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Too scared to ask for pain relief

I was diagnosed with Fibro last week after many months of pain and fatigue. My doctor said there is nothing they can really do and did not offer me any pain relief. He has arranged for an ECG and chest x ray as I have allot of chest pain at the moment (he wants to rule out heart problems for my peace of mind) and I am seeing him again at the end of the week. I was in so much pain last night that it hurt to even hold a knife and fork for dinner. I just wanted to cry. Because my GP didn’t offer any pain relief it’s made me paranoid that he thinks I don’t need it or I shouldn’t need it and I feel weak for asking.

Does any of that make sense and have you had a similar experience? What pain relief are you on or do you manage without it?

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Hi, I am sorry that you feel this way but I do understand how you feel, I get very nervouse about asking for pain relief or any medication but if you are in that much pain you have to ask for painkillers. Do you have a family member or friend who could go with you to your next appointment? it might help you to ask. Or they could ask for you. I am on paracetamol and tramadol for pain tho I feel I need to up these. Please dont feel weak for asking your dr for help I am sure he doesnt think you should manage without pain relief, some people maybe can manage with but I couldnt cope I need painkillers and so do you Please ask him. Sorry I hope that all made sense brain not working too well today lol

Thinking of you luv and gentle hugs xxxx



Sorry to hear about your diagnosis and that your pain is not good at all.

The first thing to remember is that you have a right to pain relief and it was not best practise for the Dr not to prescribe you something or to even talk about it to you.

If I was you I would start by taking paracetamol and start at the bottom of the medicinal chain as such. See if you get any relief from that?

These are just suggestions by the way through my own experience, obviously I am not a Dr...wish I was though!!!

If you get no relief, try co codamol, this can be brought over the counter., however speak to the pharmacist.

Failing those drugs there are plenty that your Dr can prescribe. The drugs he /she can prescribe will vary in the way they work within your body. You may find that they offer you drugs which are registered in this country as anti depressants however they work on pain.

As FM (Fibro) is not an imflamatory illness Anti inflammatories will not work, unless you have another illness/problem where you get inflammation.

If I was you I would try and get a Drs apt asap as you need to get the drugs inside you asap for them to have any effect.

With Fibro you have to remember that medication on it's own will not cure you or even make your life easier. You have to consider pacing, social interaction, happiness, stress levels, work, family and hobbies, eg swimming/yoga/pilates etc.

I wish you lots of luck and DO NOT BE SCARED TO ASK FOR HELP.

Don't worry you are not alone, i am sure many of us have been scared from time to time, me included!!! xxx

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hi i am sorry you have fibro but i cant believe your doctor has not given you anything perhaps you need to go back and take a list of everything you have wrong with you and also if you are not happy see another GP i was like you with pains in my chest was terrified thought something was wrong with my heart but put it on here and sure enough it was another delight of fibro and i went to see mty GP as thought i should still getnit checked much as i value the opinions of everyone on here it is always best to see the GP just in case good luck with it love diddle x

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Thank you everyone – you have made me feel loads better :)

I have tried paracetomol and they don’t touch the pain. My husband is going to pick me up some co codomol today to see if that helps.

When I see the GP on Friday I will ask about pain relief. I know what I really need to do is be able to pace myself but its hard when you work long hours.

Thanks ever so much – cant tell you how much I appreciate the support :)

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Maybe your doctor is waiting to see if your heart is Ok

first as a lot of medication may have an effect on your

heart if you have heart problems.

But if your ecg is OK then there is no reason he cant

prescribe you a pain killer or even if it is not OK he will

that will not hurt you.

But no one in this day and age should be in pain

as there are lots of medication that he can give you

good luck


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Catleigh, i do hope you can get some ease from the cocdamol.

I take cocdamol plus other things and it keeps my daily apin at a level where i can cope so i think you should see a different gp and explain that you need something to help you as i dont think your gp is very good at helping you.

There is nothing that can cure it but it can be managed good luck.

hugs, kel xxxx

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Thats a good point Viv - I hadnt thought ot that :)

Thanks Kel :)


c wot ur doc says but i dont think i cud liv without pain relief...even with it my pain never gives up...ur doc mite try different things..mine did but at the mo im on 8tramadol with 8 paracetomol and 20mg amitriptyline at nite...xxxx


Dont be afraid to ask Catleigh. This day and age no one needs to suffer. A good doctor also helps. I left the doctors with amitriptoline(dont know if thats spelt correctly) co codamol, naproxen and a new one (which ill need to go check the name of just for the pain. Oh hes also been nice and thrown in a blood test :(


Thank you both very much for your help :)


hey catleigh its a really good idea to take someone with you to the gp i also find that if i make a list of what hurts and how and as much info on a list helps me to remember cos otherwise i forget im on pain reliefe as well as anti inflamatries for arthertis lol brain went on holiday for a while pity i couldnt join it

i hope you get the pain under control as much as possible with fibro

love and gentle hugs lyn


Hi catleigh , I would definitely speak to your doctor again and make sure that he listens to you and try to explain the pain you are in if you are not happy with the way your doctor is with your fibromyalgia then see another doctor at the same practice, some times you get really good gps who understands fibromyalgia but you do get the odd ones who are not very supportive, a lot of people are given low dose amatriptalin or gabapentin to start with but a lot of the time it dose take time of trial and error to get the right medication that works for you, I was on co-codamol from the doctor as you can get stronger ones from the gp than over the counter, tramadol was another one I was on in the beginning as well, but I'm sure that you will get something to help you with the pain ,

I hope that you see your gp as soon as possible and get some help with the pain , ,as there is nothing worse and it leads to being irritable and the lack of sleep due to the pain . Unfortunately we are all different so what may help some doesn't help the other but we are all here with tips and ideas that have helped us , I find hot water bottles or heat bags that you put in the microwave can help and I sometimes use bio freeze gel for my knee and the bottom of my back , you can get that on amazon or I think someone said boots the chemist sell it as well,

Wishing you all the best, I hope that you get some relief soon, ,

Loraine x


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