THE NYTOL WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))

Wow i'm so happy to have had 9hrs sleep, thats 6hrs extra sleep. I took gabapentin 300mg and x 2 nytol. Then realised pretty women was on lol. Managed to watch that and went to bed and slept, until i woke up in a cold sweat abou 5am. I got dry pj's on changed my pillow, flipped the quilt and went back to sleep untill 11am... what a relief. Im actually looking foward to goin to bed tonight instead of dreading it. Thank you all for your advise. Im going to carry this on while ever it works... xxx

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  • No, my Dr doesnt give a s**t. I bought the nytol from Asda. The leaflet only advised not to take with Antidepressants or beta blockers.... I wonder if then when i took my usual dose of co-codamol this morning by lunch time i felt drunk !!! It lasted for about 3hrs. I took my co-codamol 30/500 b4 goin to visit a friend, I had to come home because my eyes were drowsey, in fact i was quite anxious driving home because i had a 7 mile journey to do to get home. I miss judged a tight corner and caught my back wheel on a very tight bend, i was only going 20 mile an hr though so no damage done!!! They dont normally do that to me and i did wonder if it was the nytol still in my system???? xx

  • I don't want to worry you but did you check with your GP or tell your pharmacist you were on gabapentin before taking these two things together, because both can cause drowsiness and you don't want to over sedate yourself.... Plus nytol should only be taken for a max of two weeks at a time

    VG x

  • Oh dear yes - do check!

    If it's OK, then well done on achieving the Holy Grail of a good night's sleep.

    Are you taking the herbal Nytol or the Max strength. There is a moderate interaction warning with gabapentin - it says it might increase drowsiness and dizziness, so best to confirm it's ok for you.

    I took the herbal one and it gave me the most awful nightmares - but I get them anyway!

    Sleep well

    moffy x

  • It the standard herbal one

    xx shelley

  • Please please don't drive with these and co codamol and gabapentin you are obviously having trouble sleeping but this really isn't safe... Can you see a more sympathetic GP ... Who may be able to recommend different meds for sleep... I know I was told by my GP if I drove after taking codyramol because they made me dizzy my insurance would be invalid if I had an accident ... I have since had to stop driving ..... But that's an extreme I am sure there is a safe combination of meds for you to take and sleep and drive

    VG x

  • Oh my god, i didnt know that. How we suppose to be pain free and work for a living. My gp never said that to me. Ive never felt like that b4, id already gone to my friends when the dizzeyness came on, i had to get home. I couldnt stop driving i would have to stop work if i didnt have my car :( xxxx

  • Don't panic .. Rule number one .... Secondly see if you can get an appt with your GP or a more sympathetic one.... Take someone with you for support... I had to take meds for years before I had to give up driving and was given a safe lot to take so I could drive... It can be sorted as long as whichever GP you see knows you have to drive and need to sleep

    Take care and please get to see a GP .. We need you on here in one piece

    VG x

  • Very wise, VG

    Driving when you're a bit 'zonked' could be lethal, and invalidate your insurance!

    I didn't notice you were taking co dydramol as well as gabapentin - that's an awful lot of sedative medication to take if you're driving, and Nytol do stay in your system for many hours.

    I hope you can find something safer that will help you to sleep.

    Moffy x

  • Co-codamol 30/500 i take, 2 each morning with a gabbapentin 300mg. I felt fine when i set off, id been at my friends about 2 hrs when the dizzeyness came on so i came home. Co-codamol dont usually make me feel like that to be fair, it takes my pain away but i'm generally ok. So it must be the nytol still in my system. xxxx

  • EversoHappy,

    We all have concerns for you and as Moffy & VG say it is worrying you are feeling the way you do the day after taking Nytol.

    The medication in Nytol is called Diphenhydramine and here is some information regarding taking this with Gabapentin.

    I think that it could be the experience of dizziness today may be because these drugs are advised not to be taken together It is advisable not to take Nytol again and I would consider going to see the GP about your insomnia.

    If you feel your GP is not listening try making an appointment with another GP, ask for a second opinion or move surgeries.

    Here is some information regarding sleep medications on the FibroAction website:

    I hope you can get something prescribed to help with your sleep

    Please let us know how you get on


  • Thanks Emma, I will go see a different gp. I wouldnt have taken them with gabapentin if i had known this. Im a stickler for not over medicating, all the gp wanted to do for my insomnia was to increase co-codamol and gabapentin and added sertraline into the mix all to be taken together at night and i refussed to up my meds any more than i already take due to having to work full time. Ive changed jobs 4 times in 18 months, every job i get ends up being 40 to 50 hrs a week and its too much for me but im not in a position "financially" to work part time or not work although my healt would be better if i didnt work but we cant afford for me not to work...

    I have an interview monday, changing again... my last job in telesales sounded ideal. Sat all day, but sat in the same position with head phones attached for 8.5hrs a day, 5 days a week was making my pain in my hips and back worse.. I ve had 3 interviews recently and all appear concerned that my cv is erratic, moving jobs often. I dont tell them about my ME, or fibromyalgia because it puts them off..

