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Hi all firstly hope your having a good as can be day. I've had fibro for years but was only officially diagnosed in 2008, I have for years had a lot of rib/chest pain and was told I also had Costocondritis, what I really wondered if any of you suffer with severe abdominal pains in the centre if your stomach around the belly button area. I had by gallbladder removed March 2011 by open surgery and since then have had a swelling which 4 different consultants plus 2 GP's say thats an incisional hernia, but by appearance, examination and by me coughing, yet CT and MRI scans show nothing, apart from I have a simple cyst on my abdomen and either a cyst of poly in the fundus of my stomach I am having an endoscopy next Saturday (16th) after a lot of persuation as I am petrified, so they have said they will sedate me. Sorry if this is rambling on put I am worried they will find something worse as this has been going on since December 2011 with no investigation other than CT or MRI, my last consultant cancelled a hernia repair op 2 days before sugery after me waiting 8 weeks with the confirmed date as he reviewed my CT scan and felt is wasn't a hernia but Muscle Atrophy. I have recently moved to a new area new GP, New Hospital and all withing seeing GP him referring me to a Consultant seeing a consultant and now having the Endoscopy next week will only of been 4 weeks, how different moving to a new area can it be - I'm amazed.

So after all this waffling, what I wonder is (a) have any of you had your gallbladder removed and suffered after (b) had a poly of cyst in your stomach, if so how was it removed and lastly my biggest fear the endocsopy how any of you found it, was the sedation enough as I have said if I'm not sedated it's not worth them trying as I know I'll walk out. Sorry to put all these questions to you. Thank you -x- Sorry also I am week 4 of coming of Mirtazipane - I just stopped never tapered off it's been a struggle but after being on it 4 years and gaining so much weight I need to get of this drug and deal with my depression other ways.......

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  • I had my gallbladder removed 7 years ago ... It started as the simple keyhole surgery then they accidentally cut my liver which refused to stop bleeding so ended up with the long 6 in scar under my right ribs. It has left me with a sore lump at one end of the scar which I was told was a lump of scar tissue and after 7 years I guess they are right it's just something to live with.

    The endoscopy... Two options one they completely numb your throat and then put tube down.. My OH was brave and had that.... ME I,m a complete wimp and asked for sedation ... They said as they administerd it this will make you really relaxed.... Indeed it did I went out like a light and was woken up after it was done with just the tiniest sore throat and to this day I remember absolutely nothing about it... So if you are worried go for sedation .... In ,y experience they really do mean sedation.... My OH had his without sedation and was free to go home straight away I had to hang around a couple of hours to make sure I was ok which I was, hope that helps to answer some of your question

    VG x

  • Thanks VG - my gallbladder op started as keyhole but due to scar tissue from a previous liver op many years before my gallbladder was fused so they had to open me up again, and it's been since then a swollen sore lump of the right side of my abdomen thats painful and is mimiking a hernia, perhaps it's what you have, is yours like a swollen lump and sticks out? I'm a coward so will def have the sedation for the Endscopy but will have to tell them to give me loads lol as I take 2mg diazepam and that doesn't knock me out, I'll let you know how it goes LK x

  • No sorry my lump is at the far right side right by the ribs away from my stomach, but if I eat a bigger meal than normal I can feel the lump pushing on my bottom rib but as it is right at the end of the scar and I,ve had it 7 years I just figure they are right .. Doesn't make it less. Annoying though :)

    Let us know how you get on


  • I had my gallbladder out which was done as key hole surgery and had a lot of stomach pains for along time after! Now years later my stomach pain is back mine is worse on eating and as yet after a scan it showed up nothing. I've been taking Diazapan but only 5mg works 2mg does nothing for me! Doesn't even make me sleepy. I have had quite a few Endoscopys over the years, do not go for throat spray it was terrible you want to ask for sedation because they will still spray your throat but you won't remember much afterwards, good luck and hope this will help your questions! Let me know how it all goes for you? Aisha x

  • i cant remmember anything about my endoscopy when i was sedated

  • Best have sedation .. I have had both never again without is all I will say . Had 2 polyps removed while having endoscopy. Hope it goes well

  • Thank you for all yours replies although still nervous I feel a bit more confident that with sedation I can get through the Endoscopy but if Im not sedated enough I shall just tell them don't bother even trying lol I need to be basically out cold They said from MRI it looks like I have a polyp or cyst so hopefully they can remove it at the same time and my stomach pain will ease so fingers crossed I will post on saturday when I'm back home . Then its just the hernia type thing I have and get through these withdrawal symptoms from stopping Mirtazipane which has been hell, once all thats sorted I only have Fibro to deal with each day and we all know what each day can be like living with Fibro . Wishing you all a pain free as possible day LK xx

  • Hi all well I had my endoscopy on Saturday and survived to tell the tale, I must admit I was petrified, but the staff were so calming and the Consultant who carried out the test seemed to be aware of fibro as he said do you find it hard to swallow some times and I said yes and he said you feel pain more intense I said yes, he also took note I take Clonozepam so he said to the nurse double whammy sedation please and also sprayed my throat 3 times, I laid on my side they put a guard thing in my mouth all I felt was something hard in my throat for a fleeting second not even enough to stress me, no gagging either, and heard the nurse say the camera is in now, and I felt nothing was wide awake, then it was over, I have a small polyp 3-4mm so he biopsied it and the lining of my stomach and said he can find nothing causing my stomach discomfort, possibly its in my abdomen and caused by the fibro, as it can affect our stomachs like it does the rest of our body but tesst show nothing is wrong, I have also had a colonosopy and and bladder one (sorry can't think of what it is called) they have all come back clear. The only thing I have had confirmed by CT is I have a simple abdominal cyst which he said could give some discomfort and muscle atrophy, so it looks like I am stuck with stomach pain, and no confirmed reason why other than fibro, so does it affect our stomach ? as I have noticed a few people have stomach problems with nothing showing up on tests. When I went to recovery everyone was asleep and I said to the nurse how come their asleep and I'm still wide awake she said I must fight against the sedation as they had half what I did and possibly a blow dart for me if I ever go again lol, but I zonked for 2 hours when I got home, but felt worse yesterday really sickly, dizzy and slept all afternoon, but feel ok today. Just pleased the endoscopy is behind me, now wait to see my surgeon on 15th April about the abdominal cyst. Hope you all having a pain free day as possible LK xx

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