Will it work??? Am about to try

After being told my trigger point injections are back logged until may or june and suffering with neck and shoulder spasms I read on here about deep heat muscle relaxant cream for neck and shoulders rosemary and vanilla scented and allegedly not as hot as deep heat original....

Am just about to apply if you don't hear anything it's not too hot if you hear a scream echoing around the country ... It's burning... Will let you know later if its any use... If it can help my knotted neck and shoulder muscles it will work on anything..... Will let you know later if its helped at all

VG x

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  • If it's good, I'm getting some, so shall watch with interest. It's a lot cheaper on Amazon, I noticed. :)

    Moffy x

  • hi please let me know if it works as I will be buying it too

    take care

    love beth x

  • Hope it works for you, and you get some relief!


  • Have you ever tried MFR for your trigger points?

  • Yup for two years I got some some relief for about 3 days a week then my spasms just returned.....my neck and shoulders have stumped 3 rhumatologists .... One retired ...one disappeared... And the third one after reading all i had tried decided to

    Try and help my arthritis in my ankle and knees instead..... Have tried MFR .. Sports massage , light aromatherapy massage. Chinese massage , two osteopaths... And am on my second Dr here as my first one retired... I would love to not be so awkward I don't tolerate many meds At all..... I even tried reiki healing last Friday and coincided with a major flare of said shoulders and neck.. Have now reached the stage where my GP relies on me to manage my fibro and arthritis myself (my arthritis is now in my hands and neck so that doesnt help..)with the meds I can tolerate and I just go and see him if anything out of the ordinary happens.... But I have got to the coping stage now and mostly I know how to avoid flares ... And just manage my life to avoid triggers wherever possible and keep calm and carry on

    Thanks though Lindsey :)

    Your awkward volunteer VG X

  • personally i don't know if it will work as i'm lead to believe that Fibro pain is nerve pain and not actually muscle pain although it attack the muscles . Good luck , i'll look forward to see if it works for you... An open mind is the answer

    Kira x

  • Unfortunately fibro encompasses many parts ... Muscle spasms in your legs so you get cramp... Aching. Tiredness, muscles in all parts of the body going into spasm nerve pain.. So many things too many to list here... For me I don't get the all encompassing fatigue but I do get chostochondritis, these permenantly spasmed muscles in my neck and shoulders, and nerve pain. Hot packs do help but they put a lot of weight on my shoulders and neck so takes some of the benefit away...

    Am trialing this to see if I benefit form this type of heat compared to hot packs.

    VG x

  • Hi

    Hope it works for you VG.

    Just a quick funny story to cheer you up while you give it a go.

    My Mum (now gone, bless her), was a firm believer in acriflex cream for burns, cold sores, itching etc.

    One day, having a little trouble 'down below' she plentifully smears herself - YES you've guessed it - with DEEPHEAT.

    No matter how loud your screams VG I defy you to beat her on that particular morning!!



  • Tries not to laugh... Bites her lip then gives in and giggles uncontrollably

    Oh I am sorry for laughing at your mum


    VG xx

  • OMG! Crosses legs and tries to look cheerful :O

    Moffy x

  • Sorry I made you laugh if it hurt you VG.

    Don't be sorry for laughing at my Mum - she had the most wicked sense of humour.

    Did the trial work?


  • VG - I too have my main pain in my neck and shoulders. I used to have injections in my rhomboids but relief was so short lived. I tried IM steriods, lidocaine and salineand eventually we realised its actually the needle penetrating the muscle tha gives the relief (i.e acumpuncture) I was lucky my GP did a IM session with me and my chronic pain specialist so he could do the injections in the surgery. Have u asked your GP about this option ? But u should try BioFreeze roll on for neck n shoulder pain.just roll it on for instant relief

  • Teach yourself Trigger Point Massage, it really, really, really works. And what is more you don't have to wait to see the therapist. The book is by Clare Davies and is called the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook. You look at where your pain is located by the diagrams in the book, and it tells you where to massage and how to do the massage at that place. You need a tennis ball to deal with the places you can't reach like your back. I just can't speak highly enough about it.

  • jjudth - not heard of that book - but have tried tennis balls / or hard tubes of card !

    sounds worth a look.Cheers

  • what is the medicine called that is used for the "trigger point injections"? will the doctor know what i'm talking about if I simply say "trigger point injections"?

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