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Do I change my GP again??

Hi all,

Put a post up last week after my fall. I was in some pain in my knee after my fall I had to use my dads shower as I couldn't use my bath. So I had a bit of a problem with my knee it's still healing but still sore.

Only problem I have now is my shoulder it's so painful I could actually cry.. I got that new medication today bringing with 'G' 300mg so far tonight I have taken 2 of them plus 2 dihydrocodeine at 30mg each and 30mg of Amitriptyline and in still in pain.

I went to my GP about a social group my friend is doing as my hear is getting worse and find I'm not socialising very much, but I need to b referred by my GP. He said he couldn't help me and have me a leaflet.

So while I was there I mentioned to him that I had a fall and hurt myself that my knee is sore but my shoulder is a lot worse. He looked at my knee felt my shoulder and said just take pain killers.. I honestly feel like crying because that's all I have done is pop pills.. And seemed to dismiss it.

I asked him if he could look into sending me to rehumtology and he said he sent me to rehumtology I was like I having seen since I was diagnosed with fibro! He said you went to pain clinic that's rehumtology I was like no it's not! I said he can't help me for a wheelchair assessment, all I got off my GP was no you don't need one, your fine.. I thought you cheeky little mite. You have know idea the pain I go through when walking and now iv started falling over.. Then the backlash I get when the chronic pain kicks in..

So I'm thinking about leaving my GP! Also cause its so far to travel when I'm in pain and I have 2 GP's right next to my first 1 I left to go to the currently I'm at then another one.

Can you go back to your previous GP or not?

Please help xx

:'( :'( :'(

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Hi susan20067389

I read your post in great pain and I am so sorry that your GP has treated you in this way. I cannot begin to imagine how you must feel by his unkind words and insensitive manner. I would personally change surgery. However, I wouldn't rush it; I would ring around a few of the local surgeries and ascertain whether or not their GP's are Fibromyalgia friendly.

When you ring the receptionist will probably give you the usual spiel of how good their doctors are but try and get the practice manager to ring you back and get some solid facts! We have a saying 'Out of the frying pan and into the fire'. So, be sure they will be better before you jump.

Good luck with this and please let us know how you get on.

Ken x



I have put my on Facebook to ask my friends if they know any in or around my area.

My last GP was really good the problem I had was when it can to appointments as I would ring up and they would say yeah you can this appointment in 3 weeks time. Then by the time my appointment came I had to cancel it as I couldn't remember what the appointment was for.

So do I go to gps and ask them if there fibro friendly or if they have any knowledge on/about it.

Just as I'm hearing impaired and I can't ring, (still waiting for my text phone to arrive).



Hi - Yeah! There's nothing wrong with knocking on a few doors. Good luck. ken x


just a thought for you susan, you can contact adult social care direct and they will come to your home and do an assessment for you.

hope this helps



I will try tht thanks xx


hi there I do feel really sorry for you, nothing worse than having an unsympathetic doctor, I went to another doctor myself this week because of no action, she was shocked that I haven't got the care I need, so at least it makes you feel justified in seeing someone else and not just being neurotic. all the best keep informed.


Thanks, the only place I get relief is in bed where I'm lying down and not moving with my electric blanket.

I couldn't even cry last night as that made the pain worse. Xx


Oh Susan you poor love, it must have been terribly bad. Can you see a different doctor or call one out to see you at home and explain your problems again and dont be chirpy when they get there let them see how hard it is for you!!

Let us know how you get on- best of luck



I would but the only problem is doctors that I go to, he is the only doctors in his surgery.

Do you no if I would be allowed to go bk to my previous GP surgery.

I'm unabelievably tired today, and I need to go down and put a £75 deposit down on my holiday but I don't want to get out of bed so I'm not sure if I can do it over the phone xx


You are entitled to any doctor you care to nominate, usually within 3 miles. The sticking point is they so overworked they close their lists and don't take on any more patients. They have the right to refuse anyone. So go for it. Also CAREFULLY ask around acquaintances what theirs are like if you cant get back to your old GP.

