What else can go wrong!!

Today i was taking my daughter who is 26 weeks pregnant and grandson to my sisters for a family get together as my brother was back from Gozo and i haven't seen him for 2 years. On the way there we were hit by a drunk driver, we called the police and the man was arrested but because my daughter was pregnant she was taken to hospital to be checked over, my grandson and myself were fine just in shock but i have to go and see my GP on Monday for a check up.

Tomorrow I have to take my dog to the dogs trust as i have to move and i can't take her with me I have had her for 10 years so another horrible day to come.

I feel like i just want to curl up in a box and stay there!!

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  • omg I really hope your okay!! please let us know what gp says.I am sorry to hear about ur dog maybe if you explained to new home your moving to that your ill an hes your life line see if they make an exception... worth a try hun.all animals are good for healing n happiness! your in my thoughts xx ziggyxx

  • oh no what a weekend glad you are all ok and I hope your daughter and baby are fine , my daughter is due in a few weeks so I know how worried you will be.

    so sorry about your dog too

    Best wishes

    Lin x

  • Oh Pam, so pleased you're ok, what a horrible time of it you've had! Relieved your daughter and baby I assume are ok too. Make sure you all get checked out to make sure all is well. It's going to be tough about your dog too, what a decision! I hope everything works out for you - it's a shame you can't take your dog with you. What a heartbreaking choice to have to make. As one of the posts above says, check you can't take her with you! I wish you all the best, and don't forget, get checked out! :) :)

  • bless you , cant you take your dog with you and dont say anything xxx

  • What a day, I hope you are all fine. I will be thinking of you tomorrow, I know I couldn't do it.

    Hugs Gloria

  • Hi i hope you and your daughter are ok what an awful thing to happen hopefully they through the book at the drunk driver. To be parted from your dog is a shame we lost our dog a year ago so i realy feel for you. soft hugs to you and your family. xx

  • Oh dear what an awful time you are having. Both my daughters are pregnant so I know how worried you must be. So sorry about your dog it must be very hard. Look after yourself and take care xx

  • i am so sorry to hear of your bad day where abouts re you and what sort of dog is she xx

  • o lv im feeling so sad for you,so glad your all ok tho.i cant imagine avin to give up 1 off my pets and nor do i hope i will ever after.the dogs trust have a lvly reputation and they will re-home your dog with a family that is suited to your dog and not the other way round,you all will be in my prayers tonight,i hope you settle in to your new place fast,i wont call it your home cos it proberly wont be for a while but you`ll get there lv and you know you`v got us mad heads on here to talk too,cos you know that we...<3 U PAMG...SO THERE :P XXXX

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