Hi-yo Silver awayyyy... The lone Volunteer/ Ranger and her faithful sidekick Tonto are roaming the forum

Hi-yo Silver awayyyy... The lone Volunteer/ Ranger and her faithful sidekick Tonto are roaming the forum

After hearing the news that PP had moved to admin yesterday I rushed to the admin dressing room to congratulate her... It was a bit chaotic as a throne was being installed so I yelled congratulations and went along to see how moffy was holding up as the lone volunteer. I shouldn't,t have worried ,,, in the volunteers dressing room I found moffy, super spy and mistress of disguise dressed as the Lone Ranger vowing to protect the site from danger and along side her, our other mistress of disguise Sandra99b had been dragged in to play the faithful sidekick Tonto,,, looking rather less than impressed , with one of her budgies perched on her head and being covered in body paint by KazF... (You may remember her wonderful tiger skin rug disguise). ..So be reassured the forum is in safe hands... And if you should see The Lone Ranger and Tonto galloping across the forum today just give them a Hi -yo Silver away......

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  • I shall be there as you sugest witha Hi-yo Silver away, Lol brilliant your mind is marvelous hun so a confusion of different thngs I think you should have been a cartoon activist or a author in your previous encarnation :) Dont stop will you keep on roamin around xgins

  • Sorry Gins there is no stopping my brain.. It's the only things that works ....well works in its own way... Enjoy today .... I have plans for you and someone else tomorrow.... Grins mysteriously and steps swiftly to one side as Moffy and Sandra gallop past

    VG x

  • VG, your imagination is really working overtime!

    Many thanks to Sandra for stepping in as Tonto - doesn't she look magnificent in her budgie head wear? Or is it a vulture fascinator?

    I'm not sure about the make-up, tho - perhaps we should get the Fax Mactor experts in to give it a tweak! Also, the eye-holes in the mask are too small - can't see where I'm going!

    C'mon Gins and Kaz - you can drive the covered wagon with our supply of arrows, sparkly knickers, elastic, cream cakes and spare vultures. Prince H. will need a ride, too.

    Well, I can't hang around here - there are bandits to shoot and saddles to polish!

    Hi- Yo silver ...Awaaaay! >>>gallops - ooh -- aahw - ouch!!>>>>>> ## KRASH #!

    Lone Moffy x

  • You are all absolutely crackers!!!!!!!!! Love every minute of it! <3

  • Plenty of room in the wagons for you to join us Charlii ;)

  • Crackers? Who said crackers? Is there cheese as well ? :p x

  • my hat wants a cracker!

  • Points tonto in the direction of the cracker wagon

  • Sighs and despite wearing a mask is resigned to being put in the last wagon in the trail polishing the saddles and sewing more masks with bigger eyeholes.... Ohhh the crackers are here too ....munch chomp.... Well I hope everyone else is happy with plain black masks as I only had enough sparkly material left to make one mask and Libby bagged that on her way to the front wagon for a fresh cream cake


  • you lot are so funny please please keep it up you make my day take care my firbo buddies

    love beth x

  • Welcome to the nutty threads Beth, thank goodness for our VG, always brightens our days, bless her. Great fun to read and take part in too, takes all our minds off the dreaded Fibro which is fantastic therapy too! :) xxxx

    Feel free to join in anyone! All welcome! :D xxx

  • I read all the bloggs everyday you are right it does take your mind off fibro thanks again

    love beth x

  • That's good to hear Beth, you are most welcome here! You will probably end up as nutty as VG (oops I meant we!) are! ;) :P xxx

  • Stares at Libby and plots a fiendish thread

  • Thanks for cheering me up:)

  • They do say that laughter is the best medicine. Always used to wonder what would make me laugh. So glad I found this site!!

  • Always room in the wagons for more on board please join in ;)

    VG x

  • PS who is in charge of the camp fire, if I have to whip up cream cakes as well as masks I need a good camp fire and could we make camp by a cold river to keep the cream fresh....

    Yours ...still wearing a mask hoping to be relieved from saddle polishing and given bow and arrow duties instead

    VG x

  • You can borrow my six-guns if you like, VG, and I will take over the polishing.

    I am already having to polish PP's 'ADMIN' badge and the two golden thrones, so I might as well do the saddles as well! <groans>

    I will light the fire as well if you let me have a cream cake.

    Tonto's head dress has flown away, so she's sulking. See if you can find a spare budgie / vulture / eagle / tom-tit for her - she's not fussy!

    Hi Yo Moffy x

  • Hands over polish and cream cake happily then eating cake herself roams about looking for suitable headress for Tonto. Will be back ASAP ... Well when I,ve finished eating cake ....