Gentle hugs. Paul :)


Thanks, I rang my old GP and they they would be able to let me re-register so il go there on Monday xx


Great stuff. I strongly believe part of any treatment is medics you get on with. They're all perfectly competent but some just gel with you, some don't. Mine's brilliant at pitching his talk to the patient's level. :)


That's good, I'm just trying to get them to send me for a wheelchair assessment as I'm falling for frequently and if I had a wheelchair I wouldn't have to worry about falling over bad seriously injuring myself and getting the backlash of the pain for week/months on end. I'm just trying to get them to understand it but it's just so hard, il ask my GP to refer me bk to rehumtology and il ask them and my kidney specialist to put me forward for one if I have to xx


Yes, it's horrible when they don't seem to understand what's going on, inside as well. Maybe when you get back to your gp and he gets all the bits and pieces together things will progress. Go well. xx :)


Hopefully xx


Hello Susan,

Do you feel faint after eating? Did you notice if you went cold & clammy at all?

As when I feel faint these are my symptoms. I look forward to reply.

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Adminstrator


That's good, I'm hoping they will understand how much it is effecting me, I don't think they will understand that I would like to be sent for a wheelchair assessment it's just rediculous how much fighting you have to do when you need to push for something. Xx


Doesn't it just show you need to get something real to find out how what politicians say and what really happens doesn't truly match up :(


That's the govermet for you, I think it's terrible how there making it for hard for people who need benefits to reclaim DLA/PIP I have found some really interesting intformation online:

This will help you fill in you form as I was looking at it and it was saying if it takes you longer to do your dishes then it would a 'normal' person when it's classed as unable to the the task, you can also do a self test online and I came out with 32 points for care and 14 for mobilty. For care I use aids in my flat, I have a perching stood in my kitchen, sofa is higher in my sitting room, I have hand rails, high toilet seat, bathlift in my bathroom and a bed leaver in my bedroom, also a vibrating fire alarm.

But on the self test it asks you about money, communication where I will get a lil more as I am also deaf.

But I hope this information also helps you and other people on here xx


Many thanks for that. :)

I find it frustrating to understand yet still be unable to help. :(


The electric blanket is the thing, its soothing, have you got some pamphlets on FM to show your family etc, I know mine was quite shocked to read how delibatating the disease was. Lots of rest and being kind to yourself, are you on amitriptyline? it does help with the pain. Take care we are all thinking of you.


Ho Denvajade,

My electric does help a little bit but not tuns.

I have shown my family information but it's my dad more then anyone, cause his girlfriend has it he thinks we are the same. As she is on pain killers and is fine he thinks I'm just being lazy when I am in a lot of pain. He thinks that even though I'm in crippling pain I should go for walks, where today I'm vertualy bed bound. Cause I'm in so much pain.

I'm on Amitriptyline 10mg 3 at night and as and when I need it, dihydrocodeine 30mg 1 for times a day sometime I take 2 at 1 time and the new one Gabapentin 300mg at night but I have been taking more as iv been in loads of pain.

Thanks xx


Hi Susan you sure are in a bad way, you know what you just have to look after YOU and people will have opinions, like its all in your mind etc, we cant make people understand so. Just to let you know if you treat yourself well it can go into remission, I had it so bad and know its in a place I can really handle. sleep sleep sleep I say and a little walk in the sun. wishing you all the best. x


Thanks Denvajade,

Yeah I get told loads that it's just in my head. Even my dads partner who has it says it's all in my head, though if that were the case wouldn't we all be in a mental hospital lol.

But yes iv spent the day in bed, haven't had much but all I can do is take pain killers.

Changing gps tomorrow as I have enough medication to last me. Then I'm going to ask for them to refer me back to rehumtology if possible :)

As my falls are becoming more frequent :(

I have thought about asking my kidney specialist to send me for a wheelchair assessment as they actually listen to what I have to say and he was surprised when he found out I wasn't seeing the consultant for my FMA. As when I was diagnosed I was imminently discharged.



