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Did i get 1 hour or did i get 3 hours of sleep ????

Good morning to all :)

Well last night was a bad one, i went to bed around 1am then i was in and out of bed all night thanks to the pain. I am not surprised about being in pain due to having a very busy weekend, Saturday was out shopping then home again for a shower and food then off out for the night to watch my Brothers rock band, we got home around 1am and into bed around 2am, i didnt get the best nights sleep and was out of bed on sunday around 8:30am. did all of the usual stuff like having a coffee and a bit of breakfast, then around 11am it was off to tesco to get the stuff for the sandwiches for the week,

Then back home to start work taking the caravan apart taking photots and putting it all on Ebay, that took us upto 6pm, then is was off to manchester to pick my caughter up from grandmas, by the time we got home it was almost 9pm, where did my day go, So it was time to sit and relax infront of the TV.

Julie my darling wife went to bed around 10:30pm and i went to bed around 1am, as i said before i was in and out af bed all night, i gave up trying to sleep around 6am and just lay in the bed until 7am, then it was time to get up do the usual making of the breakfast,making all of the sandwiches and drinks for my wife and daughters dinners, and now sat here writing this blog feeling wide awake, I have no idea if i actualy got any sleep at all, my legs,arms,back are killing me, next thing for me today is take the car in for its MOT at 10:45am I just hope it dosent fail :)

Hope you all have a good day :)


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Morning, hope you manage to get some rest today and that your car passes the dreaded MOT.

Gentle hugs xx


Hi Tink, rest would be great but i cant see it happening LOL, I think the car should pass, well i hope it does :)


hi chorley ,i had a rubbish night aswell spent most of night having cat naps ,knocked the down on floor which turned it off and then finally went in a deep sleep and you guessed it, over slept :(

everyone did manage to get to school and am now waiting for the dreaded docs at 9;40 am

hope your car passes its mot and you feel a bit better as much as we can anyway :)

hugs xxxx


* knocked alarm down

i keep missing complete words out so not only is my spelling awful i now miss words out lol


LOL dont worry about missing the words it makes it alot of fun wondering what you have missed hehehe, I will let you all know about the car later :)


Morning Chorley - and all. :)

Hope the car passes its MOT, think you need to rest for the rest of the day.

Good luck at the docs linz.



thank you xxx


Morning Sue :) rest mmm i can but try LOL :)


You must! Make a point of sitting down with a coffee and magazine or paper or whatever. For the rest of the day...... Mum said! ;-)


morning chorley i had a bad night too, and when i did start to fall asleep the phone rang ,,,, hope ya car passes ok . have a good day


Chorley, i got tired just reading what you have done over the weekend, poor you.

I made a sunday dinner yesterday and that was it, and i thought that was an achievement lol.

Really hope your car passes, i sit there dreading that phone call from the garage.

kel xxx


THE CAR FAILED :( :( :( :(


Sorry hope it wont cost that much to fix. xxx


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