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Just LOOK at what admin have been up to now!!!

Just LOOK at what admin have been up to now!!!

Yesterday was a quieter day on the forum, so I had time to walk around having a look, making sure everything was ok... Looking for my snake etc...... Ok ok I was just being plain nosy... Anyway I heard a lot of banging and moving about in the admin dressing room and the corridor looked narrower.... Were they having their dressing room enlarged and why......

Finally this morning I saw the door ajar and I crept..... Ok ok rushed in to see what was happening... OMG!!!!!

Libby and PP have had their dressing room completely transformed into a gym and health spa.... Every exercise machine you can imagine ... Hydrotherapy pool, swimming pool, massage tables... Every spa treatment you could wish for.... AND there was a large sign saying ... Bring your own masseuse .... I could hear a grunting and a groaning and there was PP on an exercise bike and LIBBY being massaged by Keanu Reeves.....

I quickly took photos and used them as blackmail and today their room is open to all forum members , so quick get in there and pamper and exercise today, bring your favourite person to massage you or share the hot tub with, and don't forget your most alluring swimming costumes and exercise outfits...well you don't want to get mixed up with PP now...

Yours on the phone to ... Well anyone who will actually come with me

VG x

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Well, I had started to wonder!

I'm desperately rooting through the cupboard to find a suitable swimming costume! One that fits, with no moth-holes

Oh! I think a trip to the shops might be in order here! Where can a girl go to get an alluring (preferably glitzy) cozzy at this time of year? I think I need advice from Dame Moffy or Sandra.

in my next mrs beaton book there's a page called jazzify your cozzie! unfortunately I've only written "1st buy your costume" depending on who's in the jacuzzi, I suggest a filmy wrap and a tesco cozzie, a nice lippy and cute earrings [and, I hate to say it, if neccessary,a bikini wax!]


You don't mention hair... Should I wear a swimming hat and what sort.... A modern sleek one or one from the 50s made of thick rubber with flowers stuck all over it......

Mrs B please advice me on etiquette as the last time I got my hair wet with highlights they went green

why not sleek with a pretty bandana?

and toothpaste to treat the green hair

mrs b

actually, one should never get one's hair wet.

mrs b.

You mean I have to wear plastic bags over my legs at all times???????

I put toothpaste in I now have red white blue and green highlights :(

now wash it - don't floss!

Whoops just gargled with shampoo and covered my hair in mouthwash :(

I have the new costume,I have a snazzy gym outfit, but the only person who has replied to my phone messages to accompany me is Louis Spense and he only wants to come for the gym equipment and Keanu Reeves... So I guess my massage has gone ... A well hot tub for me then :(

Hydrotherapy is the answer! We should take our snazzy bikinis and fly FibroAir to the Bounty Beach. We can swim in the warm water and eat coconuts, chocolate, and fish and chips!

M xx

Leave out the fish and I,ll be at the plane waiting... ps I did watch Flight last night so I may be a little traumatised on the plane.....

Is this flight going to be a rehearsal for Leroy and his un-named friend?

That would be preferable to the plane film I did watch..... I,m not saying much about it except I thought it would be a good old remake of the 70s disaster movies... It wasn't and now I am traumatised by the sight of pilots....... Yay I just thought we can make our own film.....entitled

Snakes piloting the plane... Starring Leroy as the captain... Some lesser known snake as the co pilot and we could all be cabin crew ..... Wanders off to practice her door exit and life jacket routine .........ohhh I wonder if Leroy would let me put a little elasticated pilots hat on his head......

VG x

I've invited Dermot O' Leary, Ant & Dec, and the England rugby team physio.


Will swap you Louis spence for Dermot o, Leary


NEV-ER the dermot is mine!


I assume the pools will be easy to get in and out of? If not I will bring my daughter with me, if so I'll ask her to bring my adorable grand daughters with her, if that's ok.

But of course bring the whole family

All welcome


Oh my word VG, this is the package holiday i 've been waiting for!! With all the meds we'll be carrying do you think the airport security will let us through? Perhaps they'll think we are the Fibro Flabia, oops sorry, Mafia....

Rofl actually on a serious note co dydramol and morphine actually shows up in your skin as an illegal drug in Australia .. Yup I have been watching too many airport control episodes but this actually came up in one episode as I pointed it to my OH there goes our Australian holiday well that and the money...... ;)

I don't like snakes and big spiders, can we go to new zealand?

goodness me i guess i be 'skipping' the Australia trip and a lot there will scrath there heads wandering why because i be held hostage in my sparkle tankini being carried away full of co-dydromol and more loool x

the things i miss on here guess the pool being emptied now :-( x must knock on my glass bowl for the next one xx

If you,re paying I,ll go anywhere :D

it's fibroair and I've just remembered because I'm the one with the sat-nav, I'm the navigator! NZ here we come!


Oh great you intend to depart and I,ve got plastic bags on my legs toothpaste and mouthwash in my hair and a mouth full of shampoo.... Ok you talked me into it I,m on my way....

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