Ouch the pain. It is a little better today [however have written a very bloring blog but it might entertain someone,]

Hi all. Well, the pain is a little better in as much as the sciatica has subsided a bit, however, across the middle of back is not too good still, however, I don`t like to do it normally, but I am taking stronger pain killers, which I will knock on the head as oon as I can. Thanks once again everyone for your kind thoughts. I do have a husband,who will help, well sort of, but he lives in his cottage a mile away and I live in my bungalow [ you should try it, it works ] Hmmmmmmmm I hear you say. WHY

Well we went to Portugal to live in 1999, and after be ing there for 6yrs I had to come back because of servere health problems, and also my sister was dying, Anyway Malc stayed there, and although I went backwards and forwards, it became too much of chore as I really wasn`t all that well. However I got myself a bungalow and a cat, and 6yrs later [ two and a half years ago ] Malc came back with 2 dogs. Well, there was no way the animals would have lived together, and besides, I am a very independant person, and had realised, that for the first time in my life, I could do what I wanted for me, so, no way was I going to give that up. We have always been sole mates, and been married over 40yrs, but there comes a time when it`s YOUR TIME..He comes round to see me every day [ NO NOT FOR FUNNY BUSINESS ] but you know what men are like, they say they will get you something to eat, and then you spend the next half hour trying to tell them where the pan is, don`t you just love em, Anyway, the thing is, it is certainly a way to live, because he gets to do all the things he wants [ television constantly, which would drive me mad, sitting around doing nothing, reading etc.,] and I work just as hard as ever when I can eg doing my 150 ft garden, playing my keyboard/piano etc., and there is a lot to be said for it, we probably wouldn`t have so many divorces, if people were able to do this especially in older life. SO, there you have it it does give food for thought, doesn`t it? Hope it hasn`t bored you too much. [ WELL, you didn`t have to read it ] only joking.

lots of hugs to all

Lyndia x

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  • Morning Lyndia,

    What a brilliant sollution I like it very much. My problem would be that OH would not be good on his own :( still I wouldnt be able to grumble about him as much. Certainly he could play the TV at full blast which I find very offensive.

    Thanks for the chuckle xgins

  • I have often thought it would be a good idea if we did what the tribes in rural Africa do.

    All the men live up one end of the village and do 'men things', and the women live at the other end of the village and do the important stuff.

    They only get together when it feels right, and consequently there is no Swahili word for 'divorce'.

    Food for thought, eh? :D

    Moffy x

  • I still think the praying mantis has the best idea

    Grins evilly at all the men on the board

    VG x

  • Hi VG

    you definately have a point, the only thing is, having eaten, them, what do you do, if you need something done, and there isn`t anybody else to do it? they have their uses at times, you know/////

    Lyndia x

  • Yes I have to admit they do... Mine is cooking food as I tip tap with my two fingers ....

    I will leave his head on :D

    VG the compassionate :)

  • Hi vg The compassion you show is overwhelming, where did you learn this art, perhaps I could take lessons.

    Lyndia x

  • Oh yes - and one of them's called Peachy! Yumyum :)

    Moffy x

  • Now that is what I call a good idea. I need to try it.



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