Bring on the clowns

Bring on the clowns

All the volunteers were called into FA this morning and told ... The weather is lovely go and cheer up the board .... We looked blank.... So the powers that be showed us a huge circus tent and gave us all costumes ... Please come and join us do you have a hidden talent ...have you always wanted to be fired from a cannon ....

And will do we have any clowns out there... Apart from us .... Cos we don't look very cheerful.... I blame tulips for the make up.....

I really want to be the snake charmer a) I have a snake b) I can sit in a comfy chair to do it


So roll up roll up


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  • Oooooooooo can I do the trapeze pleaseeee but it would have to be as a clown so that if I slipped odd it could still makes peoples laugh :D :D

    Foggy x

  • I'll be the person wot fires the cannon! I have taken lessons from Sir Alan Sugar 'You're fired'

    It's a cushy job, like being a snake charmer - so I'll double up as the elephant trainer >> goes to look for a spare elephant >>> :)

    Moffy x

  • Duh.....see in clown mode already....meant to read "slipped off" hehehe

  • Actually I would probably win in the stakes >>> person most people would choose to be fired out of a cannon >>>. Hmmmm so I'll go for that one......

    Foggy x

  • Throws her clown outfit at foggy.... Sorry I am so late took me ages to wash off the make up ... I did wonder when tulips applied it with a trowel... Slinks past dressed in very little ... Looking very suitable for a Turkish delight advert and settles in comfy chair... Lets loose snake and starts bowing tunelessly on her old school recorder....

  • message from mrs johnson for vg " I might be the school recorder/secretary but I'm not that old!"

  • Makes haste at fast speed to hide inside the cannon from the ssssnake >>>>>

  • Unless it was Leroy of course ;-)

  • I've got my pretty pink sparkly leotard and tu-tu on to ride the pretty horses bareback [de ja vu]

  • The last time I rode bare back was the last time I rode, it ended with me meeting terra firma more speedily than I ever thought possible 3:)

  • Past it would look better if you washed the clown make up off :)

  • I'm wearing a spangly red swimsuit, and riding an elephant around the ring. Elephants have very rough skin, and I am not at all comfy up here!

    At least I'm safe from that ssssnake! :O

  • Set mouse free and watches moffy and the elephant trample off at great speed :D

    Don't worry about the mouse folks ... My snake seems to have eaten it :)

  • Pokes head out of cannon I'm wearing a very worried face ;-)

  • Lights the cannon then realises there is no safety net ...... Oops any one see how far away foggy landed ........

  • Has managed to grab a hold of the trapeze as she flew through air with the greatest of ease ............ You don't get rid of me that easily the crowds roar in approval of her feat (and her feet which are a tad singed ) ..........HA ....... :D :D :D

  • Now I come to attend to everything I am ze Honorable Zino the fantastic the Ringmaster wiz out wom nosing happens So Clap no applaud now and we will raise the curtains on ze evening performance........ enter the danceing girls followed by the clowns zen we have ze bare back rider ... Wait with baited breath while the plate spinner start to work 10 sticks in the air (was that you molly good job) Foggyiest brilliant you brought the house down where is tulip and Vg . racks whip as house lights fade

  • Haven't seen tulips at all, perhaps she is cunningly disguised ? As for VG, well I never know where or when she'll turn up and try to sabotage me hehehe ;-) ;-)

    Foggy x

  • Creeps up and throws a custard pie at foggy.... Just to cool your feet down ....

    Smiles helpfully and creepily and slithers off :-/

  • Cunningly back in clown costume and heavily made-up, creeps up and throws a banoffee pie at VG which lands smack bang in the middle of VG's sweet face.......... Hahaha, I always go one, better being a cordon bleu hahaha :D :D

  • VG turns the air blue..... I HATE banoffee pie :x

  • Whoops about Key Lime Pie, or is just a good old custard tart your preferred option ?

    Sorry :-(

    Foggy x

  • I used to do a fire eating act in my youth prob can still do it now lol.and have 5 snakes so could do that to.what snake U got. and aren't they great pets....

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