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Been to see the GP :(

My ECG and chest xray were clear which we thought they would be. I get allot of chest pain so he wanted to rule out heart problems.

I told him I am in allot of pain and he has prescribed Co codamol. He said there is nothing else he can give me and that there is nothing he can give to help with the constant fatigue. He said the only thing I can do is pace myself. Impossible when you work full time as I do.

I feel really down. I have no quality of life. I am either at work or asleep, too tired to bother with anything. I worry about my husband as I know I must be awful to live with and worry that he will get fed up with me although he is always so lovely and supportive.

Sorry - just feel as if my GP doesnt really understand even though it was him that made the Fibro diagnosis. Perhaps I should have been more assertive. I dont know :(

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How about printing off info from NHS Choices (GPs are more likely to look at it) and taking it in and asking "why can't I try some of these options?". If he's not confident, ask for a referral to either a Fibro clinic or Pain Management.


Ditto Lindsey

Are you allowed to choose which GP you can see?...What i did was went to each GP in our surgery until I found one that actually bothered to listen.


I hope the co-codamol help a little, what other medication are you on?

I was told on a coping skills course at the hospital to pace but it is so difficult when your working! I try on my days off to rest in the afternoons which I never used to do. It is such a nightmare though.

As Anjie said maybe you could see another dr in the practice?

Take care

Sharon x


Awww sorry to hear you are struggling with things,your doctor doesn't sound very supportive or at all understanding,is there any possibility you could see a different doctor? I hope the Co Codamol eases your pain. Rest,rest and more rest is so important,please don't feel guilty about it! Hope everything gets sorted for you and you get the care you so rightly deserve,love and hugs to you xxx


Thank you all :)

I have been taking co codamol (bought from chemist) and it hasnt touched the pain. I did tell him this and he prescribed a higher dose.

After your posts and thinking about it I am going to see a different doctor and get his/her opinion.

Thanks again all - I really appreciate it :)


Co codamol from the chemist isn't strong enough catleigh ask dr for stronger or tramadol soft hugs x


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