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Here comes the circus

Here comes the circus

I stepped onto the forum this morning to be greeted by a very excited KazF .. Hey she shouted someone has left a circus tent in the centre of the forum with a note, Please use this.......I was about to charge across the forum for a look, when she shouted Bring your snake as well... AT this point I KNEW I should have been worried but I just got my mobilty scooter out , loaded my snake into the basket and headed off across the forum.

She was right there was a lovely circus tent, but no performers no audience. KazF looked at me and said... Ok let's get this circus up and running we need acts, a ring master , someone to take tickets, an audience, food sellers...... So why the snake I asked, then I realised ohhh I was going to get a comfy chair a recorder or flute and I was going to be a snake charmer, how lovely and easy I thought as I am scared of heights and was immediately planning my outfit when....... That's your job said KazF and pointed up to the top of the tent, at the trapezes. there is a safety net should you need it, so it seems the first job has gone ... To me and Leroy my snake, I can't see it ending well.

So please everyone grab your costumes and come join the circus, and if you are feeling not the best today bring your comfy chair and be the audience, every one is welcome ... And maybe we should have medics on standby........

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Roll up, roll up

Come and see the magnificent... the marvellous ... the miraculous .... the

Oh rats - I've run out of words starting with 'M'

Anyway - come and join the fun. I've already sent VG up the ladder to fix the trapezes - she may be gone some time. Grins evilly :-D

plenty more jobs - so come along - don't be shy.

We need clowns (I'm sure there are a few of you out there)

someone to take care of the dancing elephants - no rude comments please!

acrobats, lion tamers .......

See you all at the Big Fibro Top!

......Mind Boggling Magician Mdaisy !

Piff Paff Poff !! Out of the hat comes a fish!! I think I have come up trumps !!

That is truly amazing, welcome to the circus.... :)

Ok - magic mdaisy. Welcome to the madhouse - er I mean circus! Just one little point.... can you try for the more traditional rabbit next time - there are already quite enough fish around - why do you think I sent VG up the ladder! Although, even with fins of steel I think she might strugggle with the trapeze! Mwhahaha :-D

Oh my fins have gone all sweaty .. Don't look down don't look down

It's not working :(


Cabaret feathers n jewels dancing on that elephant thats all blingrd up just waiting for a performer all in sultry fire red/orange then will change intervals onto horses black beauties doing a magical dance around the ring hoping snaky does not get away ;-) xx

Oooh - how lovely! Fairy feathers n bling - gonna get rather spoilt when you do the mucking out! I did say 'take care of' the dancing elephants. Mwhahaha :-D

Wow am absolutely fluffled alll that balancing and somersaulting and hanging on for dear life , watching snakey lol watching me with twirly Wirly eyes spinning around and all those acts and trying to catch popcorn at same time , thinks me feathers have ended the nelly elly wearing ;-)

Seems like had a full house that was great lots of fun along the way . I sneaked out though to go eat some hotdogs i had bounced of nelly, over VG snakey on trampeze my skirt blowing up and screeching hi hi hi hi hi ohps off and out the door eek boinky boink boink hope you carried on regardless am just a ditsy witsy fairy diva hehehe hehe haha snort snort hehe he ohhhooooooo

It's ok cazzie. My snake is knotted round the trapeze , turns out he is afraid of heights too, looks down a the ground enviously....

You hold on tight up there, VG

I'm busy selling the tickets, and popcorn and ice cream, but in a minute, I have to clean up after the elephants, so I'll build a tower of elephant doodies for you and Leroy to slide down.

Don't fuss - you can use the shower in my trailer!

If you don't like the trapeze, you could try being the Human Cannonball - the clowns are just erecting the firing tube at this very moment.

They've lost the safety net - but there's a bucket of water for you to land in.

I can put a spot of gin in there if you'd like ....?

I'm so glad to hear you want to help look after the animals as well as your other jobs!

But I can't possible let you clean out the elephants - I've put Fairycazzie on elephant duty - well she did volunteer (sort of)

I have another job for you! The lions need some TLC! I don't think you'll have much luck making a rescue tower of their little 'messages'

Oh what an evil ringmaster I have turned into! Mwhahaha! :-D

That's not a bucket that's a thimble ... Well it looks like it from up here , I am a rather well built fish you know, and Leroy doesn't know how to swim can you throw up an xs rubber ring for him please :-/

Ps why does everyone want to get my snake drunk... You are offering him gin Charlii threw wine all over the place for him....it's not fair he gets all the drink ..... Sulks while teetering on a trapeeze .... Not easy :(

Sending you a treble Bailey's over ice cream in special spill-proof mug. That'll put a bit of spring in your swing. Courage mon brave!

