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What an evening!

Aarrgghhhhh I hate this time of year with the fireworks. I have 4 dogs and one of them my pug really gets herself worked up when the bangs start. Unfortunately she has a nasty bout of kennel cough as it seems to be doing the rounds at the moment. For normal dogs it's not very nice but for pugs it can be lethal as they have such restricted airways. If she gets worked up it gets even worse! Last night she was non stop barking and I couldn't calm her down at all. I've tried all sorts with her but nothing works unfortunately we just have to try and get through it. Luckily my other 3 aren't affected by them. Last night however I had horrid stomache pains again so it was all very stressful:( I'm trying to work out what foods are affecting me at the mo,it's hard work but nuts are a definite no no as is wheat. I don't have anything processed,no caffeine and I only drink coconut milk. I've also cut out potatoes as they are part of the nightshade family that isn't good for fibro sufferers. I feel like I may end up having such a restricted diet. I did have some nuts yesterday but that just confirmed my stomache cannot cope with them:(

The good news is my kids are coming home today after a week with their dad. I have missed them so much! It's been nice to have a rest but I'm always overjoyed to have them back.

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Hi I used to have a dog that was so petrified of fireworks and he would almost run up the wall,my vet gave us sedatives for him. I noticed last time I went threre they were advertising them. The last year he was withus we took him out in the car up on the hill and fireworks were going off all around and it never bothered him, I think they sound louder when you are indoors some how Luckily my little Yorkie Max does not get upset at all.

It is a bad time for all animals and sad that people don't just stick to bonfire night!!

Gentle Hugs to you and a snuggle for your dog hope its better today x

Enjoy the childrens home coming too :-)


have put this on another thread but as you are also having probs with fireworks ill put it on here too. i hate having to give dogs sedatives.i dont know if they have better ones now but i only allowed my old lab the doggy ones from vets once but the poor thing couldn't stand or do anything when they were wearing off. was almost as upsetting for him as the fireworks gave us some that were not strictly for dogs but humans. worked beautifully. kept him calm. but hes been dead now since 2003. bur here is what happened with us last night,

pets and fireworks.... my JR barks like mad at them..must think if he barks loud enough they will go my daughters dog a 3x cross bred female. cowers, almost clings to "mums" leg and shivers.she is petrified (my Labrador who died a few years ago would try hide under anything and was so bad i had to get sedation for him) others were also having real probs last night and will probably have same again tonight.

my daughter and i put music on as loud as we could (in our respective homes i might add). black sabbath and punk being her choice( helped to calm Lola somewhat though she continued to shiver i was told). i put on El Volo (3 Italian boy tenors, Pavarotti.Mario Lanza,guns & roses and others and that calmed Hugo a little. but once i started singing along with them he stood looking at me gone out,forgetting about any but the very big bangs.(my voice is very husky.almost non existent at times and squeaks and makes weird noises when i try to sing these days. but miraculously it cleared enough last night for it not to be too much of a strain.) He then wanted to come on my knee. i put on "i will always love you" and sang that to he kept kissing me.(did he understand the words?lol)other pop songs followed but after a while he got down,went into his basket and slept in spite of fireworks still going off though they were not as bad by then. did my singing sooth him?or did he think "this is worse than any off to sleep so i cant hear it" lolol.

all pets are different in what works. but you never know.yours might like YOUR taste in


I wish they would only have fireworks for organised displays. My rag doll is petrified of them, I know Akasha72's doggy is terrified of them. I've lent my stable to a girl whose horse is on box rest cos hers has a window and the flashes were scaring her. The ponies are all out in the field cos its better than being trapped if a stray firework lands on the barn.

Poor animals, it's ridiculous that people start lighting fireworks on nights other than 5 November. At least if they stuck to one night like the US with the 4th July we could plan much better on his to look after terrified pets

Hope you and your beloved furries all stay safe

Storm x


This year I was able to attend a half day canine massage course. On Saturday, early evening, I gave my dog a massage and he slept through the whole firework craziness .... and I mean he was completely zonked out. I did the same to my daughter's 7 month old puppy and he also fell fast asleep.

I notice that there's someone who sang to her dog and that seemed to soothe him. I work as a dog groomer and whenever I get a dog who is nervous, I sing to them and it does help to calm them down.


That's interesting Moggie I wonder if massage would help my pug,last night wasn't as bad but I expect tonight will be bad again I might try giving her a massage and see if that helps! Her cough has improved loads in the last day with the help of the antibiotics so that's one good thing :)


I have a Shih Tzu called Fleur and she is really scared of fire works. Unfortunately we had were out yesterday afternoon at a family function and we came home our neighbour was letting off fireworks which were really load. I have no problem with my neighbours having fireworks, but my poor dog was really frightened, She'd had two little accidents when we were out, but as soon as we were home she was better although very clingy. I also have a two year old cat Llew and he really doesn't like them either so I had the two of them glued to me last night. We don't normally go out in the evenings when fireworks are going off, but it didn't really enter my head yesterday or else we would have come home earlier. I'm glad to report they are both fine today.


It's bad enough for us and we know what they are. My concern is veterans who must suffer and those with PTSD must have their worst flashbacks caused by them. I agree Stormwytch I wish they were only at organised displays. I'm sure the ones near me have been banging away for at least a couple of hours now. I am getting a head ache and am unable to concentrate on anything much and there is no escape.


It's not good is it? Have just managed to get her settled again after another evening of incessant barking. I tried the massage but she is just too tuned into the bangs either that or I don't have the right technique! Just hoping that's it for the night but I doubt it :/


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