Had my procedure yesterday, all over thank goodness!!

Hi All, hope you are having a good day and not too much pain. I had my colonoscopy/endoscopy yesterday and I am so glad it's all over. Some of you that emailed me were right; the solution you take beforehand is the worse. I was so unwell on Sunday, as had to take one dose at 5pm and another at 8pm. It certainly did not agree with me. I got there though and was so hungry after nothing from 9am on sunday onwards till my 10.15 apt on Monday. The consultant was really kind and understanding and I was in good hands. Anyways, the upshot is I have an Hiatus Hernia (top end) and Diverticulosis (bottom end). Report will be sent to my GP, so will have to wait and see what happens next. I feel a little shaky and weak today, but getting there. The good news is I can drink 'Tea' and eat lol. Would appreciate any comments from anyone who has similar conditions.

Big (((hugs)))

Tannels xx

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  • I have diverticulosis not a very nice condition when you have a flare up. You take care. Xx

  • Oh Tannels, I'm so pleased that you've got a proper diagnosis and that they can treat what they've found. I'm sorry you were so unwell prior to the procedure, I had a gastroscopy when I was in my twenties and still recall the ghastly stuff I was given prior to the procedure. Luckily the hunger wasn't a problem for me, but having a tea afterwards was heaven.

    My results came back clear, so I can't give you any help with your diagnosis, but I am sure a lot of people will be able to help you as the day goes on :-)

    Sending lots of positive healing vibes your way dear Tannels :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi Foggy, thank you for your post and the healing vibes, much appreciated. Just pleased that I now know what's going on. Take care Tannels x

  • Hi Tannels

    Glad you have a diagnosis, not a very pleasant experience I know, but at least now they can do something to make you feel better.

    Isn't it funny that the first cup of tea and biscuits taste so wonderful!!

    Nancy Xx

  • Yes, and so was the sandwich :D

  • Hi Tannels I hope you don't mind me askin you but was the liquid you had to take the night before your procedure was it lemon based? I had to take this for same procedure and I took a really bad reaction to it,that bad I couldn't go ahead with the op! I can't take anythin lemony as it leaves me with a violent headache,shakin,sweats and so forth. It was just when I seen your post and you said how you were so unwell it made me think! Hope your feelin a bit better!best wishes! Jackiex

  • Hi Jackie, just seen your post as I logged back in. Yes it was the lemon based liquid; not nice at all. I did try mixing it with some clear fruit juice which helped a bit. It left me the same way, heachache, feeling really cold and generally unwell. I persevered because I wanted to know what was going on, as I knew there was a problem somewhere. Sorry you had to cancel your appointment. Maybe you could try again. I do hope so.

    All the best

    Tannels x

  • Hi thanx for your quick response. Yeah I did eventually get the op,I ended up with the dreaded enema,was so glad I didn't have to take that lemon stuff lol. Mines was for IBS n I felt so much better afterwards. Anyway hopefully your on the right road to recovery. Best wishes Jackiex

  • Hi Tannels, glad it's all over for you now and you have positive results, at least it was nothing sinister, get better soon have a nights keep gentle hugs...Dee xx

  • Thanks Dee, much appreciated. Yes, at least I know now what I am dealing with, so that's a relief. Take care. Tannels x

  • Hi Tannels so glad its over for you and got results too, you must be relieved. :) :) :)

    I'm no where close to being able to advise on what measures they'll take but I reckon

    the H Hernia treatment will depend on what they think of it really. My mum has one the size of a tennis ball but she won't have it sorted surgically.............. not really sure why :o

    She has worked hard to live with it and IBS for over a decade and manages it through diet and no medications. The diverticulosis is different and relates to the weakened stomach muscles!?!

    .................so it may involve physio to try and strengthen the core strength I have to have that too after having my rectal surgery last year. Its not complex and quite light you build it up over time like most physio not sure what else.

    I think the main thing is that you now know what you're dealing with so you and yr doc can discuss the how's and what's which would be best for you. I am really happy its over and done with for you :) and yack the powders made me ill to the point they had to monitor my BP for a while before doing the procedure :o The night before I was slithering from one room to the next I was so washed out by it and I told the doc quite sternly to never give me it again. Thankfully before surgery they gave me an enema instead phew!!

    Sending you Energy fuelled fluffies to help you re-couperate and get back on your feet.

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Hi Zeb, thanks for the reply. Do you know, I would rather have had an enema instead, at least it over more quickly, than constantly rushing to the loo. I stayed there at one point for over an hour. You have obviously been through it with having rectal surgery. How are you now ok I hope. They took two biopsies as well, so will wait and see what comes back. Take care.

