We always assume any symptom is fibro........but not always the case!


Just thought I would share with you what happened to me over the last few days.

I walked into my doctors surgery last Thursday. To cut a long story short, my GP ( who is so supportive and helpful regarding my fibro), said she thought I looked a bad colour.

I said I had just been feeling really sick and very tired lately. She said she wanted bloods taken. The shorten the story. The hospital called me in and said I was VERY anaemic. So back to hospital tomorrow for blood transfusions and also iron infusion too.

Then exploratory investigations as to why I keep getting so anaemic..........apparently I will feel like a new woman tomorrow....................well looking forward to that!!! :-))

Anyway just thought its a good lesson to learn, not to put everything down to fibro, sometimes it is something else.

Hope you all get a good night sleep. Gentle hugs x

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  • hi lizzyear, you must of been feeling so drained! good that you have a good gp, i hope all goes well for you tomorrow

    & may you be full of energy :) xx

  • Thank you bluebell10.................can't sleep either?!!!!!Rubbish isn't it?

    Yep re transfusion, looking forward to feeling more 'human' again, whatever that is to us fibro folk :-))

  • Hi Lizzyear

    I am so sorry to read that you are suffering from anaemia, and I genuinely hope that the blood and iron transfusion goes really well for you. Will they be giving you iron supplements to bring home? I remember when my wife was pregnant with our children it was standard practice to give pregnant women iron tablets.

    You are right, we cannot always put everything down to Fibro!

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Thank you Author for your reply. Apparently, they have found that there is no point giving people with fibromyalgia iron tablets, as we don't absorb them. My feritin was down to two and the blood consultant also said, that people with fibromyalgia tend to store feritin , so she said in truth I was running on empty. It takes a while for the iron infusion to make any impact, so I am waiting to feel all lively and bouncy!!

    Can't fault the NHS, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn, they have been superb!

    Hope you are as well as you can be and thank you for your reply.

  • Thank you so much for that, I hope that it all starts to work really soon for you.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Good luck today with the new woman. Gentle hugs. xx

  • hope you get it sorted and feel like that new woman soon

  • Thank you. Looking forward to feeling like a new woman too!!! :-)))))

  • Hi Lizzy hope everything goes ok and you get sorted. MGxx

  • Thank you MG :-))

  • Hi Lizzy by the time you read this you would have had your treatment, hope all went well, I had an iron infusion about 8 years ago, it made a huge difference and put me in the position to be able to have a hysterectomy, all in all made life a lot better, wishing you well. Trish

  • Thank you Trish, yep everyone says this so fingers crossed :-))

  • Hugs, you must feel totally drained. Hope they sort it for you quickly.

    Yes, we do have a tendency to put everything down to Fibro so this is a timely reminder.



  • Hi Lizzy, hope you,re feeling a lot better. I think you made an important point, it's always a good idea to check out a worrying new symptom. You are lucky with your gp, I think fibro can be used as a useful umbrella for docs, and they don't always bother to look further. Xxx

  • totally agree

  • Hi Lizzy, do hope you're soon feeling much better, also that they find out why you're getting so anaemic and get that sorted out quickly. Take great care of yourself. Mim xx

  • I feel like a new woman too, but can't get one.

    That's a timely reminder to us all not to get complacent and/or jump to conclusions. I have IBS which can be linked to fibro - but I had IBS years before I had symptoms of fibro. So - did I have underlying fibro that wasn't showing itself. I had anaemia 20 years ago and was rushed in for infusion - so I can't give blood anymore. Turned out I had melaena which was difficult to trace as no scan showed it - and I had the lot - bloods, endoscopy, colonoscopy, barium "meal" no idea why they call it that.

    I'm sure you will feel re invigorated :) :)

  • Hi Lizzyyear

    I have an underactive thyroid so do 2 of my sisters. To get to the point I am making both my father and my brother suffer with Pernicious Anaemia ( very tired and no energy ) for which when diagnosed, they had to have regular injections. I think the two conditions are related and I am very aware of that, so If I feel myself going in this direction I will be to the doctors straight away.

  • I had a blood transfusion when rheumatoid arthritis made me anaemic it was right down to about 6 I think and I was rushed in for loads of tests thankfully it was the RA nothing more, you won't feel better overnight it takes a little while for your system to sort itself out and to get your strength back, all the best, Jess

  • Thank you kind fibro friends. It's so lovely to read replies that people have made the effort to write. Doesn't make you feel nearly so alone and you can't beat hearing other peoples experiences. So thank you so much.

    Hope you are all feeling as well as you can.

  • True. I have been putting up with a painful hand and finger for three years thinking it was FM. I've just had a cortisone injection as it is a wear and tear issue. I look forward to being able to use my hand properly soon. On a lighter note my Dr is highly amused that my middle finger is stuck in the air. He says it's cos I'm positive and sticking it up to life Ha!

  • hi lizzyear

    I think some of our gp s need to be aware of this .altho i have been diagnosed with fibro they also put it down to everything else ie thyroid symptoms even tho definitely not fibro symptoms.i feel the same that I am to weak to walk my dogs far and definitely cant manage hills .hope you feel better soon

  • Yes Q E at KL is great. I show up RA in my blood perhaps that's an FM thing.

  • I really love your picture nellyq, it so cute!

  • My cute Ruby Roo. We foster little dogs too. Positive things and focusing out instead of in help with the ever challenging symptoms of FM.

  • Hi lizzyear. That is a very good lesson. Thank you for sharing. Hope you feel great when you get your transfusion and infusion. Stay well. Freya xx

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