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I have a new pain again😩

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Hi all hope all is well x

I’ve been getting pain in the side of my right breast - shooting stabbing pains and also deep in my chest ! I’ve told my doctor and he said it’s my hormones .... but recently saw rheumatologist again and she said it’s the fibromyalgia. I didn’t know the pain would spread even more ... I’m having to use a mouth guard due to my spasms making me clench my jaw etc.

Does anyone else get pain in the breast and if so what is useful to relief the pain xx

10 Replies
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One of my first symptoms with fibro were a pain in my breast, tenderness around my rib cage and shooting pains across my back and where the breast pain was worse. My GP did send me to a breast specialist to make sure that there was no cancer. They did diagnose a cyst and the specialist said unfortunately some women have for some this breast pain. She did say the herb Agnus Casta can sometimes help but unfortunately it made me feel so nauseous I had to discontinue it.

My GP then diagnosed costochondritis which is inflammation of the muscles and connective tissues around the rib cage which of course could easily affect the breast. A combination of Pregablin, Ibuprofen and cocodamal has brought I down to bearable proportions apart from when having a flare. Unfortunately, the inflammation is still there so I can't wear a bra for more than an hour. Some people find the application of warmth helps but I actually found in my case freeze gel was more effective. Just to say many people with fibro also have costochondritis.

I do hope your pain eases soon.x

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Thanks for your feedback this has made me feel better knowing that the pain is normal for Fibro symptoms xx

But I will check with my doctor again to see if I can be examined properly .

I find that my stomach bloats a lot which is annoying as it makes it hard to put my shoes on ...

Thanks again for your kind words and response xxx

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GrandmaDylan in reply to empress35

When I started with fibromyalgia about 15 years ago I used to get what I called " electric cattle prod" pain. It's the only way I could describe it. I also got a huge amount of pain round my ribs. Most of my pain now and for some time is mainly in my thighs, shoulders and back. When I get up from sitting I feel like an old lady, straightening up and hobbling for about 5 minutes. I have also been diagnosed with cirrhosis (I don't drink) so I can't take painkillers. I take 2x dihydracodein at night which I can't stop taking due to pain whilst trying to sleep. I also have restless legs 😂. Hope you start to feel better soon. Deb

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empress35 in reply to GrandmaDylan

Aww sorry x

I’m on so much painkillers but my body gets immune to it .

Thanks for your response and feedback and I do hope you feel better soon also


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Hi I was reading your message. I get this in both of mine. Very painful and does get you down. Mine has spread, this has been for two years now. The docs are trying to see how to make me comfortable. Night time is very bad that I use a cotton bra without wire so they do not move. Plus a hot flannel on it can help.... X

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Hi thanks I will try the hot flannel and cotton bra without wire... I bout sports bras but I still can’t get them on due to my arm & hands hurting 😩it’s a nightmare xx

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Try the cotton bras that are like a crop top,I find them easier to get on than hook and eye fastener ones. I suffer with costochronditis (lots of fibro sufferers do) and my specialist prescribed me some lidocaine patches which are a help,might help you too? Also I find my tens machine can loosen the tightness of the muscles. Hope you're feeling better soon. X😊

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empress35 in reply to KateMaguire

Thanks so much for your advice and response I’m going to look into all of the above x

I’m still trying to get my head around this condition even though I’ve had it for 3-4 years ... every few months there’s a new pain it’s just too much

Sometimes I just don’t want to be here 😩... sorry I don’t want to be negative x

Thanks again xx

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We all feel like this sometimes, that's why we are all here, you aren't alone. It's a vile condition but there's still good days. Sometimes you will spot something on here that might work for you. Good luck. Xx

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Thank you xx

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