and i hae to be honest and say that there are days where i wonder what the hell ive done, taking the boys on. Ive even been told by several "well meaning" people (my mum, paetner and sister) that i cant cope and that myabe i should let the boys be fostered. That they could have a wonderful life with so much more than i can give them right not. Ive even been told that im selfish because i dont want them to go into care. What they dont realise is that i dont think ( actually, i know for a fact) that my life would be over as far as im concerned and that i wont want to live, if you get my meaning. I gave my whole life as i knew it up when i took on the boys and thay are what i live for now. Am i selfish?

If you want to know a little more about the boys ect please read my blog entitled "pain"

Love to your daughter and a very speedy recovery for you both.

Im here if you need me.

Im sorry about the very long blog. Im not moaning, honest lol. Just wanted to give you a bit of background.

Love, huggles any many healing thoughts to you both

Chilli xxx


Sorry, i meant to add, congratualtions to your son! You must be so proud! My 2 are 5 and 6 and a real handful lol. Have a lovely day!

Love and huggles

Chilli xxx


Hats off to you chilli for taking on your grandsons that's a very brave thing to do,did u already have fibro when you took them on? Seems to me you had to do what you felt was right for you despite what everyone else says .I've had it three and a half years now. I had my own florist shop and had to close it when I got fibro,was so unwell I just couldn't carry on. I miss working so much. If i didn't have my kids n dogs I wouldn't know where I would be. I've been on my own 11 years now. I had a pig of a husband.

I went to my sons award assembly,boy I felt poorly but I'm glad I made the effort,means a lot doesn't it? My son is 13 and my daughter is 16 she has just finished her gcses so it's nail biting until end of August for results. She is on study leave now which is nice to have her home. She is still a bit uncomfortable with this water infection but she is coping ok. I'm not in such a bad mood now the school awards were quite inspiring.

You really have been going through it with ur gastritis I know how horrid it can be. When Kayleigh first got it it was her first year of senior school,she was in absolute agony,I was back and forth to he doctors she was off school for weeks and the school were very unsupportive. As time has gone it she has had less attacks but it also set off by stress or feeling unwell. She had a rather hard weekend with her dad so I think that's what set it all off. Oh what I could do to that man! Right I better go and do their tea,hope to chat soon

Ali xxx


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