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Here comes the bills

Well I’m now finding out that my insurance is not paying for many of the test that I have had done. (Surprise!) I took over my plan from my last job via Cobra. It’s a good plan, so I thought. Well I’m not going to let them bother me until someone prevents me from getting treatment. They can wait in line. I’ve heard that as long as you pay something towards your medical bills each month, they can’t turn you over to a collection agency. I guess medical bills fall under a different code than a credit card or something you chose to finance. We will see. Let's see...$1.00 for this guy and $1.00 to that company, and another dollar to this other person. Ect…

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Mark whatever helps you manage your stress just make sure you cant get into trouble im under debt management myself so kind of know how you feel cant get blood out of a stone.

That is so true. At this point I have no money coming in because I can't work so I have to sell my house. The money I get from the sale is what I will have to live off of. It's not enough to buy even a small place. When that runs out I just hope my disability is approved by then, otherwise I have no idea what to do.

So lucky to live in the uk and have the NHS. People moan about it but the other options are even worse

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Totally agree Holly. Yes we have a moan about it all but at least we get help without someone waving bills in our faces. Mind you, we have paid for it, in our taxes.



Hi jilly. Agreed we have paid but at least we know wether we work or not we will still get treatment. Take care

I agree with Holly we are extremely lucky to live in a country with the NHS,

People can be very quick to critisize, but imagine what life would be like without this sevice, or social services or benfits. There are many, many other countries where we would be barely surviving on the streets. Life is not perfect but it could always be worse.

Hi mark. What happens if you can't afford health care

Hi Holly, there are some goverment programs, but it takes forever to get approved. 6 to 12 months is what I have heard. In the meantime, I don't know. I thank God that I have insurance (Cobra) from my last job. I'm hoping that I will be approved for Goverment disabality before the Cobra runs out.

Good luck with it all Mark.

Is x

Thanks! :-)

Good luck mark, thank goodness for the NHS. I thought Obama was doing something about it

If you haven’t heard, the website that was supposed to be use for people to sign up to Obama's Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) that would provide people with new insurance, the website didn't work. It's been over a month and they still can't get it fixed. The crazy part is that so far over 4 million people have had their health care current policies canceled because it did not meet the standards of the Affordable Care Act. So now millions of people have no insurance at all. It's a complete mess and our government has no clue how to fix it. So far, my policy has not been canceled. It may be because it’s a Cobra plan.

The 4 million policies that have been canceled are individual policies. They have not yet gotten to policies that are provided by large companies people work for. So more policies are expected to be canceled.

Sounds like a real fiasco. Was the shutting down of public offices to do with this bill

The government shutdown had nothing to do with Obama's Affordable Care Act. It was over a fight over raising our countries debt ceiling. Obama, who is a demarcate wanted to raise our countries debt ceiling, but the republicans fought it. What happened was the government ran out of money and parts of the government were shut down. Again pnly parts of the goverment was shut down and only for 16 days. Once goverment employees went back to work, they all got back pay. Just like a paid vacation.

Obama's Affordable Care Act it what Obama has been promising the country for the past 3 years. The way it works is the young people who are usually healthy pay into the program to offset the cost of the elderly who have more health issues. It is also suppose to help those who could not afford insurance in the first place. So those that are healthy are paying the bill for those that are sick.

When the website came online on October 1st. It didn’t work. Therefore no one could get on to sign up for Obama's health plans. As I said before , the law stated that insurance companies must cancel varies health plan that don’t meet the government standards. So now we have over 4.8 million people who have received notices that their policy will be canceled. So yes it is a big fiasco. I can't wait till we can get Obama out of office.

Thanks I am not very clued up on American politics. Is the Democratic Party similar to our Labour Party, more left wing. Also do you think you will ever get a welfare state similar to the UK

Those are some very good questions Holly. If I understand your question correctly, what we have is Labor Unions. A Labor Union here in the US is an organization that is suppose to help employees of a particular industry get fair wages, good working conditions, insurance, etc. Many industries require a person to be a part of the union before they can work for a particular company. In return, the employees pay regular dues to the Union. Most of them are very left winged. (Democrats)

Since I’m not familiar with how your Labour Party works, I can’t really answer the question if they are the same or not. But as I said before, Democrats are considered left winged.

Personally, I think president Obama has been trying to turn the US into a type of welfare state. He believes in big goverment and “redistribution”. He believes that people who make over $250,000.00 a year (I think this is the amount) should have to pay a lot more taxes than people who make less. The extra money will go to the government to supposedly help lower income families. Unfortunately it does not always work the way it was planned.

What the Republicans believe is that the people that make that amount of money or more are the people that are business owners, or in some way create jobs. It they are taxed at a high rate then they can’t hire more people and their business will not grow. Even if they are not business owners, they have enough money to spend on services or buy stuff which keeps people employed. They believe in small government and that government should keep out of their business. The Democrats believe in a larger government and I think they would like to see the US become a welfare state.

At least this is the way I understand it. It's just like Obama's Affordable Care Act. They want to force the young, (by law mind you) to buy insurance because they are usually more healthy to help lower the insurance rates for the elderly who usually have more medical conditions. If they don't buy insurance through Obama's system then they are forced to pay a penalty tax when we all pay our yearly taxes. So the government gets their money one way or the other. Again, this is a form of redistribution.

Sounds very complicated. In the uk all people who work pay 2 forms of taxes one of which is called national insurance, which pays for all benefits, including health. If you do not work you still get all the benefits. I think this is a good system because as it is a %of your earnings the more you earn the more you pay, which I think is fair. I find it odd that America is supposed to be the most advanced country in the world but it still can't provide healthcare to everyone. Thank goodness I live in the uk

I agree with you 100%. Your system sounds very fair. We have had many politicians try to get our tax law changed so that it is a Flat Tax. For example, it might be a 20% flat tax for everyone. So just like in the UK, the more you make the more taxes you have to pay. Our government is so big that sometimes nobody really knows exactly how much money is being spent in certain departments. There are still some good things about our government but their idea on how to fix things is to throw more money at it, and you can’t keep doing that forever. This is why we have a 17 Trillion deficit.

The higher earners pay 40% tax and the lower 20% which does sometimes upset the very well off. Whatever you do someone wont be happy. Take cate

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