Luv Moffy x

Woooahhhhh I poured the baileys over my trapeeze and its certainly got a kick in its swing ...oh my ... Flies across the tent ceiling on an out of control trapeeze

flying fish! :-p

Moffy - I think you may be off the hook for the lions - I've heard a rumour there's a new lion tamer on her way over.

I think you may end up in charge of the bar! I have just found out that my daughter (who's in Vietnam at the moment) had baileys coffee for breakfast, and now you're giving Leroy gin, and VG Bailey's ice cream - and I'm feeling left out!

Oh yeah - love to be in charge of bar - I have a friend who will do us a deal on oodles of booze! Reading up on Harvey Wallbanger's, Cosmopolitans, Margheritas and Sex on the Beach ...es (?!!)

Somehow I just knew you would be the right person for this job!! :-/

How about snake in the grass.... :-p

p.s. in honour of Leroy and all his freinds who seem to keep popping up all over the forum (and in your snake sanctuary)

The Ringmaster has to stay focused and in charge .... No drink for you

I would smirk but I am too terrified :o

focused? Woth fibro fog? I don't think one little baileys would make too much difference. Go on, just one. One little one? Plee-eea-ase?

Hey moffy throw the baileys up here .... At last some small comfort for being made to sit up here like a budgie ..but with scales.....

Hmmm - budgie's - gives me an idea. As Sandra has given up trying to train her budgies to be an act, maybe I can send them up to recapture the baileys. Here, tweety-pies. Come along, nice budgies. Got a lovely little job for you ... :-)

Oooh a lion tamer I await her arrival with pleasure....I don't fancy falling off this into a lions mouth

I wouldn't mind being a sea-lion tamer

Where is sarah69 ?? Forget the lions I need her to tame KazF .... Heeellllppppp sarahhhhhh

here I am!

I've put my ballet slippers on a tutu and haler neck glitter bra 'cos I'm going to ride the pretty ponies bare back"

owwwwww! does he glitter bit go on the outside? oops I've put my bra on wrong! back in a mo...


I was trying to trainhe budgies to do tricks but they're more interestedin eating a new piece of millett.


Ooh Sandra - nice costume! I think you may have to do a double act with FairyCazzie on the horses. After she's finished mucking out the elephants. :-D

Oh, and can you muck out the horse's stables please. Shame about your pretty glittery costume :-p

Just tell the budgies to fly up to me and Leroy Sandra,,,,, he will train them... To jump down his throat....

the budgies can balance on one foot, but it's one of mine!

I'm ignoring the fish and cancelled RC - he was dressing up as the strong man in leotard & tights and going up to rescue her.

Nooo it wasn't me it was The ventriloquist she impersonated my voice... Looks innocent and scared all at the same time

dials phone "Russell? we need you..."

Is that the horses bare back or yours.... I am hoping its the horse or you have one hairy back .... I can things like this as I am safely out if reach up here

oh not me bareback? good, I'll put a cardi on.

I am not mucking out in my posh pink ballet slippers.

lady sandra.

>>>> Rushes off to shave back before appearing in sparkly backless frock - mustn't let the side down!

Moffy x

Got to ride the wagon out in the snow now - going to buy food for all the animals - and booze to stock our new Circus Bar!

See you much later - if I don't return, please send search party and St Bernard dog with extra brandy. Hic!

Puts on three fur coats and disappears into swirling snow ......

Don't tell moffy but she missed bits when she shaved her back and her back hair now spells


How do you a like a my enormouse shoes (trips strategicaly into the main ring) Pings the elastic in trousers that are ten times to big "My name is charlie Carolli I a of course a famous clown" takes a huge bow center stage producing big bunch fake flowers to VG who gets a ig spray of water down her front (He he) "Has little s any one sen my bike se won with se paniers full of se tricks"

"VG you wanner look for me " "I make a funny ring master if you need one "

"Ladies Gentelmen children bambinos .................................

(How is he doing)xgins

Moffy took your bike to go get more booze but your amazing collapsing backfiring car of many tricks is parked in the corner... Can you manage with that till moffy staggers back???

