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A relaxing walk with the dog turned into a nightmare for me!

I decided to take my dog for a walk earlier,its a lovely day here so I thought a gentle stroll would be lovely,but it has ended with me laid up on the sofa in agony!

My dog Tess is 15 years old and iv had her since the day she was born,she can be a grumpy madam like when I had my ATOS medical at home and she very lovingly welcomed him by growling,some may remember I wrote about this visit.

I decided to go up the lane from my house,cross over a road not very busy but the vehicles come down the hill so quickly,I carried on up a bridle path and let my dog off the lead,we had walked a way down the lane and as I turned around all I could see was the back end of her taking off back up the way we had come,I shouted and shouted but she wouldn't stop,I started walking faster and that's when I realised she was not going to stop,it was my worst nightmare,I was desperately trying to run but I new there was no way I could catch,she was heading to the road where the cars come down fast,I actually spoke out load to my father who had died many years ago to please please don't let her be run over.

She made it across the road and was heading home,it was awfull I just couldn't run,my legs had gone wobbly and my back had just gone into spasm,I could see her trotting down my road to our house and I could see a van coming!i was frantically waving to him like some demented woman that had just escaped from somewhere!

My dog has no road sense and she is also partly deaf,thank god the driver stopped and got out his van and caught her!

I was so angry and relieved nothing happened to her,infact I went through so many emotions,the sweat was pouring from me,I couldn't breath,it was awfull.

I am now totally drained,my arms,shoulders,back,knees,you name it i am in so mutch pain,i haven't tried to run for years,I didn't make a very good job of it either!

I said a thank you to my dad for watching over her when I got in!

Thank you for reading..xx

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Oh Pinkblossom, what a worrying situation to be in at the time. I'm glad everything is ok.

We have two dogs that are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and I can understand completely how you would have felt.

Rest up now and I hope the pain eases soon.



Thanks Emma,my body has seized up on me now,I'm really tired,I think tess knows she has done something as she's avoiding me and when she does appear she's looking very sheepish!

What I should also have said in my blog was no just my dogs safety I was worried about but also if a car had appeared and it had to break to avoid her it could have caused an awfull accident,doesn't bear thinking about.

I have made the decision for her safety and other that I will not be letting her off the lead again,its a hard decision to make but I cannot let this happen again.

I cannot remember the last time I broke out into something faster than a walk,it surprising how when faced with a crisis you automatically do things without thinking how it will effect you later,mind you it wasn't exactly running it was more like...walk trot walk stop!



Yes I can imagine how concerned you were and so relieved nothing more serious happened.

I hope you don't feel too stiff in the morning, may be try some PMR before sleeping and stretches in the morning


or some people find relief from a warm Epsom salt bath.

Sleep well



Pinkblossom, you poor love, I know the feeling too well as I had a very errant terrier whose party piece was to shred my nerves on regular occasions. The fact that you felt other people were at risk must have made things so much worse, and that your body was completely spent with the exertion is ghastly, That panic is all consuming and so I send heartfelt understanding your way and I hope it never happens for you again. Take a nice long bath, have an early night and try to get some of that elusive thing known to some as sleep.

Gentle hugs. F....iest xx


oh poor you. i walk my 2 dogs every morning for upto an hour and staffie will lunge at every dog she sees and is constantly pulling on her lead.when she lunges she leaves me totally breathless ands I have to stop and rest and sit down if I can.i don't ever let her off her lead a s she will take off after every dog she sees.i feel totally drained when i get in and cannot do anything else.


I hope the feeling of sheer terror and trauma also passes and you feel well again soon

Our pets are our children in most cases as the real ones have moved in

Take it very easy for a while hugz


Poor you , hope you and your dog are both fine today . My dog has to stay on his lead now after a very similar incident , and I also have had to start using a halti ( not sure if thats how its spelt ?)which lets me control him by being able to turn his head instead of him controlling me lol Thats one of my concerns that this wicked syndrome doesnt impact too much on my dog


I can tell you I know how you felt after all this and how you are feeling now. My hubby saw his dog run over and killed by a van when he was young. One of his stupid mates let the dog out of the yard. That was a labrador so he just relived it all when our labby ran off that day. I am glad you are going to keep her on the lead from now on and I hope you improve soon xxxxx


Thanks ozzygirl for taking the time to read my blog,we do become so attached to our dogs,they are a part of the family,I saw her the day she was born and she was half the size of my hand,7 years ago I found a lump on her tum which turned out to be cancer,she had only s few weeks left to live so I took the chance and had her operated on,she overcome the cancer then but I was told it would return,she has lumps now but its too risky to go through an operation again,and then 2 years ago I came home om work to find she was collapsed and she had had a heart attack,we got through that again and she's on meds to keep that at bay,she has certainly been through the wars,I really don't know what I would do with out her.

I can understand how your hubby must have felt reliving the death of his beloved pet that he saw at such a young age,something you never forget at any age.


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