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Update on my tens machine

A few days ago I blogged about my first trial of a tens machine, and thought I would just let you all know how I'm getting on, as I've found it really helpful.

I bought it to try and deal with the neck/shoulder spasm I was having. I got it from lloyds pharmacy online, so it was delivered to my door, and it wasn't much money. I chose the dual channel one, the cheaper models only have two electrodes, and I thought one that can use either 2 or 4 seemed more useful.

The hardest part about using it has been positioning the gel pads. As I wanted to treat my neck/shoulder, they have to go on the top part of your back, not easy to reach, but not a problem if there's someone else who can put them in place for you.

Then you just switch it on, and off you go. The unit is small and has a belt clip, so will fit in a pocket or on your waist. It's totally portable, so you can just get on with doing whatever you want to do. There are a number of preset programmes for 30 minutes, and you can repeat as often as you like. It's really easy to adjust the intensity, and I've now found out what happens when it's set too high - lol!! I won't do that again in a hurry!

It's great that you can use it on any part of your body. This morning I have been using it on my foot, where I have a damaged nerve. Not sure if it will help that, but it has helped my neck and shoulder far more than the painkiller / wheat bag combination that I was using before, without the constipation I get from the painkillers!

Hope you find this interesting

Have a good day, everyone.



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Anything that helps pain is always interesting .... I am really glad you found something that works ... I am wondering now should I give one another try ... You know me Kaz , I,ll try anything once and more if I like it ;)

Thanks for letting us know... Scurries off to look at tens machines


Glad you are finding it useful. I have had one for years and I wouldn't be without it. x


that's good to know



Over the years I have had quite a number of these and can't say that one is better than another. some have better lasting electrodes than others and some of the adjustments are a bit hazy but you soon learn the difference between high and low.

I do agree that they can help, when I was at work I often wore it and no one realised as the unit can sit in your pocket so no one needs to know.

I have been trying to get an Acticare TSE machine but as they do not make them anymore I have been trying e-bay, gumtree etc,, So far with no luck.

Take care and kindest regards



Is that a particularly good model? I went partly on reviews and partly on price, as I wasn't sure how much use it would be, I really didn't want to spend very much. So far, the results have definitely been worth the few pennies.


Hi Tettridge. I have a Acticare machine which helps a lot in some places more than others and u have to use various settings. Looked online and found this site for you. Hopefully is still able to help you WWW.look-after-yourself-com.

TEL 01704 500505.

Hope this is helpful.


I found the TeNS unit helpful but unfortunately even the electrode pads labelled "Sensitive" left me with very itchy pad-shaped red weals so I had to stop using it :o(


Oh, what a shame. So far, I haven't had a problem with that. In fact, even though I have quite sensitive skin, and have reacted in the past to other things, I hadn't even thought about it. Was that recently? If it was a while ago, maybe there is a new variation out.


Hi kaz

so glad it helps you and thanks for letting us all know your feedback on it too, i have one that i have had since feb 2011 which i got when my neck went for real and its been a pain ever since stiff and nerve compression on spinal cord so i know truly how it feels and with the neck and muscle spasms too, however i get Diazapam for my spasms as i need to be driving all the time and it really annoys me.

get twangs eitehr side that are very annoying and hurt! grrrr roarr lol .

I use the Tens sometimes but think i really forgot about it with on meds all time.

Keep it up if works and use creams too like i do thats if it helps a little , i live in deep heat every day on lower and cervical and shoulders even on my hands and thumbs.

xxx hugs cazzie xxxxx


it sounds very much like the one i have, had it years but sadly it was when they were expensive. i bought it thinking i will give anything a chance. i tried various places and various channels but alas it didnt really work for me.

But I would recommend anyone try one if they can, often physio depts or pain clinics will lend them out.

I tried acupuncture too, but that only helped with my neck. it was effective for quite a while with continued sessions but after so long it made no difference.

Anything is better than having to take pills all the time… theres me saying that, i have lost count of the amount i take, but I wish for me there was a better alternative.

I hope that you continue reaping some benefit, they are so discreet under clothes, apart from electrodes stuck to your neck, if you place them there.

Thanks also for updating us on your progress. Its always good to share these things as what may not help one person may help another xxx (((hugs)))


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