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Anyone Having Problems With Driving? Anyone Find a Solution to Their Problem?

I noticed on another thread there are folks having problems with driving due to their various medical problems and/or physical limitations, so I thought I would start a separate blog in order to raise more awareness of help out there.

Anyone who has physical problems with driving can ask for an assessment at a Driving Assessment Centre to find out if there are any adaptations that would enable them to keep driving - here's some more info which you may be of interest.

I have problems with my neck and shoulders due to having moderate to severe spondylosis throughout my spine which means I struggle to turn my neck to see out the back window when reversing etc. A solution was additional mirrors eg blind spot mirrors on wing mirrors & a panoramic rear view clip on mirror, to help giving a better view - I reverse using mirrors. I also have arthritis in my hands and hips which caused problems with driving a manual car.

My car is a Motability lease car and I chose a semi-automatic Citroen Berlingo with cruise control so I don't have to keep my foot on the accelerator all the time. As well as having a fully automatic setting it can also be used as a manual paddle controls on the steering wheels without needing to use a clutch. The Berlingo also sits quite high up so it's much easier for me to get into and out of (I also use a swivel cushion) & it also has plenty of boot space for my scooter.

If you haven't passed your driving test but plan to take it in a car which has adaptations for your use (eg using additional mirrors) then your driving licence will reflect this and you will only be allowed to drive a car with those adaptations in place.

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Is this just for people who have motability cars?



No, you should be able to get an assessment without having a motability car.


I,m afraid I don't know I only get low rate care dla even though I walk with sticks or use a mobilty scooter ... I can't turn my neck right so can't drive .... But can't afford a car so that's that problem solved

Always looking for the positive

VG x


Not being able to turn your neck properly shouldn't really prevent someone from being able to drive, it's usually a problem that can be overcome by adaptations.


Fraid it does if you can't afford a car but thanks for the post hopefully you will get more people back driving again :)


Interesting - I haven't been able to drive for around a year - I tried again on Friday not been able to move all weekend. My daughter has to do all the driving. I really miss my independence so will check for adaptations. Xx


I bought a massage seat from argos (which is like a matt that goes over the top of a seat) and I have this in my car (had to buy an adapter from halfords in order to plug it into the cigarette lighter), but as it also heats up as well as massages, I find it really helps my driving as I stiffen up so quickly when driving long distances (when I say long, I mean anything more than around the corner! haha). Really helps me x


I have 1 of those too, it really helps!

I found driving an automatic makes things so much easier - less for my foggy brain to focus on (also a car on motability that whilst not my first choice if car, they at least have automatic COURTESY CARS AVAILABLE!)


I have ordered an automatic for my next motability car as I'm really struggling with my manual one,I can't drive far at all at the moment. I had a driving assessment last year and they were so helpful,even by changing the position of my seat made a difference,I hadn't even thought of that!. It really is worth doing but is it free for people who don't have a motability car?


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