Shopping online regularly? Why not sign up to use Easy Fundraising?

Shopping online regularly? Why not sign up to use Easy Fundraising?

Hello Members,

Easy Fundraising can be used when you purchase goods online, the cost of the item remains the same but the company you are buying the product from donate for every purchase!

How about that !?! You can raise funds for FMA UK by joining Easy Fundraising & buying things using their instructions.

If you shop online regularly, why not use Easy Fundraising & we'll get a donation every time :) You can have that feel good feeling that you've helped by doing a normal shop! :)

Please sign up today :) If you do using this link you can raise a pound per person donated by Easy Fundraising for all who register via this link only;

So, how many members have we got!! LOL :)

Shall we see how much we can raise by people registering & using Easy Fundraising - post a comment when done & we can add up the potential total for a bit of fun !! :)

Let's see if we can beat 20 people ! Let's go for it ! :)

Oh & don't forget you can then share your link for joining with your family & friends then if they register this will be a donation of a pound per person & so on..............

Best Wishes

Emma :)

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  • Count me in :) xxx

  • What a brilliant concept Lets do it!!

  • Hi Emma

    When we search for a cause what exact name do we put in?

    Many thanks

    Lu xx

  • Hello BlueMermaid1,

    Please use FMA UK for now (Fibromyalgia Association UK) as we are joining together & we will be known as Fibromyalgia Action UK (also initials FMA UK)

    Thank You

    Emma :)

  • Ah. I guess I need to type it out in full then!

    I tried FMA UK but the search engine couldn't find it.

    I'll try again.

    Many thanks :)

  • Hi again

    I've found it. You need to type Fibromyaliga Association UK in full in order to locate our cause.


  • Morning all

    You need to type Fibromyalgia Association UK out in full for the search engine to be able to find our cause.

    Hugs to everyone :)

    Lu xx

  • Have tried to do this but on the App it is not accepting Fybromyalgia Association UK. What am I doing wrong?

  • Hello Volatileval,

    I think that you may need to try 'Fibromyalgia' with an 'i' maybe ?

    Thank You for your support :)

    Emma :)

  • Thank you - I'm blaming my computer for my spelling! Will try again today😄😄

  • No worries - spelling OK as I think in U.S. They use 'y' in Fybromyalgia maybe?

    It's just another case of you say 'tomata' & you say 'tomato' type thing ! :)

    Thank you for your support once again :)

    Emma :)

  • Brilliant! Will try


  • Yes!!! TULIP :) x

  • I've done it - very easy to register so charity must keep fingers crossed that I do alot of on line shopping now. I am sure many of us with fibro are often forced to shop this way so hopefully quite a bit will be raised, every penny helps as they say. Thanks for telling us about it.x

  • i have just done it x

  • I am already signed up to this so no probs x x

  • hi Emma i'm having a foggy day as usual. so when i clicked on the above link it took me to the page i take it that i have to copy that link and then say add it to my facebook page? for my family and friends as my daughters do online shopping like some brush their teeth. xx

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