so I contacted the surgery today to speak to the practice manager as she hadn't contacted me as promised only to find out she is away for 2 weeks.should I see the dr again?wheni told him I still had cough from sept and it is only when I lie down-he said chest sounds fine.

from day 1 I said there was pressure on my ribs and they are protruding -never had a chest xray.should I go back to him and tell him again that pain and lumps are spreading and demand he listen to me.

in so much pain this morning walking dogs was a real struggle.

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  • Yes go back. Be persistent, it is your body and you know there is something wrong! It could get a lot worse if you wait another 2 weeks. At the very least if you are sent for a chest x-ray you could be 2 weeks nearer an appointment.

    Take care


  • Did you get to the GPS on Friday if you did he certainly doesn't seem very sympathetic, my GP sent me for an X-ray straight away when I inhaled some Sellotape ...... Yes I know I am an idiot fortunately for me at some point I had coughed it out but it left me with an irritated cough for weeks.

  • I DID .in his words "I am happy to refer you for your gallstones" but when I said my tummy is worse-the pain and lumps are spreading to my groin area, all he did was feel my tummy which was very sore and uncomfortable and said no more.

    the young dr I was seeing has left now -he was only there on a six month basis-and I don't like any of the others.from experience they are rude and who didnt know me at all said "it was in my head".another will just sit and look at you when you walk in to the room and say nothing. the other dr I suppose I could see only works 2 days a week so there s not much hope in that.only leaves A&E and last time I went there they said abdominal xray was fine.tho things lot worse now. in this age of technology tehy can access your medical records where ever they are and I am sure they go on what my dr says which is not always gospel.

  • Dear Anbuma,

    I know how very frustrating & upsetting it is. I wondered if you read the link below it may provide some advice that may help :

    Dealing with Doctors, a part of the FibroAction expert patient series.


    Hope it helps


  • thanks emma

    it was a help in some respects.i have fibro but my current problem is getting dr to recognize that my huge belly is either a cyst or a tumour.

  • I hope you can use some of the advice to address your current problem

    You can always see another Doctor and /or ask for a second opinion

    Hope you get the answers you need soon


  • thanks emma thinking I should go to A&E.maybe try again today to see a dr as I cant get to speak to practice manager and say "please listen to me".i have never had a chest xray which might give me answer to why i have protruding ribs

  • I was going to suggest A&E. It's maybe not the best use of their time, but then, you don't want to be a real emergency! And, if the GP flatly refuses to do anything, what option do you have?

    Good luck xx

  • I have a large lump which is painulbon my ribs its a Lipoma otherwise known as a fatty tissue lump but not malignant .common with fibro x hope this helps x

  • do you have protruding ribs?mine do on the left side.if so have you had an xray to see what was causing it

  • I didn't have an xray just diagnosed by my gp but he specialises in fibro and related conditions my left hand ribs are much larger than the other side xx

  • hello thanks for that.dr s have never told me that it could be a lipoma.

  • Google fibro and lipoma xx

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