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Keep on keeping on they say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone thought I would keep you all up to date!! ;-( This last few weeks I have got worse and all tests came back negative,.....now Dr says I need to see a neaurologyst (not sure on spelling ) as he thinks we now need to rule out MS ................My voice has gone down quite a few decible's and my spasms have got worse to the point that I cannot use any stretch moves by hands or legs,Neck goes too and I cant get warm . We have the heating on and I have a snuggle blanket,and still cold . What ever next? ;-)

Just had a visit from a very nice physio lady ( the other one never came, I wonder why ? ) She tried to help turn my foot but was not able to do so. I am not being given any exercise's as I am already using my muscles to the full....for my health problems. have to see about special shoes and she is looking into a hydro pool if one about with a hoist. ;-)

More tests on the homefront but at last they are all pulling in the same direction. I need 24 hr care and am being offered 3 hrs at the moment but the Physio is going to have a word too!

Sorry it is all doom and gloom,but just the way it is at the moment!

Love and hugs to you all x <3

rainbow x x x ;-)

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I have not heard of this before but have had a tiny dose of back spasms. It was quite scary and very painful for me, so I don't like to think of what you might be going through. I am sorry you are going through this, but you are right, there is a glimmer of light thanks to your physio. A hydro pool is wonderful but take it very slow as you may find some relief that makes you forget how reactive our bodies are. Don't let them make you do too much too soon. I do hope, firstly she can find one, secondly that they don't rush you.

You are entitled to have a moan, but actually you sound fairly positive, which will help. Keep your spirits up. My fingers are crossed for you and prayers will be said.

Soft, fluffy, hugs to you and good luck too!


Hi Rainbowdancer you sound in need of a big hug today so I send you one!

Lot of luck with hydro work and be gentle on yourself it will take time.



Hi rainbow dancer how are the fluffies? I hope their helping to smother you in softness hun :)

Its funny how I can always associate with people's experiences on this site i'm so glad I found it. :)

I went through the whole is it or is it not ms for about 5 yrs and like you during that time I developed muscle spasms in my legs and hands which progressed to being whole body spasms. I can't walk very well and they offered to use the hoist for me at hydro but I suffer with vertigo so I declined LOL. I also have a broken thermostat, which, sees me in jumpers during the summer at times and often my wooly hat and scarf too.... I get strange looks all the time from strangers but I don't care what they think LOL, My friends, well I laugh with them!

it sounds so stressful for you at the moment but hopefully soon you shall receive the right level of care that you need :)

I'm sending you extra strength fluffies this time in sunflower yellows and oranges with the scent of a summer's afternoon, along with a delectable fluffy cuddle recliner to help comfort you when you need it :)



Thanks Zeb all that sounds like me I have been dressed up in blankets shawls etc all summer and still felt cold OH said it was because I don't move about a lot. But sure my thermostat is broken too! At night I cant sleep for being too hot....cant win can we LOL :-) Thanks for the snuggles x x x :-)


Zen that Cliffside sounds delectable. :) x gin


Sending you some extra fluffy blankets, a hot water bottle (you can fill it with ice if you get too hot), some nice soft angora wooly socks and gloves and a hug. I hope you find some comfort soon.

Is xx


Thanks for all the lovely pressy's I just hope that it is not too little too late as I have deteriated very quickly! I was living with my fibro etc and felt I was winning ...then wham it hit me and every day it gets worse in stead of better or even stopping! ;-( I get really tearful too with frustration ...now they want me to take anti depresents but I won't because I know what I am sad about :-(

Thank goodness for all of us being on this forham to save each other :-)

Rainbow huggles to you all (((((((((((((((((((((( ;-) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


I was so against having anti-depressants. My Dad was a Charge Nurse in a psychiatric hospital, many, many years ago, and used to say that the problem had to be solved before they could be better. That was the thought at that time. And what I believed too until recently.

Some of us, me I think anyway, definitely not saying for one moment you do, have an imbalance in our brains and the new style anti-d's work to balance that out.

I have now been on anti-depressant's for quite a few years now. Before I would stop taking them and end up where I didn't want to be again, start taking them, feel good, stop - and so it went on. They keep me balanced, some people might not think so!

Would you consider taking some for a short time, say a few months, to give you a bit of a leg up? Take some pressure off yourself so you can deal with all the other things you are having to deal with at the moment?

I'm here a lot so if you ever want to talk get in touch.

Is x


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