Flying without wings........ Sorry not the song....Sort of like a blob without wings and in a ratty nightie

Not the song you were expecting I am afraid and yet another job for my long suffering OH, i have been quiet on here due to flare up.... They always last 3 days really weird but at least I know I can get through it......

Anyway the day I decided to take to my bed I needed my big fluffy pillow with adjustable neck roll supporter OH at work it was in the cupboard above the front door, not a problem it's behind a very easy to open door, but I can't reach it... So drag my piano stool 12 inches that's all then gritting my teeth and using my piano I haul myself onto the stool, open the cupboard door. AT this point there was a horrible tearing of rotten wood and the cupboard door fell away from its hinges, onto my head and I went flying without wings across the hall land ing on my back with a cupboard door on my head, only a small door and just winded me, but I had to wait until the afternoon for my fluffy pillow and my OH has had to strip out the whole cupboard and is fitting sliding doors. At least nothing was broken and I saved my beloved piano from the flying cupboard door, I was not going to harm my piano I waited 20 years to find a mini eavestaff art deco piano that will tune perfectly, if only I was well enough to play it..

And thanks to everyone who wished me back soon, ha sooner than you thought my unbearable flares usuually last 3 days sometimes I have to carry on sometimes I do give in and head for bed, today it's usual pain so I am back.....

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  • So sorry to hear about your misshap VG. I suspect that you are even more precious than your lovely piano though so you need to take better care of yourself! It sounds like it could have been much worse so I am glad that nothing more than the cupboard door got broken. Hope you are feeling much better soon and thanks for leaving us with even more extraordinary images in our heads ;-) Jane x

  • I suspect the door was rigged by my husband to fall on my art deco "tat" as he calls all my precious 1930's items.. Hehe have asked everyone for money this Christmas so I can trundle off on my scooter and find more as I seem to have acquired as 2nd display cabinet recently...

    Looks innocent

    VG x

  • My dearest VG

    Well I am glad you are okay. I hope you have learnt the 'no climbing' lesson. But we do these silly things and we never think of what may happen, we only think afterwards that maybe it was a bad idea. I am coming to the end of my 6th week of this fibro flare, but I am glad to say the COPD flare has eased off a great deal. I would kill for a three day flare, give it to me please VG, I'll have it. But I hope you continue to recover hun(blimey I cannot even getting my typing right tonight)xxxxxx

  • Please take them as a gift no need to swap :) I must say my trigger point injections help so much my three day flares which end up in me taking to bed I used to have 3 days out 7 every week now I have a couple a year then just normal pain everyday. Yes I have learnt the no climbing lesson

    VG x

  • Great to see you back in fine form VG, we missed you! :) xxx

  • I'm thinking I should learn how to draw cartoons, as I can picture this in my mind. It made me giggle as I pictured it but hoping you're not suffering too badly from the after-effects of your fall today xxx

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