Come on play the game there are still a lot of you who have not joined in what flower would I be!

Marvelous answers but all so pleasant save for VG who is nothing other that a fly trap. Is she a spider!..Oh a venus fly trap all sticky surfaces and little teeth- nice.

What about Lillies - snowdrops - dianthus - gerbras- tulips - there are so many fab flowers pick one and tell us why it is gentle fun and bing so many memories back of times gone by.

Have you never made a daisy chain or looked for butter in a buttercup

lets see if we can get to 80 entries xgins

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  • I would quite like to be that big, fat man-eating flower in 'Little Shop of Horrors'!


    Hehe :D x

  • Looks at moffy and shuts up quickly incase she gets eaten.

    Anyway today Gins , I am going to be ..... Emerges though the doors and fake smoke... A forget me not.... And if it works I won't be editing my profile today and deleting myself off the forum by mistake...

    VG mark 2 the slightly grumpier one with a hyphen

  • VG you deserve to be a forget me knot but w e are all enchanted by you so may be a morning glory xgins

  • Flits across the forum, naked on her way to the shower in all her morning glory.... Oops don't mind me... See you later gins when I am clean and dressed


  • Dont fall on the soap !!

  • What sooooooaaaaaappppppppp..... Thud!!

  • I think I would be a daisy. One of the flowers that we take for granted.... Sorry not in the best frame of mind today

  • I love daisies the way they fill the land with tere bight faces staring at the world Hugs((((((((((()))))))))) xgins

  • Skipping in hiiii gins you summer light delight , big yellow ray of sunshine so your a sunflower to me altho being a yellow butterfly there you may get hidden away so make sure you sit in the centre of its big bold centre .

    I was going to be a bent beauty (as it is called) and changed my mind as its not colourful enough and just flops looking hanging its head in the water , so off i toddled and hells bells and you can tell what a blue bell, then thought nope not feeling hells (only with wrk) so passed on fight of bumblebee gives me a buzz but ohhh no lets go ducking and diving, toom tee toom oooo fire in the fields is this warm enough ohhh just laid there i would be here swaying in such a crowd of others like me .

    The personality is colourful and fun and warm ok thats me as a flower so just hopping along the gardens bobbing up and down seeing if i can find me xxx

  • morning I would like to be sweet pea dont ask me why when I do see sweet pea it makes me smile and I would like to make all my fibro friends smile take care

    love beth x

  • they are so glorious aren't they with yheir subtle fragrance and bonny faces. Well chosen xgins

  • I think I would be a sunflower, people say I have an optimistic nature. So when the sun shines so do I x

  • that is the sort of nature we need LOL xgins

  • I'd be a rose, not bad to look at but watch how you handle me, I have got thorns lol x

  • oh prickly xgins

  • I'd be a daffodil! They're a beautiful bright colour to brighten up our days, they smell lovely and pop up after a harsh Winter to give us hope for a lovely Spring! Ever the optimist! ;)

    I love Daffodils, the gorgeous yellow against the green stem always cheers me up with signs of Spring Time.


  • smart flowers for a smart lady xgins

  • I agree Lib!! Not just cos I'm Welsh, but I love to see loads of daffs growing at the roadside, and it is certainly a sign that spring is not far away....we hope!! There's a park in Liverpool, can't remember which one, that's full of daffs, planted there, something to do with Marie Curie I think. I used to be a nurse for them and their emblem is a daffodil!! XXXX

  • I would be a bluebell because the are sweet discrete and abundantly cheerful and calming


  • I love the way they form great swathes all being cheery together xgins

  • I'd be a daffodil too! my favourite flowers ,they cheer me up and give me hope that one day I may be bright and cheerful too!

  • They chatter to each other dont they ? xgins

  • Hi all I think I will be a fusia bush then I can take over“ evil laugh”, just like the one in my front garden. It started as one now it's three . Sithy

  • Slithy indeed xgins Shhhhhhhhh

  • I think I would the flower of a weed, any weed at all as I have a habit of popping up in the least expected places xxxxx

  • Welcome Little weed xgins

  • lol ;-)

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