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A lot of us are quite low at the mo! I find night time is worse for me, last night was a corker

Every time I dropped into semi sleep I woke through dreams of things that are worrying me. I had no idea I had so much on my mind it was tedious and it went on and on from 12.00 till 5,oo when I had had enough. So here I am trying to address the problems my mind thinks I have, if I manage to sort them a bit maybe just maybe I will manage to rest tonight.

My OH is deaf it is appalling for him and very trying to have to constantly repeat every thing from my point of view. I long for a free flowing conversation but alas that only happens when we get visitors. I have been lucky recently but I feel the need for more soon.

I have a son in law (lucky for me you say) well he is fine but a geek and boring next year is my 60th and I was talking about taking the huge family away to wales for a week next year. Before I had finished sorting this low and behold he puts up an invite on facebook for everyone to join him in Wales yes I am peeved childishly it was my idea and he nicked it. Does it matter well yes I feel well put out to say the least. You see I am a child at heart and I have never had a big party and really fancied it. Pathetic I hear you say yes I am at times.

My mind doesnt seem able to leave it alone (I would like to but OH keeps getting stroppy about it)

So here I am telling you all about it I thought it might help you know there is nought as queer as family - you make friends but family well there is no choosing!

Today having wittered on I am going to get up and go to Hobby craft I like that shop :)

I hope everyone has a good day xgins

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Morning gins x

aw! I hate idea snatchers, boo to them all. I'm sorry to hear you are troubled and alas I could have chatted at 5 this morn coz I also was awake. My OH has me repeating things all the time coz he's deaf in one ear pretty much his other one isn't much better. Sometimes I'm sure he takes advantage of it through using selective hearing tho... cheeky B that he is.

I struggle to find conversation that flows too and I love this site and the work you all do to keep it going its amazing.

maybe we could help you with a new family party idea that none of them need know til you've sorted it!?

Just a thought! Go on Gins have your big party anyway! I can imagine you somewhere in the welsh hills (or any hills) singing ''''''''the hills are alive with the sound of music''' followed by '''come on lets start the party''' huhum my party... LOL sorry Gins I got carried away there LOL

i'm sending you a wave of big fluffy cuddles to help you float to hobby craft



That's terrible. What a cheek! Has he mentioned in the invite to everyone that it is for your 60th? Not that it makes it any better if he has. He should have at least mentioned it to you first. I hope you manage to get everything sorted out.

Becky. X.


I agree, you can choose your friends, but not your family. Just goes to show that he does not have any ideas of his own. Maybe you make something up that is quite ridiculous the next time.....and see if he puts that on facebook lol. Having said this, I hope you get things sorted and try not to let it worry you too much. Remember it's your 60th, not his.

Sending you a hug

Tannels xxx


Thanks Guys, I know I need to talk to him and when he is back from his mini holiday I will. I have decided not to do wales as the week after my partners son is going to get married and I feel that is more important. So now I need a new idea to make the world sit up and say ya it is Gins 60th any suggestions all welcome,,,xgins


Gins, feel for you, are you a Virgo by any chance and possibly a Friday's child? You seem to echo how I feel when people nick my ideas and big them up as their own. I too am 60 next year and can't make up my mind what to do. I would like to go somewhere warm and sunny just hubby (who will also be 60 earlier in the year) and me. I don't want the family infighting, I can't be bothered anymore, I know its selfish but I feel like you that you (I) should have the final say on what you want to do. Could you and your partner go for a pampering long weekend maybe, just the two of you? Maybe the family could club together to send you both as your present, especially if you have a wedding to deal with just before, you will need some recuperation afterwards. If you were well enough, had enough money to do what you want, what have you always fancied trying but never been able to for one reason or another, that is something else to ponder on, could a lifelong wish be modified?

Can we have a virtual party for you here, what food would you like and drink? Cocktails maybe, music? bunting? bbq?

Sun or snowing or maybe leaves to kick around in woods? Gentle hugs..... Lynn xx


Hi Gins, I am a real child at heart when someone does something like that on me I get so annoyed and feel like throwing a big tantrum! Instead I usually moan to hubby and end up crying over it...

No ideas on your Birthday, I am hopeless at ideas :)


Hi Icm

You are right I am a Virgo and a Fridays child spot on. I am sure we can do a virtual party it is not till next year. I have decided I am taking all the Grandchildren to the pantomime if it is impossible to go as one I get to go to Three excellent I love panto. I always enjoyed working in Panto. For the adults I am hoping they will come to a Jules Holland night and supper afterwards. Sounds brill I am happy now I have decided. I shall have words with son in law but I think his week may fall a bit flat as most of us our getting ready and going to a wedding poor chap!¬

None of the family are very impressed with this guy he is a computer Geek and a twit.



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