    Oh there are also cheese and crackers in the end wagon

    Yours , rollin rollin rollin rawhiiiddddde... Oops wrong theme tune


  • you can't hide - i can see you! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT CAKE????

  • Umm looking at it ,,, darn it what a time for my diet buddy to turn up......it was moffy she said I had to eat it cos Libby and PP have already eaten 7 ..... I was just being helpful .... Runs out of excuses and hands the half eaten cake over to Kaz :(

  • Thanks VG - Sugar fix - nom nom :-)

  • Well isn't that handy, the admin dressing room doubles as an old prop store ... I found the moth eaten stuffed vulture from the third Harry Potter film, professor Snape looked rather ridiculous in it but on Sandra/ Tonto..... Tres chic.... Perches it on Sandra's head at a very becoming angle...

    VG x

  • WHAT are you doing in our dressing room VG??

  • Couldn't she see the gold sign on the door saying Libs and Karen only! :O :P

  • Karen, get dressed this minute . . . . . . . . no way for a Princess to look at this time of the day . . . . :O

  • That's why I thought it would be OK for me to enter!!!!

  • Ok we need to change the sign to Libs and PP.

    Moffy?? Can you do that please?

  • That would look like it was my own personal toilet! :O

  • No offence to Karen of course! :P

  • She's trying to hide from me - but it's not working.

    I must say - I didn't realise you admins had such plush surroundings!


  • VG offered to decorate but we politely refused, her sense of decor doesn't stretch beyond The Lone Ranger and Hi Ho Silver at the moment, I can't imagine what it would look like! :O Horsey wallpaper and straw for a carpet I shouldn't wonder! :P

  • Ohhhh that could be a whole new thread...... Unfortunately for everyone I have tomorrow's planned take a breather Libby and PP but your turn WILL come


  • Errmm making sure moffy was polishing your thrones properly.......

    Grins innocently

    VG 8-)

  • Whoops Sorreeeeee *blush*

  • I,ll change the sign last I saw of moffy she was galloping totally out of control towards the Questions section

  • Looks around quickly sees admin have gone and changes the sign to TOILET .......

  • Thanks VG you're a star.


  • Rolls on the floor laughing uncontrollably,, that's what is so great at posting at the same time

    Waits for PP to realise........

  • Gets off the floor and puts up a sign saying Admin ONLY...on the broom cupboard door

  • I thought that was YOUR 'office' VG? Where are you .....

    Duh! Silly me - sorry!

  • Feeding Moffys horse... It's the closest I can get to food now you are watching me like a hawk... ;)

  • hawk?

    is that my new hat?

  • I wondered what had changed... KazF is pretending to be a hawk and sitting on your head

  • Grabs the reins of Moffys horse as she gallops wildly through the forum for the second time.... Here I,ll feed the horse you put the right sign on admins door..... I am in disgrace

  • Oats and Hay? Ah, no, I see - sugar lumps and carrots.

    Wags warning finger and goes to lie down in nearest wagon

  • Sighs and feeds the sugar lumps to Silver and eats a carrot..

  • I heard there was cheese and biscuits I love cheese and biscuits are admin hidding it now oh for sure I know about the cakes b ut cheese yes please before VG finds it . Knock Knock

    can I come in

    Oh goodie a cheese cupboard

    Wow it is hidden under the SAFE signss well well safe it is no longer

  • Leans back smiling contentedly patting stomach - wow that was good- and no one found me- giggles with rare gaity

    How cheesie can we be he he


  • What larks when I left school I filled the loos with washing powder he he - they were the cistern type - when sister flushed them the bubbles were fantastic out of the bowl and over the floor the more she tried to clear it the worse it was. Buble buble buble Toil and trouble

    But she never found the stilton behind the radiator PONGO Oh PONGO !

    Ooh PP you weren't my sister were you :)

    Run VG the stairs are the first left

    Catch me


  • Hey is (Michael) Buble there now then?

  • Have just been to shops to buy a ten-gallon hat, oats for horse, a new saddle and some haemorrhoid cream, 'cos I fell off the horse and landed on a cactus!

    Have also bought extra supplies of cream cakes and a few carrots for VG.

    Apologies for long absence, but a cowgirl's gotta do what a cowgirl's gotta do!

    There's a new bottle of Throne Polish in the stores, but I can't find the Throne Room! Someone has moved the signs, The 'Ladies' now has a stable door, and there's a horse sitting on the toilet!

    There's a lot of shuffling and muttering behind the door marked Broom Cupboard - so what is going on?

    I'll just eat a few of these cakes while I'm waiting! Munch, gobble, slurp!

