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The Rheumatologyst I saw today was a pig!!

After all I went through last week I really did not need to see a shovanistic Pig of a consultant today!

I had an appointment with the Rheumatologyst ( excuse spelling but anger makes it worse) I went in and he was so rude ! Asked how I had been and I said very poorly..."with what? " was his remark. I told him my fibro was worse,and he said well that is for me to decide....Then he asked what med's I was on and I told him only the ones he had put me on last year. But that the Cocodamol affects me and gave me constipation....He then said no it is because you don't move about enough. I said well I was so bad I had to have a colonoscopy....to which he said " that is only to rule out cancer...well is there any ? " I said no thank goodness and he said well proberbly because you sit about too much! ..............He then asked what else?

I told him that my knees were bad and I cannot walk now ...Why is this was his remark. He then said your surgeon never let me know he was going to give you a steroid injection. Er never knew he had to, That was in a different town,he then proceeded to waggle my legs about and said well they seem OK to me!

Then he said you need to join a gym and do impact exercises,and my surgeon said I was to only execise in the pool. as my knees are bad!

He then said why are they not doing your knee replacements.....I explained that they said I was not well enough,to which he answered Why again. I told him what the surgeon said and he said....I think it is more that you are grossly over weight,if you cant walk etc then you need to eat less.

Then said I need to go on pain management course,even tho I told him I am managing my pain! Ok myself!

My husband was so angry I think he would have hit him had we not of left.

Anyone on here doing a pain management course or had one?+

Sorry to go on but boy did he make me mad!!

Gentle hugs x x ((((((((((((((((((((((((( ;-) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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You should have asked him if he was always so charming, or if he was making a special effort for you!

What an absolute illegitimate child (if you know what I mean!) :D

Take no notice of the silly man, but maybe write a letter of complaint and ask to be changed to a different rheumy.

I am all cross now on your behalf!


Moffy x


Hi Rainbowdancer, one sometimes wonders how these people choose their professions...money being the number 1 priority and not empathy or care of people. I have been on one in 2009/2010 and have just been referred to one again now. In my opinion it is always worth trying something as some people benefit but the first one I did was to do with buddhists way of life...clearing the mind ect. Unfortunately there was no way I could clear my mind...none what so ever so I left and didn't go back...wasn't overly impressed to be told my pain was all in my head!!! Heard that line enough.

The one I am to decide if I want to do in June sounds like it could be similar but they will be teaching techniques to pace and handle pain better...not sure what the techniques are yet but giving it some thought. Only we can decide what is best for us and I am unfortunately not able to take any of the pain killer family as allergic to most and have damaged stomach from the other types. We know how to pace ourselves but sometimes get carried away and they might be able to teach you things your not aware of. Depends on your really.

Take care, Caz xxx


Hi Rainbow, my advice after having two useless rhumatologists, one was useless and then retired .....one was downright rude.. He disappeared suddenly.. My GP never giving up. Referred me to a third .. He diagnosed osteo arthritis as well as agreeing I had fibro.. He couldn't give me any meds I hadn't already tried .. I am allergic to most.. BUT he was most helpful in what he could do... He referred me to orthotics to help my ankles with specially moulded to fit insoles and he also contacted social services who came out and assesed my needs and gave me house aids and a rail to get outside into the back garden down two steps.. So don't get disheartened at this man.. Please go back to your GP and ask to be referred to another.. Yes it's another inconvenience you don't need but there are good ones out there just get your GP to find you one

VG x


Thanks for the advice...I was told the one in Salisbury is good but the hydro there let me down as the chair broke down and I could no longer get in the pool.

We should have people who know that we are very sensitive,he really upset me and I am sure he has upset many others. ! :-(

Well off now to the spa for a walk in the pool x x x

Hugs Rainbow x


Hi Rainbow

That sounds like a complete nightmare, and like Moffy I feel angry on your behalf. I am hoping to go on a pain management course later this year - waiting for my assessment in April. I do think a referral to a different consultant would help. Maybe go and have a chat to your GP, and explain how rude and unhelpful this man was. Take your OH who can back you up if the GP is doubtful.

But for today, just take care of yourself, and try not to let the horrible man take up any more of your time and energy by dwelling on it. Easier said than done, I know.



What happens at a pain management course guys? xx



Maladjusted has just started on one here's the link she gives a great breakdown of everything on the first day

VG x


This sounds just like me rheumy in the JR


Do complain about upsetting treatment. It might not do anything, but it might.

Pain Management courses can be very helpful though.


This sounds like a case for the PALS team at the hospital. I know complaining to them won't undo the appalling treatment you had but it might make life easier for those coming along behind you. I hope you feel a bit calmer today. Please don't let that pig of a man make you more poorly x


Hey Rainbowdancer,

You are not too far from me and I can FULLY recommend a Rheumatology Team in Christchurch hospital led by a Dr Hopkinson - these guys are fully aware of the challenges living with this condition.

I see a lovely lady Dr Wood there but have seen Dr Hopkinson too - both are held in very high regard. Obviously it's a little travel and not sure if you can be referred to a different NHS trust area, but it has to be worth a shot.

Good luck!

Peachy x


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