Bowel problems

Hi All

I already have OA lumbar spine and hip, FM and Right bundle branch block of heart, IBS. Recently started getting a lot of abdominal pain and blood in stools and urine. A cyst was found on ovary but they are not worried about it and didn't think that was cause of my symptoms so sent for a barium enema, I was truly expecting consultant to say this is IBS yet again but no I was told the have seen something I the large bowel and need to sedate me and have a look with camera, he thinks its a polyp and getting ultrasound on Friday as he also suspects a problem with gallbladder, has 2 recent trips in last 2 months to A&E who did nothing except tell me it was IBS and gave me buscapan.

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  • So sorry to hear this wall, hope things aren't going to be too seriouse, but best to catch the problem early, my thought are with you for friday, keep us informed as to how things go, we are all here for you, please try not to worry too much , this is a great site for sharing your troubles, every one is great and have give out good advice, especially foggy and gins who are not well themselves but still manage to try cheer us all up, you take good care of yourself, sending u a true gentle hug....Dee xx

  • Thanks Dee. Really appreciate yoir kinds words.

    Wendy x

  • Hi wall1409. It's hard not to worry but try not too. I know it's easier said than done. I was at the hospital in May I had a smear and have found abnormal cells. I had a colposcopy where they took a biopsy and cysts. I have to go back on the 23rd of this month for another to see if its spread. You can't but think the worst but rarely it turns out that way. My thoughts are with you for friday. Let me know how you get on and god bless. X

  • Its awful I had a hysterectomy at 29 due to cancer so ever though I am trying to remain positive that nagging feeling is still there. Im getting ultrasound friday just to check gallbladder . They are sending me appointment for coloscopy. Think its the waiting thats the worse. You take care hun xx

  • You poor thing sounds like you could do with a bit of good luck. It's not fair some people sail through life without any ailments and others just have everything. I also have endometriosis round my cervix and a tumour on the outside of my womb my mam doesn't know why they just haven't take it all away. Not like its served a purpose. They said once I got to 40 they would think about hyster .if they hadn't stopped bleeding ( bleed for two years non stop) nightmare. Eventually they stopped bleeding with hormones which has put two stone on me. Which then affects OA who would be a woman. My sister had her gall bladder removed a few years ago and she is fine now. Here's to good luck. Take care.

  • Thats shocking. I was rushed in as vomiting and in horrendous pain signed consent forms and woke up with all but my ovaries which they left in due to me only being 29 at the time. Best thing I had done as I was pain free and no more horrendous periods. I agree with your mam they should give yoi a hysterectomy hun xxx

  • Yeh and especially now I'm going through premature menopause! I'm 42 now and was 39 when I started. I have to stop the hormones for 4 months at a time for them to measure hormones as I am unable to tell them the last time I bleed as the hormones were to stop it. Unfortunately I bleed for half a day in the four months so they can't say I've gone through yet. All my family have gone through early mam. 36, sister 38 and my other sister has just been told she is 46 but also in denial. Lol x x

  • Hello wall,I'm so sorry to hear the above and especially as you have already had cancer .I pray that all will be well for you ,I'm not going to be trite and say Dont worry because Hello who wouldn't but I can pray for you,if you would like me to that is .x

  • Thank you x

  • Ok sweetie I will pray for you that all will go well .

  • Hi love

    I just wanted to say I'm thinking of you.

    It sounds as though you've been through a complete nightmare at such a young age.

    As Matrix says, I don't want to tell you not to worry. How daft would that be.

    I personally get a lot of comfort when people tell me that they are thinking of me.

    I hope you get some comfort too.

    Take care

    Gentle hugs

    Coz xx

  • Thank you so much x

  • Update. Had my ultrasound today and they found quite a few small stones so waiting to see what consultant will do, stenographer thinks they will remove my gallballder as threat of Pancreatis and attacks getting more severe and frequent. So looks like a bowel polyp and gallstones

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