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I wrote a post in November (see Gastro problems post) and have finally been diagnosed. It means that the nerves and muscles in my stomach aren't working correctly resulting in delayed stomach emptying. This was after another whole raft of tests but I finally feel validated that I'm not imagining this. 6 years it has taken to get here. I'm now convinced it's related to fibro as normally it's only people with diabetes or Parkinson's who get this and luckily I have neither. So with fibro, IBS and now this it seems the link is that the brain messages aren't working properly. I have an excellent Asthma consultant and Gastroparesis consultant who have pushed for these tests so at my next appointments I'm going to ask them how it's not linked to fibro. I'll keep you posted. Gentle hugs before I go and vomit again..........

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  • Hi Hun so glad you have a diagnosis it would be interesting to know if it is linked to fibro.

    Take care xxx

  • Hi, I have been diagnosed with something similar after a load of tests. My digestive tract responds very slowly in response to food. I have been" ŵànnmm

  • I have been diagnosed with a similar thing, my digestive tract i

  • That is really good that you finally have a diagnosis but I am sorry that you are experiencing this issue. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    Al m y hopes and dreams for you


  • Great for you to bring attention to this. I've had this for years. Before my diagnosis with fibro. Just thought I had a cows stomach!

  • Hi, It's not only people with diabetes or Parkinsons that get this condition? Did the consultant tell you that? I have severe gastraoparesis and have neither of those conditions. Other sufferers I know also have neither condition. I do have EDS though. If you have any questions regards drugs etc for cause, pain etc, feel free to let me know! Hope the consultants who care for you are kind, as it is a horrid condition. x

  • Yes the consultant did say that and I have been tested for diabetes which came back negative. A female relative also has EDS and FM but not gastraoparesis. I'm going to try and manage it drug free as I've had some terrible experience with FM drugs. Thanks for the offer, I'll definitely keep you in mind as I don't know anyone who has it. I'm trying to eat small and regularly but I'm not getting it right yet as I'm having sugar drops and start getting shaky and wobbly. Bites of Snicker bars seem to help but I know I have to get better nutrition. I used to eat really healthily but now I'v been told only really well cooked or stewed fruit and veg, no brown starch and I'm finding it a bit of a mind switch. I was very nauseous the other day after a friend had made me a salad not realising it's not good for me. I ate half of it (being too embarrassed to say no), and was ill. Amazingly a colleague brought in a jam doughnut (Lidl not fatty at all, quite light) and I took 2 bites and after 10 mins the nausea stopped. I need to get better at this as if I use doughnuts and Snickers to manage it I'll be huge by Christmas x

  • Og god, no, no no....... really cooked fruit, or veg!!!!! that's if you have gastroparesis! In fact if you can have only liquids that is best! Snickers bars will just make things worse as they will be like concrete to break down - sorry! It is tough to work out food stuffs, but yoghurts custards, soups (no bits) and try gluten free food (but the lower fat type) as these pretty much melt in the mouth and therefore are not hard to digest. Everything to do eat that is solid, chew about 20 times, because if it isn;t mulched in your mouth, it sure won;t be in your stomach! I take Ensure drinks, and Fortisip etc. the most solid food I have is jelly sweets but they are a luxury. It is possible to live like this, but you do not have a normal social life as that often relies on food. Lattes, and special coffees and drinks become a godsend for a treat, so the best is going out for a coffee treat. You seem like you are okay with solid stuff still, but the nausea is being the issue. Try Domperidone (get the Motilium brand though, as the tabs are coated so don;t add to the nasty taste in your mouth). You can also try cissapride, stemetil, and for bad days Ondansetron. I take all of them in large amounts sadly, but there is nothing else that can help. I am on the list for a gastric implant which does;t help motility but does help nausea and pain. Hope this helps, get in touch if you need anything! x

  • You poor thing. I hope I never get that bad. I have been dreaming of Pork Pies though. Thanks for the snickers tip, I did chew it forever before swallowing so I suppose that helped. I have had Motilium and it did help, that was before I was diagnosed and thought I was going mad. I've been having soups and yoghurts and they help. Hope you get your implant soon. Take care xx

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