    Thanks for the info xxx

  • No worries, glad to help

    I was of the assumption you are sensible and I realise this was an oversight. I can understand the difficulties in finding a job that you can manage long term and getting enough sleep to cope with a job too.

    I realise you feel that omitting to tell further employers about Fibro & M.E helps gain employment but if they were aware and made reasonable adjustments to help you with the job would that make work easier maybe? Something to think about in the future if you continue to struggle holding down jobs due to pain & discomfort.

    I wish you well with the interview :) Whats the new job you are applying for?


  • Morning Emma, Yes i am usually very sensible with meds. Thats Why I wasnt willing to up the meds any more than I'm already on. I was just so desperate for some sleep... That was my reason for the shout out with a GP who thought me not having more than 3hrs sleep a night for 4 weeks wasnt an emmergency!!! to me it was. I was getting deppressed with the tierdness, I just couldnt face any longer not sleeping. Thats why i got the nytol, and to be fair i didnt think they would work!! but they did work a treat lol.

    arrr, the job interview !! are you ready for this... Its an NHS Health Trainer.., Not a physical Health Trainer though, The point of the position is to do group sessions with people who have long term chronic conditions like my son with Liver and bowel diseace, or obesity.. I have a 10 min presentation to do to a group of 6 people then a 30min interview afterwards, its all about the EAT WELL PLATE. Advising people to eat better, stop smoking, reduce alcohol ect.

    The company has the 3 green ticks, meaning they support and employe and promote disabled people. So i'm in 2 minds to either just go for it, see if i get an offer of employment then tell them what i have... then if they retract the offer I know for sure its my disability.

    I know I am capable of doin it, its 37hrs per week, i would even get to go out to do home visits so a lot of the job wouldnt be physical and its working with patients who understand if i have to get up and move about because of muscle spasms lol

    If this doesnt work out, hell knows what i'm goin to do with my life..


  • Hi there i actually DON't advocate being HONEST at all with employers WHY you might say surely its the right thing to do WRONG not if you want to be employed(paid) if voluntary then yes by all means be brave and tell themyour probs BUT you see EMPLOYERS only want people who can work fully commited to there jobs not those who need a week off next week possibly 2 days the following week etc due to flare-ups no-sleep the list goes on and on BECAUSE sooner or later they WILL get rid of you Fact one way or another NEVER be fully honest, from that moment on health-wise, your on the skids.JOB-CENTRE FACT im afraid.

  • Hi Vectra, Its so hard isnt it. I want to work.. i love been with people i hate having this fibro and ME. Fact is I havent accepted it and dont want to accept it.. i'm afraid if i do then thats it i will give up. I'm 44, i'm not ready to just accept having this and people looking at me like i'm just idol and dont want to work... That how it makes me feel and i know thats something i have to deal with in my own head.

    Ive always been extreemly active and outgoin, My dad learnt me to swim before i even started school, I was 4. From then sport was my thing, at school i was in netball team, hockey team, swimming team, cross country i would even have a go at rugby if the lads would let me lol. After school and weekends i would go swimming, i was like a fish. By the age of 11 i had achieved my , bronze, silver, gold, 1 mile, 2 mile and 3 mile swimming badges. And i carried it on all the way through hig school, When my kids were young i would play cricket and rounders in the local park with them ad the local kids for 6hrs a day...

    I slowed down a bit as my kids got older but i would move bedrooms round for fun shifting huge wardrobes from one room to another, i decorated my own room when i was 8 months pregnant with my daughter when i was age 18. Then bam in 2007 after 3 years stress i was floored when i was told what i had... I just cant accept it, lifes so cruel sometimes... But you guys on here are so great and supportive, unless you have this awful firbro no one can understand.


  • I am sorry you feel like this Vectra but I have found to my cost that not being up front and honest. With employers actually can have a detrimental affect if they find out after you have not disclosed everything to get the job .... If you have to take time off due to an undisclosed illness employers can use this against you to get rid of you stating you are not physically mentally up to the job and they hired up you unknowingly assuming that you would be able to do the job.. And it would be irresponsible to keep you working in a job that you can't phyically or mentally do all the time... A bit like claiming at an interveiw you have qualifications you dont have, or declaring you dont need glasses to drive when you know you do

    Yes it might make us harder to employ but once succeeding in getting the job you know you have the backing of your employers which is half the battle...

    VG x

  • Everyone has ther own slant on this BUT i still advocate NOT under any cicumstances be totally honest because everytime you are !!! and you fall short of putting necessary hrs in because your having a bad day others will use this against you to GET RID as they look at time off as not being able to perform enough to justify the job your employed to do and OTHERS do resent you for it FACT ( job-centre plus) says it can be a problem. xx

  • I have been applying for up to 20 jobs a month and on all my applications Ive put i have fibromyalgia and ME. I dont even get a reply, My last intervew I told them at the end of my interview when they asked if i 'm fit and healthy!! I did tell her and her face said it all, up untill then my inetrview went really well, they said i had the skills/experience and they would be intouch soon. Then she said oh, just one more thing do you have any health problems we need to know about, so i told her her face changed and she made notes. "I NEVER HEARD ANYTHING BACK" not even a letter to say sorry you have been unsuccessful, i was gutted. It was to be a home carer, cooking, dressing abit of shopping...

