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no support

no support

each day I hear/read more stories of people with cancer and ovarian cysts that don't show on scans.i am having arguments with my so called family who keep on about me seeing drs and having scans and saying nothing is wrong.then why is my abdomen so huge that I look several months pregnant my friend told me a friend of hers had ovarian cyst weighting 22 lbs and not detected in scans.maybe I should find out who her doctor is?

today was really hard to walk my dogs esp uphill.i have a tightening in my neck and throat.

when I aRRNAGED TO MEET TH EPRACTICE MANAGER AGAIN I turned up but hse failed to see me.should I see her again if it is not a cyst ot tumour theni want some answers instead of not being told anything.i read this yesterday in a magazine.does thta prove a poinrt?

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Hi anbuma,

All I can say is what about going to A&E and explaining that you are getting nowhere with your GP? It is worth a try. I know A&E depts are for accidents and emergencies and they don't like dealing with things that a GP should be dealing with but, in your case, your GP isn't taking you seriously. Has he referred you to a Consultant Surgeon for an opinion?

I used to get a very swollen tummy with IBS when I was younger. Now I am through the menopause that doesn't seem to happen so it may have been hormonal as well as IBS.

When I was in my 20's I had an ovarian cyst and I looked hugely pregnant.

All I can do is wish you well and hope that you get the help you so desperately need,

Love and comforting hugs

Saskia XX


hi saskia

I assume you are about the same age as me?

things were probably different then and maybe not as (? -cant think of the word i need to use)did you have the cyst removed ./I assume you had scans .did they say everything was normal or did they show a cyst?

I am awaiting appointments fro ENT and to see a consultant re removal of gallbladder, they will be in april and may sometime.


Hi, I'll be 59 tomorrow!

Yes, an ultrasound scan showed the cyst. 6 weeks later I had another scan and the cyst was still there so it was removed. I can't think of what word you might be trying to I am like that, too, cannot always think of which word to use.

I had my gall bladder removed in my 40's.

Glad you are having your other problems looked into. Maybe when you are in hospital other things may come to light. Tell them ALL of your concerns.

That is really all I can suggest.

Wishing you well.

Take care,

Saskia Hugs XX


many happy returns fro tomorrow.i am 54.i hope when I go to ENT they will sort out my sinuses and do something about the swelling in my was rather big anyway but now am so conscious about it.having it for a year I wish they had referred me sooner and that they do remove the gallstones/gallbladder .


Thank you for your good wishes!

I felt heaps better after having my gall bladder removed.

So sorry that you may be facing 2 lots of surgery. You are certainly going through the wars aren't you.

I think writing everything down is a very good idea. I tend to do that otherwise I forget half of what I want to say!

Like you I don't smoke and rarely drink and chocolate and cake are my 2 vices, too! I have cut down a bit and have lost 6lbs which I am proud of. My cholesterol is high so it is a case of having to!

Tomorrow, though, I shall eat what I like and we are going to have an Indian Takeaway in the evening. I never feel like going out in the evening these days. I just don't have the energy.

Take care. Stick with your plan to go armed with all you want to say written down.

Hugs XX


hi Saskia

I don't go out either,partly cos of financial situation,i don't have a partner and partly because my dog wakes me any time from 5am but I do think I have a built in body clock cos when I did work(last worked 1998)I used to get up at your meal.i am still not sure it is bloating (AS EVERYONE SEEMS TO THINK IT IS)and my dr has never actually said to me "its bloating"as I have all these lumpy areas. thats why I believe it to be something more. maybe I should try and cut out chocolate .i did go without for 2 days last week but suffered withdrawal symptoms.



I will write everything down when I go.i just hope that if I have an op on my nose it doesn't prevent op to remove gallbladder.

I do remember saying to my DR last year can something be done to reduce my stomach as I wouldn't go otu without a coat on even in summer to hide my "LUMP"and it is even bigger now.i will try and cut down on chocolate but don't hold toomuch hope.i get withdrawal symptoms if don't have I don't drink or smoke it is my only vice.