    Creamily .. Lone Moffy x

  • Pink pig are you the empress of Blandings?

    She is very beautiful :)


  • I'm a princess don't you know?

  • Look out lone Moffy,

    The apaches are raiding the cheese draw. But you have done well a ten gallon Hat can anyone see you under that?


  • VG are you baking carrot cake again or is that horse just looking happy????

    Hey compadre answer the gins se seems to have gone over the top. x

  • Hehe I,m afraid the Lone moffy can now only be seen from the knees down,that 10 gallon hat is obviously wrongly sized I have made plain cake , Silver has eaten all the carrots a load of sugar oats and hay....

  • oh (Pouts) I really like carrot cake but never mind there is still cheese !

    Nose in air sniffs sniffs


  • As far as I can work out PP can't decide what to wear to make her grand appearance on the forum and has changed outfits about 15 times.. And unfortunately while she was browsing the dress racks I put the admin sign on the broom cupboard and I think she has her trotter stuck in a bucket . That must be tontos horse on the toilet Sandra has a way of house training animals... Your horse silver is in the last wagon with me eating carrots.

  • Hi all, I still can't decide? Does my bum look big in this one?? No don't answer that, why has the room shrunk and suddenly has mops and broom and dusters in? Ooo there's a big bottle of throne polish too.

  • is siver my horse or Moffys I am confused - I stick to the cheese

    Whats for tea?


  • Change the direction but dont put horse on the menu - Silver would be mort ified lol. Never eaten horse have you. I know I wouldnt like it.

    So have you sorted them all out do we just need to change the name from fibro to ????????? suggestions welcome


  • Silver is Moffys though you might as well use it she keeps falling off him, She's already bent Collin my cactus by landing on it...you'd have thought it would have been safe right on the edge of the forum.......

  • Well howdee y'all!!! Firstly I think this blog has unearthed the hidden depth of everyone's fibro insanity. AND I JUST LOVE IT!! Doesn't it all seem bearable when you can have a chuckle. I know we don't always feel like chuckling, but when we do I reckon us fibromites do it better then anyone ! Hang on folks, I think I can hear the '3 10 to Yuma' pulling in. Did I ever mention I have a rather loaded crush on Russell Crowe...Any spare crackers left for my journey?? S x

  • Hi Summer crackers and cheese in the wagon at the back and in the front wagon there WERE some cream cakes there may be some still but admin did disappear into that wagon for a while and I heard a LOT of chomping..... But I think PP has locked herself in the broom cupboard so grab what's there while you can


  • I think Kaz has gone slightly overboard ordering hay for the horses, what are all those whips doing on the floor?! Anything to do with Lady Moffy?! ;)

    Kaz how are you going to shift that lot, they're all over the Admin floor?! :O

    Summer, for goodness sake sort these loonies out, we need some semblance of order in here - you are most welcome by the way! Heaven help you . . . . . ;) :) xxxx

    Did someone mention Russell Crowe, I could use a Gladiator round here, the place is a tip! ;) :P

  • Russell Crowe? Phwar where is he, burp.

  • In the admin dressing room with Libby ..... I think the door is locked....

  • VG will you stop doing that, posting at the same time! I swear to goodness, you lie in waiting haha! ;)

  • Don't mention whips when when Summer is about, too late..... As Summer strides in dressed as Calamity Jane singing whip crack away whip crack away whip crack awaaayyyyy.

  • Poor Summer, I wonder if she knew what she was getting herself into, there is no hope for her now . . . . . . :P

  • Hi girls, I still can't decide what to wear. Has anyone seen my calamity Jane outfit? I thought it might be perfect..........................Summer!!! Get back here and stop playing with that whip!

    Ooo I just fancy some cheese and biccies, how about you Libs?

  • no I fancy Russell Crowe better than cheese and biscuits !!xgins

  • Quick PP go and rescue Russell Crowe he's been dragged into the admin dressing room by Libby and she's locked the door....., she shouted through the keyhole that it was easier for him to clean the room with the door locked........ Looks unconvinced

  • Pssssst Libs let me in!

  • If Libby's got Russell Crowe, then I am having Johnny Depp! Yummy yum yum!

    Wriggles out of Lone Ranger outfit an slips into lacy, diphannious negligable.

  • Swap please Moffy, much prefer yours! ;)

    Captain Jack Sparrow to the rescue, look out VG, the ships coming in to shore . . . . whooooooooooosh!

  • Sorry Libs its just Sandra disguised as jonny depp disguised as tonto

  • Am I confused or am I confused, is anyone else following this lol! ;) xxx

  • Ummm moffy under that jonny depp tonto disguise is Sandra.... I don't think she is going to be too impressed with you cavorting half naked in front of her......