Hi Susan glad you had time in bed, don't need to tell family if they are unsympathetic and think you are lazy, you need to see a specialist to make sure nothing else is going on. I wonder if our bodies get used to the pain killers, try to do some gentle things you enjoy. I know how it can be, I have a condition that everyone thinks its there right to have their say about, do this do that, they have noooo idea what its like, so I just take care of myself now, even though it sounds selfish it is my way of coping. all the best with your change of doctor, get some bloods done to see where it is at. x


Yeah I completely agree with you! I have heard that arthritis is also common with FMA.

Il not ask for bloods as I no I am due for some when I go to see my kidney specialist in March xx


Well I hope I find someone that will understand cause I'm at breaking point as most of my family doesn't understand :( xx


Hi Susan, sorry to hear you're having such a rotten time of it. The short answer is yes you can go back to your old GP. They won't have known why you left in the first place (unless you told them). They will have just been asked for your notes by the health authority. You don't need to tell them why you want to return either although don't worry as it's quite common for people to move and find they don't like the new practice and ask to return. Unless they're over-subscribed you're unlikely to have a problem. You'll almost certainly have to fill in a new registration form again and possibly have a new patient health check as the surgery won't have any of your previous notes until the health authority get them from your current practice and send them on, which can take weeks. For that reason they're unlikely to be able to register you over the phone. If you have someone that can help you it might be worth asking them to pop in and pick up a registration pack for you so you can fill it in at home and then you can take it in at a later date to register. Make sure you have a couple of weeks worth of meds, better still a month's worth, to see you through while the move is arranged. Good luck x


Thanks mistymeana,

I got my new prescription yesterday for Gabapentin 300mg 1 per night but u took 2 yesterday as the pain was really bad, I only got 28 tablets. I don't think I order anymore as I did order some before Christmas. But will ring the GP and check on Monday..

When I rang my old previous GP they said I need to bring a letter with my name and address on. So I don't think they have a registration pack?

Thank you for your help and advice I will keep u upto date with everything, I'm still in bed, the bloody pain keeps shifting to other places on my back, side and spine. I'm just being careful I don't O.D. on pain killers.



They probably just want sight of the letter to prove you're in their area before take you on. Sounds like they've had problems in the past so hopefully a good sign that they're popular x


Yeah xx


Hi With your gabapentin try taking it morning and evening and get a regular amount going into your system. That way you will get the best results from taking it.

Good luck talking to the different Doctor hope she/he helps.

Thinking of you with positive vibes



Hi gins,

I'm only supposed to take my gadapentin once a day xxCould you pick up some cheese, carrots and a onion plz xx


Hi Susan :)

Reading this gave me flashbacks from 20 years ago my friend and it is so sad that it still happens today :(

I don't know about the GP change back to where you were and can only suggest that you ask. It is your choice which GP service that you would like to use!!

Try to practice some relaxation hunny to help with the pain and anxiety :)

Whatever you decide we'll still be here :)

Belinda's suggstion regarding Adult Social services may be useful to you!

Healiing fluffies for you Susan, shall be thinking of you :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Hi Zeb73,

Hi I contacted my old GP and asked if u could go bk to them and they said yes.

Not sure what's going on with my new medication but I'm having more migraines then normal, though they go away as soon as I close my eyes and I'm sleeping loads more, more them 12 hours :/ not sure if this a side effect to the medication. Though I think this chesty cough is as it started after my second dose of gadapentin.

I think when I go back to my GP I'm going to ask them to do a full MOT on me lol :)

Only place at the moment I don't get to much pain is when I'm in bed with my electric blanket. Which is rather bazar if u ask me.

I'd get wrong off my dad if he new I'd been been in bed all this time, as he doesn't really understand it, he only understands that is partner has it but I have tried to explain to him that we are different 9/10 times I went up in tears :'( so I have given up explaining to him. As he thinks we are the same.

I have tried to contact adult social services but they won't help me with anything I have tried on many occasions and they said my I'm not at a level to need any help, maybe when I get my textphone I will ring them on there and explain that I'm having falls and injuring myself and suffering in more then due to the falls, see if that helps if it doesn't then I'm stuck.

Well I guess I better get out of bed as I have to go in the bath and get sorted for going out tonight.

Thanks xx


Thanks Sián,

I'm trying to stay as relaxed as possible though it very tough.



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