Update on doctors appointment

Well I attended the out of hours app only to be told by the doctor that he could not access all of my records only a limited amount. He said he could not prescribe the pregabalin even though he could see that I had been given it twice before, he said he needed more "evidence" of why I was asking for it.... Seems the note from A&E was not enough ??? After much deliberation and my husband explaining again the pain I was in and how unwell I have been since trying not to take meds the doc finally gave me a perscription for 2 weeks and said I need to make an app to see my doctor..... this is what I had tried to do in the first place so frustrating and having to go out at 9pm at night is ridiculous!

Anyway started the meds again so hopefully they will kick in over the next few days..... got pain in ribs, chest, arms, legs, and spine oh and a headache.... My hubby says that the only place that never seems to stop working is my mouth. 😀

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  • You sometimes wonder at the worth of these out of hours clinics when they can only get limited access to your records. You would think a note from A & E would be sufficient. Hope the tablets start work soon.xxx

  • Hi njh, I am astounded by your experience with the out of hours doctor, was the two week prescription he gave you actually for Pregabalin ? I hope that you manage to get an appointment with your GP asap and that you receive a much better understanding and outcome. If not, I would ask for a second opinion or to be referred to a pain clinic.

    Sending many positive healing vibes your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi foggy

    Yes it was for pregabalin, he would not give for my fibro. It was initially given to me when I had my revision hip surgery in June 14 so he told me that if I was having hip pain he could link it to that, so I said I'm having hip pain and he prescribed it absolutely bonkers. I have been dealing with pain clinics for over 10 years now from the Walton centre in Liverpool to Salford royal in Manchester I have had every drug, treatment, procedure and operation possible to me and I'm still no further on. I will be going to my GP but I'll also be speaking to the practise manager about this recent farce!

    Rant over 😤

    Kind regards


  • Hi Nicola,

    I am no doctor and always suggest that you must speak with medics about specific medicine issues. That having been said, the number of people here who are prescribed Pregabalin for the treatment specifically of fibro are manifold.

    It was suggested that I might use it by a Pain Management Consultant but I didn't respond well to it, so that was halted. Again I would urge you to talk this through thoroughly with a medic and perhaps you could even cite the fact that you have heard it can be used in the frontline treatment of Fibro. Of course, I'm saying all this, but there may be something in your medical background which would preclude you from benefitting from such treatment, but unless this is the case, I really think you should talk it through thoroughly :-)

    Still more positive vibes winging their way to you :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • Yes foggy I will be speaking to my GP about it, I was put on pregabalin many years ago at the Walton centre for the nerve damage in my right hip, unfortunately it did not help, I was then given gabapentin, amitryptiline and acupuncture again nothing helped, I then went through a spinal cord implant operation and a Baclafen trial which made me very ill and had to be abandoned, the implant was removed eventually. In 2010 at Salford royal I was diagnosed with fibro but because I had already tried all the drugs I was given help on how to manage the condition. My plan is to go back to the drawing board and start again because the drugs were initially trialled for my nerve damage but not my fibro! It's all very complicated and been going on since childhood so I am probably not making much sense. 😋

    Pregabalin seem to be helping anyway been sleeping better 💤

    Kind regards


  • I just want to wish you all the best of luck with your medications, and I sincerely hope that they work for you and help alleviate your pain.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you ken

    Great to be able to talk to people who genuinely understand

    Kind regards



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