    Tannels xx

  • Yeah I'm fine but I couldn't keep away from the loo either with the stuff they give you to take I don't think there was any fluid left in me. That's why I mentioned about drinking plenty of fluids to try and counterbalance it before you went for it. Not that I think even that helps much :o

    Fingers crossed for you that the biopsy results come back negative for whatever and rest up and take care xxx

  • Hi,

    thanks for the update. OH is having a colonoscopy next week.



  • Hi Jillylin, tell him not to worry, it went much better than I expected. I was very anxious, but the Consultant and the nursing staff were brilliant. Good luck to him for next week. Tannels xx

  • Thank you Tannels. I am more anxious than he is I think.



  • Hi Tannels, So pleased for you have had your procedure done and all went well, also diagnosis immediately. You are right the "Solution" they give you to take prior the procedure is actually worse than the op itself, I felt!!

    Glad your in good spirit. Hope they can sort all your other problems out for you ASAP!!

    Thinking of you. Pray you will get over this episode very soon.

    Sending you Healing Positive Energies & best wishes to you.

    Take Care.

    God Bless Betty Baby X

  • Hi, Bettbaby, thanks for the reply. At least I am on the right track now and can get some answers; was told it was IBS for years and put up with it. God Bless to you to. Tannels xx

  • Hi Tannels, Thanks for reply. So pleased you have finally got the right diagnosis, Praying they can now do something constructive to help you!

    I have had IBS for years, unfortunately it covers a multitude of other problems we may have!

    Every time I went for a "new complaint" they put it down to my IBS. When I finally got to see the right Professor, had lots of other problems with my bowel, bladder ect.

    Which did have to involve Surgery but @ least they got to the bottom of it in the end, (Excuse the Pun!!)

    Look after yourself. Every Blessing.

    Betty Baby X

  • I did like the pun!! very apt lol. So pleased you got it sorted. Tannels xx

  • Hi Tannels

    Glad you like the "Pun", I have a "wicked sense of humour" so I have been told, often gets me into trouble!

    Thanks for your empathy towards me. Looking forward to getting to know you, through Forum.

    Why not have a treat day for all you have been through yesterday?? We deserve them!!

    Best wishes. Take Care. Betty Baby X

  • Look forward to getting to know you too and I love a wicked sense of humour, right up my street. Take good care. Tannels x

  • Thanks Tannels,

    for you last mail. I went off to ! nerver-never-land shortly afterwards for my obligatory afternoon "Nap!". I call it a "Nap" if my hubbie did"nt wake me I would sleep straight through, especially in a "Flare-up!". Thankfully my sense of humour is returning after going through a recent "Nervous Breakdown", when I was void of any emotion @ all.

    I think we have to have some sort of sense of humour or see the funny side of things with Fibro or we"d go mad. Oh I forgot I was certified "mad" recently! Well eccentric my Psychiatrist diagnosed me years ago! You can get away with practically Murder with that diagnosis!!

    No seriously its coming up to 3.15 am, pain so bad it woke me, so its great to be able to vent your feelings, even @ this unearthly hour. I think of this Site as my friend. Everyone on here are so friendly and helpful, I"m so grateful for that. As no-one can possibly relate to how we feel or how difficult it is live with such a debilitating illness, unless you have been there yourself.

    My hubbie was advised to give up work himself to care for me approx 7 years ago now, as I was so ill (got a good few other serious syndromes/illnesses God kindly threw in the bag for me!).

    It was so difficult @ first as I was used to him working 12 hr shifts, 6 days a week. I was ferociously independent and hated the fact

    I had to rely upon him for everything! Even get me out of bed. I hav"nt been able to drive for past 3 years because of fibro & other illnesses so have to be taken to Hospital Appointments ect.

    Also he encroached on my territory! I have O.C.D. to do with frantically/manically cleaning & germ related. So of course he "took-over this role! Bless him how he is still with me it must be unconditional love, I am sure if the shoe were on the other foot I would have booted him into touch long time ago.

    Looking on the positive side we hav"nt strangled each other YET! If I suddenly disappear off-line, then you"ll know whats happened!

    I honestly would"nt blame him either!!

    Oh just thought of something (that hurt!), I hope your computer/lap-top does"nt alert you with an incoming mail and I have woke you! Sincere apologies if I have, please let me know, then I will know not to mail you early hours in the future.

    You must think you"ve linked up to a right "Looney-bin" with me, what have I got myself into you must be wondering (panicking!) please don"t worry I am not stark raving mad! Maybe Christmas & New Year I was totally!!

    Thank you for listening and allowing me to off-load @ coming up to 3.30 am now (today!)

    I hope that after your diagnosis, they can deal with whatever they have to do to help you, promptly!

    I hope you are in Noddy Land and not awake like me?

    Going to attempt to go back to sleep with my good old trusted i-pod, listen to meditation & pray I"ll go back to Noddy Land or I will be good for nothing tomorrow (well its today now! Excuse the way I write to you, as if you are in same room as me, does"t make sense to most folk, it just makes me feel more @ ease)

    Apologies for rambling on but @ least Meds I took have just started to relieve pain slightly, so grateful for small mercies.