  • fortunately the eye holes in my mask are too small to see through - I've got scratches on my arm, my hat fell off and I tried to put a large buzzard on instead!

    a very nice person call Coco offered to do my make-up - I thought Chanel not clown!

  • Feathers! Whips! Cream! Leather! ;-)

    What is the forum coming to? I don't know what's going on most of the time. And the rest of the time I don't WANT to know!

    I hear rumours of oatcakes and cheese, but it turns out to be cactus juice with sugar lumps.

    I tried looking for the cream cakes, but all I found were a trail of crumbs leading from the front wagon to the ladies, and a new bottle of leather polishing cream. Not quite the cream I had in mind!

    So, yee-haw - I'm riding off into the sunset. Well, I would, but I can't find a horse.

    That's because it's now pitch black and I've missed the sunset too! 8-)

  • Have a nice lie down in a wagon and do your grand exit riding off into the sunrise, the horses are hiding from Moffy as she keeps riding them into cactii , that's why we have all the cactus juice, Moffy has squashed loads today..... At the moment LIbby and PP have hidden themselves away with Russell Crowe and Moffy has stripped off for Jonny Depp , not realising its Sandra in disguise

  • AAAARGGGHHHH! I want the REAL Johnny Depp!

    He has promised to come over from L.A. if Libby and PP will let him have a sit on their thrones. He wants to go up in Prince H's helicopter, too. They're very demanding, these 'slebs' aren't they? I'm sure we can arrange for him to have what he wants - as long as I can have what I want! :p xxx

  • Dang them cactuses! I just backed into another one.

    Oooaaawwh ... my cotton-pickin' tail-bone! :(

  • Sorry Moffy but before you can have Jonny Depp we have to deal with a very traumatised Sandra who upon seeing you stripping off has gone into a state of shock.

  • After a fibro enduced forty winks(all two hours of it) I return to VG's blog that has become a running saga! Not only has Jonny Depp entered the frey but Libby's kidnapping my beloved aka Maximas Decimas Meridias, Commander of ... well you know who I'm talking about! Libby, I'm truly a very kind-hearted, caring, sharing sort of dame BUT even I draw the line somewhere, and my somewhere is Mr. Crowe. Now I'm sure this can be sorted amicably, if not I'llhave to call the sheriff in. Sheriff VG is one mighty mean critter, especially when the biscuits and cakes have disappeared....

  • I cannot tell a lie Summer ... PP and Libby have locked themselves into the admin dressing room with your Russell Crowe. And refuse to answer the door or let him out ... I am now so hungry after KazF confiscated everything nice off me I am about to eat the door to the admin room and set poor Russell free that way.

    Worry not soon Russell will be all yours

  • Psssst! Is it safe to come out yet? ......................................:P

  • Help! I need the loo but the only one I can find says Libby & PP only and I want a no 2!

  • Use the volunteers room moffy has portable toilet in there she's keeping quiet about

  • what did the lone ranger say at the canadian border?

    Onto Toronto pronto Tonto.

  • The Lone Ranger lay in his sleeping bag, looked up at the sky, and said:

    "Look at those stars, Tonto - what do they tell you?

    Tonto thought for a moment, and replied:

    "Kheem-osabi, they tell me that some b*****d has pinched um tent!

  • apparently russell's coming out with me,

    my friend asked if I'd like to go to see some bloke called Les Mis with russell crowe, why he asked her to ask me to go out with him I don't know - but I've said yes!


  • I knew it 5 mins on the forum and you have bagged a date with Russell Crowe ... Obviously underneath all the war paint you have worn today he has realised there's a devilishly charming red head.... I will stay here and try to comfort summerlite

  • what are you after? - flattery, me likes that, oh I get it, you want this fella Les Mis so you can be triple barrelled - mrs very-grumpy-mis!

  • russell didn't turn up but my friend did.

    she meant to say go & see "les mis" STARRING russell! silly me ,

    summerlite is safe.

  • "Darlings" we have reached new heights or was it lows you must all be congratulated if Edward Lear was still around he would be impressed that a group of ladies (we are Ladies) could have such wonderful nonsensceical conversations!

    Where do we go from now - well that is easy there is a No69 Bus leaving from platform 5 shortly I am a where the team leades will board first but after the luggage your followers of fashion will board. Insanity is judgedged by the insane so it is just the others and we dont need to worry about them :) xgins

  • Thanks for making me chuckle again guys please keep it up its very therapeutic. Big gentle hugs for all. Sithy

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