Decisions, decisions. What bed will I sleep in tonight?

The new double mattress in the front room= Medium/Firm?

The 9 mths old kingsize in the back room= Medium quilted? Or

The (cost a fortune) tempur mattress in the middle room?

Problem is it won't make an ounce of difference as to whether I get a good nights sleep or not. " I swore it was the mattresses fault but how wrong was I.

A bed of nails would be just as comfy. I daren't mention the word mattress to Brian.

Dreaded bedtime again. Oh well another adventure!

Nite nite all 😴😴😴

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  • hi their which bed would you like to sleep in take care bigalan

  • I know the feeling it's horrible my doctor tried to tell me that years ago but I thought better, lol even my nightie rolling up can be painful, that's the end of my moaning I hope you have a good night rosie xx

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I want to sincerely wish you a wonderful nights sleep.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Which bed won? Did you find the split peas?

    head so I

    I end up with raisers under my legs and extra pillows at my head

    so I am a stretched Z strange that symbol also means sleep ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz

  • I think you should go for the "BED OF NAILS" at least you will have a reason for the pain!

  • I hope you had a better nights sleep. I've got an air mattress. It's wonderful. Took a little bit of getting used to as it moves continually so that you don't get bed sores. But my back molds into it. They aren't cheap but so so worth it. If you are under an occupational therapist it may be worth having a word to see if they will get one or try your doctor. Good luck xx

  • I find that our E Zeee inflatable bed on legs, that we use for camping is more comfortable that any of the bed in our house.

  • I hope you chose the one without the pea!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„Sorry just had to pop that off. I truly hope you had sweet dreams and a restful sleep.

  • It's 8am and I've not as much as closed my eyes. Went to bed at 2am tossed n turned got up, went back to bed but just couldn't get comfy for the pain so I gave in and went downstairs to watch rubbish TV.

    A wee while later I popped my head in the bedroom to see my hubby sound asleep and my little cat sprawled her full length across the bed. Well at least someone was enjoying their sleep.

    I could have gone into one of the other rooms but the brain just refused to give in.

    I can see myself collapsing in a heap later on today, and by the looks of it I'm going to miss a lovely sunny day outside.

    Boo hoo! 😩🌞🌝

  • It's weird I often find myself fighting the urge to sleep! I'm exhausted my brain is switching off and I'm trying to keep my droopy eyes open! What on earth is that about? Anyone else get this?

    Best sleep wishes


  • Hi Patrick, do you know, I do that as well, it's crazy I know but I can't help myself.

    I think I fight it mainly because I'm reluctant to go to bed. I relate bed to pain, discomfort irritability you name it, so your not alone there.

    Take care 😺

  • Thanks Jan, it's reassuring to know I'm not the only one! I fall asleep with books my iPad and glasses of cold water which wakes me super quick! My wife says she looks across and I'm fast asleep but my hand poised with a finger ready to press a button! Lol

    Hope you get some sleep

    Patrick x

  • Seriously... you're lucky to have a choice

  • Hi KB, Yes I'm lucky to have that choice. My 2 sons have their own place now & my daughter lives in Wolverhampton so I have an empty nest until the grandkids come to stay and then they fight over the 2 spare rooms.

    Wouldn't have it any other way, I'm so fortunate in a lot of ways


  • i gave in due to restless legs and so as not to keep waking grumpy, ended up in the spare bed

  • I find my air camping bed the most comfortable too.

    People say how can you camp when in so much pain .... Best weeks sleep I have all year ... I have been known to put it in my living room at home to sleep ...

    I have been looking for 3ft.6 in.. For my bed no luck though.

  • I have thought about it. :)

  • Send me a pm and ill send back the web address of a company who makes indoor air beds.

  • Mmmmm food for thought, I have one of those packed away somewhere must dig it out. 😺

  • Thanks for this post, I've been wondering whether I should change my mattress even though I only bought it last year(at great expense!) but your post has reassured me it's prob not the mattress! Maybe bed of nails worth a try, you'd get acupuncture at same time although sadly for me that doesn't work either (the acupuncture that is!) Keep smiling?! x

  • Don't waste your money, you could try putting a 15tog quilt on top of your mattress for extra cushioning. Worth a try 😺

  • Oh dear, it's the curse of the condition, exhaustion and inability to sleep. Good lick

  • That, I'm sorry, makes me feel a whole lot better!! And please I don't mean by you having the awful trepidation of HOW you are going to sleep, I've akinned it to sleeping on a slab of concrete!! It's just that my only options are my King Sized Medium/Firm mattress upstairs, which does give me a nights sleep but which I pay the price for all day or my broken couch, to which I have now covered in a mattress topper and comfy blanky. My couch tends to win, as I have now moulded it to my body!! Although I don't sleep through, I can, then take pain meds during the night which helps for the following day. The moral of my story is that it doesn't matter whether you have best or the worst of bedtime options, with Fibro, you just ain't gonna sleep well!!

    So Good Morning to you Jan28, here's hoping you had a better night xx

  • Thanks hoping for a better sleep tonight fingers crossed. Pleasant dreams 😻

  • Hi ive just orderd coolgel mattress hope it works x

  • Let me know how you get on 😺

  • hi i fell asleAp on a vBan bag matress at my sons out of exhaustion . woke up feelng not the usual stiffness pain . so borrowed it to try all night on my bed it was fine but i found i got a bit too hoT re the poly beads so put a 2inch deEp wool filled topper on the top of it and that was better sort of let it breath but its BIT NOISY . BUT I DID SLEEP BETTER AND DIDNT FEEL AS BAD IN THE MORNING . AS IT MOULDS TO YOUR BODY AND THERES NO HIP PRESSURE . IT WAS COVED IN STURDY STUFF SIMILAR TO BLOW UP MATTRESSES HAVE AND THAT DIDNT HELP THE HEAT PROBLEM . BUT IM ALWAYS OVERHEATING AT NIGHT IN BED SO IF YOU DONT GET HOT MIGHT BE WORTH A TRY ILL ASK WHERE THEY BOUGHT IT IF YOU REPLT

  • bean bag not v ban i types it wrong

  • Sounds goo to me zzzzzzz

  • Anyone tried a water bed? I did twenty years ago in a motel for giggles with my girlfriend in a motel. you would have to sleep alone because they move so much but I wonder if the displaced water would give the snuggest fit?

  • Thanks everyone hope you all had reasonable sleep, I woke as usual few times but my body now seems to know when my meds due so usual get back to sleep! I've just bought a homedic seat pad to have on chair and in my car so far used it to sit up in bed which is really good, hope to try in car today provided I can actually get in! Keep smiling all! X

  • I lie in bed, not daring to move, I so desperately want to fidget, stretch my legs, lie on my back, pull my knees up, lie on my side, flex my feet aarrgggghhh

    My husband says Is that it now are you comfy? and i say yes...but that changes by the end of the sentence...

    fidget arse

  • My husband often says I'm like the princess in this story - how funny to see a post with this heading!


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