    I know now it was the health question that changed her attitude towards me, I was perfect she told me b4 the addmittence of this dam condition. I had experience& qualifications that matched the job description.

    My last job as a support worker for a young lad with brain injury was perfect but i couldnt cope with the 12 night shifts, he could have up to 300 seizures per month, i coped very well as i am a very caring and calm person, his mum is a senior midwife at my local hosp, she said i was the best support worker he had ever had... as you can imagine she has high expectations for her son so to be told that from someone in such a high position gave me such as confidence boost. I told my employer who was aware of my condition from the point of interviw, that i needed to be working 4 days a week as apposed to 6, i even got a note from my doc to state they advised me working up to 36hrs to keep my condition under control, they ignored the advise and kept ringing me to do extra shifts, they would say "oh shelley i know it will take you over your hrs but we need yo to do extra!!! so eventually i left because i felt i was being harrased. My clients mum was devastated when i left but she understood my reasons and i do still go and visit my ex-client and take him to mcdonalds, that was his fav thing to do. So my point is even when i have told them it makes no difference, because its a condition you cant see they think its a fake condition and choose to ignore the advise of my DR???? Its so disheartning...


  • Afternoon Eversohappy,

    I am sorry you are experiencing such difficulties with employment. I would like to say that it is up to you whether you mention Fibro or not based on the experiences you have had.

    The reason I mentioned it was as you say employers had said that your CV was erratic and with no explanation, it may come across as if you are unreliable due to the number of jobs you have spent only a little time at. Future employers may assume that you will not stay with them long either and this in turn could hinder the success of your application.

    You say you need a steady income. I just wondered if a company knew about Fibro & M.E and helped you with reasonable adjustments you may hold down the job longer. This I assume may be best for you in the long run as gaps of unemployment must be difficult money wise.

    It shouldn't be the case that disclosing a disability should affect your application due to the Equality Act. For further information about your rights and organisations you may like to contact for advice, please see link below:

    I hope the interview goes well what ever you decide to do


  • Thanks Emma, I will tell them tomorrow as they have the 3 green ticks on their website, meaning they promote disability. I'm bricking it, lol. I have a 10mins presentation to do to a panel of 6 people. What a stress I just hope my memory doesnt let me down. I have alot of research to do today and tonight, I just hope it can remember it tomorrow lol. XX

  • Wishing you all the best :)

  • Thanks hunny :) xx

  • Everso have you been prescribed antidepressants for sleep... I take 75 mg of dosulepin.. 4 th one I tried that suited me and I sleep for 7 hours a night usually and wake stiff, but I do have arthritis too, but mentally alert been taking it for 18 months and have had very very very few sleepless nights since stating on it... And there are so many antidepressants to try, they also help with the pain by scrambling the pain signals to our brain

    Hope that might help when seeing your GP

    VG x

  • Hi VG, yes i was takin amytriptalyine, it worked for a week, whn it stopped working they doubled it.. it worked for 4 days then back to normal. They prescribed me sertraline when ii went to see doc other day but thats just more chemicals in my system, i have had them before and they did the job but the weight dropped off me to the point that i had no clothes that fit me, friends were concerned about how thin i was, i went from 9 stone to 7'10, I came off them due to the weight loss. My gp couldnt understand it because he said he would have expected me to gain weight not lose it??? I am very sensitive to meds, I always have been. The best pain killer i have ever had was co-proxamol, but you cant get them now.

    After reading all these comments i think i have to accept that i may have to try many more meds to get a degree of stability...


  • I personally didnt get on with amatriptaline at all nor seroxat or fluoxetine I finally found dosulepin, and it sedated me at night but I wake up totally alert, glad you have an open mind about trying new things and good luck with the job interveiw

    VG x

  • Thanks VG XX

  • Hi ever so happy

    i noticed a few comments on this but i mean firstly thats great if it worked but i noticed you said you purchased from a supermarket and am sure i posted an answer with regards to asking a pharmacy in the supermarket as pharmacys can check there and then if there are any interactions, you do not have to go see the GP you go see the Dr if the pharmacy has not got an answer for you this saves quite a lot of time and they now of course have a little private room to chat too, so you do not have to explain your situation out loud.

    I am scratching my little head as i am almost almost 100% i sent a msg with regards to all this about how everyone should be careful on purchasing counter products from supermarkets and that checkout staff do not have the knowledge to beable to tell you if it is ok they are only restricted on the quantity sold in products.

    ie if you buy paracetomol your allowed 32

    so if you want ibuprofen and paracetomol they will ask at check out.

    it is too easy to buy products for colds etc and when your on so much medication the ingredients can interact so always safe just to check with a pharmacy if ok .

    but so happy for you at the same time that you found something to help you !

    xxxxhugles xxx

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