What a cast Kaz Moffy VG Lady moth to name but a few, but are we traditional or Cirus d'solie (however you spell it) I guess we are traditional if we have glorious eles how wonderful I love the circus have done since I was little (sorry I think I have lost the plot) xgins

hang on I'll get some bedsheets tor RC and VG to rappelle down on. Will duvet covers do?

cirqe du fibro is born!

What plot .... Did we have one .. If we do we never stick to it....Peers down from her trapeeze who has the plot????

Isn't the plot the thing the elephants leave behind? Someone's suppposed to be clearing that up!

We can't be doing with any plots around here!

(other than my evil one to leave VG hanging around up in the ceiling all day - Mwhahaha :-D )

Bahh where is moffy with the booze and can you move the bucket on the floor to the right ... Leroy needs a poo.

I'm back with booze!

I have tasted all of it, and moshly it seems deslishus!

Now jusht hang on to that bar, and next time it comes round I'll put the bottles on it!

Love Sloshy x

I have got a line cutting through my thighs ... kazF and Sandra both had sandwiches and ate them in front of me ... Well below me ... And gins has nearly deafened me with her car horn ...fairy caz and Sandra have been dancing round in sparkly outfits and I have numb hands from gripping all day :'(

I sent russell crowe up with my best bedsheets for you both to do that fancy drop trick with 5 hours ago! has leroy ate him?

Sloshy, I'm coming over dancing pretty dainty ballet steps to check those samples again just to make sure.


Ze doors on ze car keep exploding off into the audience (have we got one of those?) Sandra stop eating infront of VG she gets so grumpy .

La la lala lllla la la little dance aaround the ring pulling Sandra with me with the the bedsheets xgins

Oh great he came up threw a bed sheet at me and left... I thought he was covering me up like an old piece of furniture.... He might have said... Leroy seems to have found his own way down and is wandering freely round the circus :D

right tie a big knot around the trapeze and wrap sheet around you, tie it around your leg with a big knot, smile, wave and,,, drop!


you've done that before.

another drink, hic! moffy please.


Please don't tell everyone about my past employment but I did have a pole in my fish tank when I was a younger slimmer fish, actually I rather enjoyed that .... Umm Sandra that's not a feather boa round your neck it's my snake and he likes a drink so please take his head out of your glass


phew just in time, I thought it was too long and was about to chop the end off! -good job I didn't think it was a fancy straw.

What what splutters gently removes snake and wanders off mumbling consoling words to him

Cirque du fibro is shaping up very well. Well done to all our performers and audience. Especially to Moffy for her heroic dash through a blizzard to stock the bar! Make mine a double!

The mysterious appearance of an unused big top in the forum hasn't yet been explained. Who brought it here? Why did they bring it? Will they want it back? ..... What news will tomorrow morning bring? I'm a bit worried that it's the latest plan by atos to prove that we're all fit for work. Are there any clues?

Umm well as a fairground turned up last week and the Lone Ranger and tonto galloped through as well nothing that happens on here would surprise me any longer unless of course the unthinkable happened and we all suddenly went sane...... Ewwwwwww :(

No risk of that anytime soon. :-D

Actually one thing does worry me .... Where did Russell Crowe go with Sandras bed sheet and why has Sandra suddenly rushed home :o

budgies' bed time,

haven't seen russell, but I heard him saying

"friends, romans, countrymen" - oh no he thinks he's julius caesar he'll be wearing my new best bedsheets! one up from being a gladiator.


oops! it might have been me!

I rang the catalogue people about a faulty item.

I remember wanting to say

I was going to blow my Top Big time and Wanted compensation.

what if I got my words in the wrong order?


Rofl oh ...., how are we going to pack it up and send it back to the catalogue... Suddenly decides its time for bed and hands the dismantling instucttions to zebedee , I mean Moffy well she has been wandering around with a spring In her step today,,, though I suspect its alcohol induced....

Da da da da da da da da da da da ...jumps on the roundabout and heads for home

I've heard Fibro fog being blamed for some unusual situations. So in the absence if any better explanation, lets go with this one! :-/

Entracha oops too much gin fell on my buttom ! Even my funny flower has wilted Sandra you are a one - waves finger around - Ah Kaz no booze ah Moffee had it all where is the roundabout boing xgins

The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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