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what starts us of giggling in the morning...........sorry it is not a joke but

I thought it was very funny------- All night I have had a really uncomfortable toe it has niggled and hurt I assumed it was the nail rubbing so when I came down this morning I tried to find out what was wrong. I think there is a little bit that needs just nipping off so I SAYS TO OH be a love he takes very strong cutters approaches little pinkis misses the nail takes chunk of toe! It was so funny I was trying to hop about the dog was helping she was taking the cloth away ah a game she loves playing with tea towels and she was trying to get it and I wanted to contain th blood and put a plaster on it. OH was mortified bless him it could have been worse :) :) xgins

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Yes it could have been worse - OH could have chopped off your foot!

Oh dear oh dear! I shouldn't laugh, but the thought of your dog thinking it was a game had me in creases!

Maybe you should see the chiropodist next time - it's safer!

Moffy x


After my rl disaster one after the other all day yesterday I can totally sympathise with that ...but love the fact your dog thought it was a game.... Hope you recover soon

VG xx


Wwww poor u gins, your dog sounds just like one of mine - in there helping cause chaos, thank you for making me giggle, but I hope your poor ickle pinkie gets better very soon. The analogy of taking a sledge hammer to crack a nut flew into my head....but heaven forbid a sledge hammer and your toe.

Foggy x


My mum did that to me. She was so busy watching the toe she was cutting she didn't even think to look and see what she ws doing to the others at the same time.


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