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Acquired a dog

Acquired a dog

My daughter asked me just before christmas if I would have her dog for a while as it kept attacking her cats. She would rehome the cats and have the dog back. She has now asked me to re home the dog as she can't face coping with it. Needless to say we have got used to the dog, a boxer/bull mastiff bitch and we are going to keep her. My last three dogs have come to me in these odd ways!!!! Sadly the last one died last year. All of them have got to a good age with me, the springer was 17, the belgian collie cross 13 and the rottie/mastiff 14.

So, Sabre, yes sabre, is now living with us. We took her to the vets today for jabs, wormer, flea stuff and to weigh her. She is a little overweight but everything else if fine and she will be speyed in three months time.

The only problem I have is that the neighbours have cats so I have to take her out in the garden on a lead as she will attempt to jump the walls to get at them and she also is very aggressive to other dogs. Absolutely lovely indoors with humans.

She is very strong and i have bought a haltie collar so that I can have more control over her but my daughter does most of the walking.

We are going to get in a dog trainer to give us some advice about tempering her behaviour towards other animals. She is only about fiveyrs old and in the house she seems to be quite obedient.

We were going to get another rescue dog at some point so it was on the cards anyway.

I have missed the rottie/mastiff, Buster since he went and its nice to have a doggie to cuddle up with on the sofa and keep me company as I am on my own quite a lot .

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Same here Rescue Dog staffy/lab cross overbred and the most expensive dog I have ever owned a excrutia ligament repair and now lump removal one was cancerous but they believe as they caught it in time and removed everything we just need to keep an eye on her and go if we find any new lumps.

She is beautiful and loving to us but hates cats and will if you let her attack other dogs. We havean extra long training lead and as she has allergies which mean she cannot wear certain things a special material choke which keeps her under control she also has a short lead for pavement walks.

Never found Halti's very good all my dogs could get them off. The best thing is a harness made from seatbelt material which does not cut into them but helps you remain in total control.

It is lovely to have her to curl up with although she hates to be left now and will become anxious.

My only advice make sure you insure her Pet Plan have a good for life policy as we have already claimed thousands and only had her 18 months..


Sabre? No no no! if she's a slightly rotund female, she should be 'Sabrina' :D

She's a nice looking hound, glad you have a new companion!

Moffy x

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I also have a dog (and a haltie) and although I can't walk her everyday (I have Rheumathoid arthritis) on one of my "better" days I do. If it wasn't for her I would only go out to the doctor and hospital. I even do my shopping online. She gives me a reason to get up and out - she is my rock. I couldn't imagine my life without her - she keeps me from despair x


She's beautiful! I absolutely adore dogs they are my everything! I have 2 Labradors i love them to pieces xxx

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I have two dogs at mo and I too have been caught by my daughter and her labradoodle is back here to live but only till i CAN find her a loving home. She is 8 I think and very good with children very protective of owner a beautiful dog she trott beautifully does as she is told in the house she is spade but far too strong for me and needs exercise make a very good gard dog dosent like the postman - Oh dear she would love a loving home :) xgins


I find it hard to walk Sabre (might be changed to Sable) but oh and daughter seem to have taken that on board and are keen to walk and train her.


Orrr :) She's lovely, And I'm sure with some training you could get her to be better with other dogs, She may never accept cats... but that you can cope with. If she can jump your fence though I would advice you to get some higher fencing or nail some chicken wire above your original fencing, if she will clear fence for cats I presume she will do the same for another dog if she spots one... Authority's are clamping down so much now, last thing you want is a claim against you from other dog owners.

But good luck with her she looks gorg :) xx

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she is lovely, i do hope you manage to get some proper training instilled in her, because if thats her only fault then why let her go to someone else when you can give her a great home :) She's too big for me, but it you can manage her thats ideal. we too have a rescue dog. i've never been able to take her out, but we were told by the RSPCA she didn't like me, but we've proved them wrong lol They had to remove her from a man, i think thats why. When we got her she had a cigarette burn in her ear!

She is staffie-cross, but crossed with what we don't know, but the most loving dog anyone could want… her only fault is that she has smelly feet lol lol

when my OH has to work an early shift she is my only reason for getting up most days as she needs to eat and go in the garden.

she isn't very big and our garden is plenty big enough, so if she doesn't get walked she isn't missing out on too much. she, loves to play football so gets loads of exercise but forgets she is 10 yrs old now lol

she is great with humans from babies to the elderly and with other animals too, and to think someone ill-treated her. she didn't know how to play when we got her or even know of any dog treats like choccie buttons… she soon got the idea :)

when people say that all theses breeds of dogs are dangerous, i think its more the owners than the animals. We took a chance as i know once a dog has been ill treated that it could become vicious, but we were very lucky. when we got her I was still on crutches after a hip operation and i think right from the start she knew i wasn't going to be able to keep up with her, but on the whole she i every obedient. I wouldn't be without my 'fur-baby' and dread the day when she is no longer here. we lost out pref dog about three years prior to getting her, that was a cavalier and now a staffie cross, and who could believe that two completely different breeds that are poles apart could have very similar temperaments…. the only common denominator is us, so like I said its down to the owners rather than the dogs.

I bet there're many of us on here that the only reason we get out of bed each day is because of our love of animals. When you are in so much pain its all to easy to just want to turn over and shut the world out for the day xx


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