I understand your worry anbuma unfortunately I have the same symptoms if I eat anything like a cake or biscuits ... I started a diet of just eating healthily on New Year's Day because my stomach was bloated out and uncomfortable round my ribs... I have been eating 3 smaller sensible meals and yes I have lost some weight but the change to my stomach was amazing.. The bloating went and I had just normal fat.... Then recently its been valentines day , my birthday and Mother's Day and I have been given chocolate etc and though I have limited myself . My stomach has immediately bloated out again and is uncomfortable... So today now everything nice has been eaten its back to my healthy eating plan and i am sure my stomach will unbloat in a week...



hello VG

I do have small meals a day with cereal and fruit for breakfast,a small meal at midday and mostly cereal at tea time.i haven't eaten cakes biscuits and puddings fro a 2-3 years or more-which started when I couldn't afford to buy more than stuff for meals as well as feed my dogs.i havent been able to give up my chocolate though I do have some every day just as an energy boost.i just tried to sleep as feeling tired after walking dogs and started coughing as soon as I lay down & with losing weight on my arms and legs and bum I am a little bit sister suggested I didnt have fibro?


H Anbuma,

I would be very, very surprised if after several scans that any tumour would remain undetected.

Scans are so sophisticated now, that you can detect abnormalities of just 1-2 millimetres, which is very tiny. Malignant tumours are particularly obvious on scans because of their immensely disorganised blood supply.

I think you can rest assured that you don't have ovarian cancer, because to be brutally honest it would have finished you off by now!

Benign ovarian cysts can become very large indeed, and sometimes remain undiscovered simply because the patient doesn't seek medical help until the pressure from the cyst causes extreme pain. They are more common in younger women, who often fear an unwanted pregnancy, so they ignore the enlargement as long as they can!

These benign cysts don't kill you, though they have been known to rupture, causing collapse and shock which requires fairly urgent treatment. You are unlikely to have one of these, because despite the horror stories in the papers, they are not missed on scans when they are large - they show up very clearly - and i have scanned many in my time!

You already know that you have gallstones, which could account for most of your symptoms - and I think VG is right about diet causing extreme bloating. I've been unable to sit down comfortably at times, because my stomach has blown up so enormously, and with me it's eating sugary things and white bread.

Having said all this, I still feel that your GP is not doing right by you. he should be trying to allay your extreme anxiety, not brushing you aside as he appears to be doing. It's very ill-mannered of the practice manager not to turn up for appointments, and it might be a good idea to make a formal complaint in writing. In the meantime, try to eat sensibly, and don't worry so much, as this in itself can cause all manner of tummy troubles!

Hope you feel better soon.

Moffy x


thanks Moffy.i do heed everything everyone says and then something sets me back and I feel it is something more serious.i did say to the practice manager when I saw her that I wasnt getting answers .I dont want to make any complaints as I still have to attend that surgery and don't want the DR to say he wont treat me.does extreme bloating if it is that cause extreme weight gain?i have gained about 2.5kgs in 18 months.if my symptoms are cos of gallstones they should have looked into that when they ahd ruled out angina.


My 16 year old daughter has just had an ovarian cyst removed,was the size of a satsuma and was very obvious in the scan. It was causing her immense pain bless her so it had to come out. Hope you get to the bottom of your symptoms.x


H i Anbuma,

Yes, bloating, irritable gut syndrome, gallstones and weight gain are all associated in one way or another. You could try a low-fat, high fibre diet, as that has been shown to be effective.

The only problem is that at first this sort of diet can actually make you feel WORSE until you become accustomed to it - so it's best to change eating patterns slowly over three weeks or so. It's a nuisance, but I'm confident that you would feel tremendous benefit.

Moffy x


thanks Moffy. I guess I wont know for sure whether it is gallstones causing the problem or a cyst .I have just received my appointment fro ENT(end april) and am awaiting appt to se a consultant re gallstones which is sometime in may.only then will i find out if it is something else too


I went to my dr today and he said was i going ahead with gallstones op.i said yes and then felt bemused(?)cos it wasn't him that discovered gallstones btu a private dr and uss.he said you will feel better after that.i wont cos that is not the ongoing problem. and this is the doctor who said I was obese.ha I am a size 14!! and since sept I have lost weight in my arms legs abd back. as I have said so many times the reason for my weight gain is the mass in my abdomen which is getting bigger by the day.he saids today I don't have lupus but have some of the characteristics-butterfly shaped rash on face ,sores on hands.bright red skin plus scalp condition and loss of appetite.he said I was tested in december fro lupus-news to me he has never said at my wits end again.only one who is there for me is my beautiful dog.


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