    Extremely grateful to this wonderful site, available 24/7, feeling better after mailing this waffle to you.

    You are in my thoughts & prayers.

    Take good care of yourself.

    Sending you Positive Light Healing Energies.

    God Bless Lynn X

    honestlyago I can"t sleep tonight as the pain haswoke

  • Hi, your post made me laugh and feel sad at the same time. So sorry that you have gone through a breakdown, but pleased you are on the road to recovery. Just a thought.....not any one of us has a certificate to say that we are 'sane', so the upshot is we are all on that perimeter and life does get in the way of changing everything for us at times. So pleased that you have your hubby to help you and cheer you along.. I know my sense of humour has got me through no end of times; thank goodness.

    Have a great day.

    Tannels xx

  • Hello Tannels, I am new here. So glad you got over your procedure ok. I hope they can sort out meds or whatever is needed to help you.

    Take care x

  • Hi Pippa, thanks for your reply. I am sure once the GP gets the report back they will sort something out. Hope you are enjoying the site and the friendly bunch on here. Tannels x

  • I am yes thanks :) Everyone is so nice.

  • Extremely tired today, considering I only had approx 2-3 hours sleep last night, hardly surprising!!

    Such a shame "my Work is Sessional" they can only Higher me out on the 31st October, mind you thats every Year, the way I look @ moment!

    Hubbie gets the Post of a morning, I"m sure, he fears I would actually Scare him away. Probably would, know theres an idea to stop the bills/Junk Mail and the "Dreaded Brown Envelope" coming through the door!!

    I hope you are having a good day.

    Take Care.

    Sending you Positive Healing Energies Lynn XX

  • hi tannels, glad it's all over for you,not very nice is it! are they going to operate on your hernia? i have to have one yearly yuk! i had colon cancer & had to have left side of my colon removed-not nice. apparently i have diverticulitis too,maybe thats why i get bloated & spasms? i don't know, the reason you probably felt ill was that you were completly cleaned out so it can make you dehydrated,i was told to drink lots of water as well as that yukky stuff,cor when you think people pay loads for a colon cleanse,we got ours for nothing lol. when i had my op omg! the pre op cleanse! its absolutley disgusting! i had to drink a 2litre jug the night before then another jug at 3am then another jug at 6am for an op at 12,honestly the one at home is much nicer & thats horrible. good to hear from you tho & take care xx

  • Hi Bluebell, not sure about op as yet, waiting for a few results to come back and then wait and see. I never thought about having a 'wash through' for free lol...Sounds like you were put through the mill with your operation on you colon. How are you coping since the op.

    Tannels xx

  • hi tannels,im ok thank you,i do still get what is apparently "adhesion pain", i also get a stinging pain tho on the right side which i don't no what it is.but all in all i recovered well according to the consultant/surgeon & the district nurse who cared for me after i returned home, i was only in for 6 days,so not bad & it was done keyhole thanks to a brilliant surgeon :) had a lot to do with me having a positive attitude i was told. don't get me wrong i did get very down at times it's natural i think. i think you need to carry on as normal as possible but dont do any heavy lifting! thats one thing i can't do but apart from that im fine :) i can eat like before,it all seems like a distant memory i don't really think about it,til i get a twinge..i hope your results come back good.i know it's horrible but don't you feel nice & clean & light after a clean out lol. now try not to worry,i know it's easy for me to say that but it helps as feeling stressful will make you feel worse,if you're offered any help plz take it :) take care , keep in touch xx

  • hi Bluebell, many thanks. Yes, I agree, I did lose 2lbs, which was great, so there is always a positive to a negative lol. I think you have done really well after a major op like that. I will heed your advice and try not to worry. You take care and chat soon.

    Tannels xx

  • Hi Tannels

    I sincerely hope that you are starting to feel better after this. I think that you are exceptionally brave to face this the way that you have! I am also so delighted that you have got definite diagnosis for your issues.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi Ken, thanks for your post. Waiting for some biopsy tests to come back and the report to GP, then hopefully get something sorted. Just relieved it's all over. I was very anxious on Monday when I had the procedure; but it's amazing how we do get through it and then think, well it was not as bad as I thought. I have had some lovely posts, reminding me what a caring site this is. Hope you have a great day.

    Tannels x

  • So glad it went well :D I have a hiatus hernia been on omeprazole for the heartburn and acid reflux for many years it works brilliantly can not help with other.

    Hope you continue to improve best wishes


  • Thanks for your post much appreciated. Hope you have a good day. Tannels x

  • Glad it was ok for you Tannels.Were you pescriped with with iron tablets?


  • Hi Timj53, yes I was prescribed iron tablets about 3 months ago, due to anemia. Tannels x

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