The child.... The husband ... And the Wardrobe

Let me set the scene... I take night meds that make me sleep, my OH is recovering from an op and my son is autistic.

This happened a few nights ago. I was asleep( sorry for mentioning that word) OH got up to use bathroom , then decided he couldn't sleep so trying not to wake me decided to watch tv quietly in bed... We have wall length fitted wardrobes so a little bedroom telly sits on one of the shelves inside. my oh slid open a door tried to find remote control on his bedside table in the dark but couldn't so tried to do it manually still in the dark tripped over the end of the bed and fell into the wardrobe. the clattering woke me ... as I was half doped up I just said get out of the wardobe the bed is here... My son heard the crash so flew into our room turned on our bedroom light shouting we are being burgled. Only to find his naked father ,,,my OH refuses to wear pyjamas ....climbing out of a wardrobe ... Once assured there were no burglars he then started shouting at his dad for blundering around indecently at night.. By now I was fully awake found the remote control shooed son off to bed and made sure OH was ok..... You just couldn't make it up.

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  • that made me smile V.G. the best comedy is the real stuff!!! :-)

  • I am still laughing at this one VG, brilliant, absolutely love it, although I am sure you didn't at the time!

    The line of the day has to be - "get out of the wardrobe the bed is here...!" Priceless! ;) :P

  • Brilliant! Thanks for making me laugh out loud VG...that sounds just like a script from Miranda ;-) On a more serious note I hope your OH was not too bruised and that your son was not left traumatised! Jane x

  • Lol no I was the one left traumatised cos I couldn't get back to sleep, :)

    VG x

  • That was funny lol. I can picture you all :o)

  • It's still just as funny as the first time I read it. You should write a book of all your little 'adventures' don't forget to include 'the relative who shall remain nameless'. I think it would top the Best Sellers list. :)



  • One naked man at a time is plenty for the forum to deal with I hope;)

    Hugs VG x

  • I think you've got yourself a VG chatting thread! Very funny, and this could run and run knowing VG and her antics!

    Great fun to read, but please don't hurt yourself too much! ;)

  • truly funny thanks vg!


  • Why do you keep doing this to me. My pain eases and someone on here makes me laugh again, they do not call me faceache for nothing you now xxxxx

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